rob and azmat 2

The next morning as Rob Taylor sat in the coffee shop, Azmat came up to him and said "Hello Mr. Taylor."

The 39 year old British technician looked up, his hazel brown eyes showing his pleasant surprise to see her; she usually was part of the afternoon shift in the coffee shop.

"Hello there" He said with a big smile and a sparkle in his eye

"You're here early today"

Azmat made a fuss of straightening the tableware and replied "Shift change. I am on early duty for the next month."

Azmat stood beside him and quickly looked around the empty coffee shop as Rob's hand moved up the back of her legs on to her ass and stroked it.

"Mr Taylor! Please" She said in a whisper "Some one might see!"

Rob pinched her butt and said "Thanks for last evening. I had a great time. Pity you had to leave so soon".

Azmat moved away and said "I enjoyed it too" and put a piece of paper on his table as if it was a bill, then walked away, her hips gently swinging.

Picking the paper up, he read 'Gents in 5 minutes'

Rob felt his cock stiffen straight away and looking around to see who was watching, he stood up and went slowly to the gent's toilets.

He opened the door and entered. The room appeared empty, so he decided to wait, after making sure no one was in any of the cubicles.

The door opened and Azmat came in putting a finger to her lips she called out "Excuse me? Anyone in here...?"

She then quickly pulled Rob into a cubicle and closed the door. Kissing him passionately on the mouth, her hands expertly unzipped his trousers and pulled his throbbing erection out.

She then put the lid of the toilet seat down and sat on it.

In seconds she had sucked his man meat into her mouth and as her hands manipulated his balls, she bobbed her head up and down and sucked his prick.

Her soft capable hands toyed with his balls and teased the hairs between his legs.

Pressing the palms of his hands against the walls of the cubicle, Rob began to fuck her face with gentle thrusts of his hips.

His trouser and briefs were around his knees as Azmat gave him an unexpected breakfast time blow job.

She pulled his cock from her mouth and stared at it as her hands jacked him off.

Her spit mixing with the globs of pre-cum from his throbbing red cock head.

Rob reached down and cupped the back of her head. Pushing his cock back into her hot, wet eager mouth, happily. As her tongue played with his column of prick flesh, Rob relaxed and allowed his spunk to erupt into her mouth, quickly filling her full mouth with his cream.

He had made no attempt to hold off the spewing of his man cream. Time was short and the location too public.

Azmat moaned as she swallowed his juice, finally pulling away and wiping her lips with her long slender, light tan, fingers.

"Umm! She moaned with a smile "that was delicious."

Rob gently stroked her soft brown cheek and said "Karachi is getting better all the time."

The sound of a door opening, followed by the cheerful whistling of a man taking a piss in one the urinals, halted their conversation.

After the whistler had left, Azmat quickly wiped his now soft white cock with toilet paper, carefully licking the bulbous cock head clean as it slipped back into his foreskin

Rob pulled his briefs and trousers up and on Azmat's instructions kept a look out as she washed her face and hands.

Just after he signalled that the coast was clear, she said "Meet me tonight at 7 at the Avari coffee shop."

The Coffee Shop at Avari towers overlooks the main road across a small but immaculately kept lawn shaded by tall trees.

The Evening rush hour was in full swing and Rob watched as the cars inched bumper to bumper along the wide street

The coffee shop was full of beautiful girls in elegant yet functional, Shalwar Kamiz (Long shirts with baggy trousers) and dupattas slung seductively around necks, off shoulders or d****d over heads covered with beautifully silky hair. What lovely silky hair they all seemed to have. Ranging in colour from medium brown to raven black

Rob eyed the women with appreciation. Any one of them would look very nice riding his prick. He smiled to himself as he visualised the elegant executive at the next table astride him, her obviously perky tits shuddering as she bounced up and down on his cock.

As Rob pushed the second cup of coffee away and glanced again at the wall clock, which now read 7.35pm, he made up his mind to walk back to his hotel. Azmat was obviously not coming and besides, most of the hot chicks he had been watching seemed to have drifted out to waiting cars.

As he left the coffee shop, the humid night air hitting him, He saw Azmat calmly walking along the pavement towards him, a young woman beside her.

Azmat called out "Mr. Taylor. Sorry we're late"

The girl was Neelum, a colleague of Azmat's. Rob remembered seeing her on the reception of the Sheraton a few times and could not help notice how much more attractive she looked out of uniform.

She was a short girl, maybe 5ft. Her dark brown hair was long and slightly frizzy, sort of a soft perm

Her build was slim with small breasts and a slim waist. Then her hips flared out, curving to her legs. Her ass, as Rob had noted earlier was well round and firm.

From the waist up she might look like a school girl but that ass and those hips made her 100% woman.

The shalwar Kamiz she was wearing seemed to be almost a second skin, it was so tight...

Azmat said "I wondered if you would like to join us for a drink at Neelum's flat."

A sly wink from Azmat made up his mind, something interesting was going on. Thirty minutes later, he found himself sitting in the lounge of a small, well furnished flat, with an ice cold Murree beer in his hand and a hot rod throbbing in his trousers.

The photos and homey items littering the room, told him that this was a f****y home.

As he occasionally glanced towards the kitchen, he saw Neelum and Azmat sipping something as they whispered and giggled, like school girls, while they were busy preparing snacks.

The girls put the snacks on the coffee table and sat in the two armchairs opposite the sofa where Rob sat, his legs apart and his butt forward, giving a clear view of his bulge to both the girls.

Rob sipped his beer, slowly. Whatever was going on here, he wanted to be reasonably sober.

Neelum said "Mr. Taylor, or should I say 'Mr. Stud?'" Here Neelum and Azmat burst into a fit of giggles Azmat clapped a hand on her mouth and curled up as Neelum composed herself in a slightly tipsy mock seriousness.

"Azmat told me every thing. I do mean everything. We at Sheraton hotel do not approve of our staff being fucked senseless by guests. Room Service doesn't mean guest servicing"

Neelum and Azmat again burst into laughter almost falling out of their chairs Neelum looked at Rob after a few minutes and said with a half giggle "I hear your cock is a real live iron bar. "

Rob said without hesitation "Why don't you see for yourself and make your own judgement?"

With that he stood up, unbuckled his belt, and unzipped his trousers. His hard prick came into view, poking up proudly from the slit at the front of his boxer shorts

Neelum stared wide eyed and open mouthed. Then licking her lips, she Knelt in front of Rob and took the throbbing rod in her hand and said "Yes.... it really is like an iron rod" Within seconds Neelum had taken Rob's prick head into her hot wet mouth and was sucking it. Her Tongue teasing the piss slit at the top of his cock head, sending electric shock pulses through his balls.

"ummmmmmm.... "Neelum moaned before releasing it, her hands stroking his suntanned muscular thighs and tugging his trousers down to his ankles.

"Yes, Azmat" She said as Azmat knelt down beside her and kissed the top of Rob's man meat. "you are right darling it's huge! You know I love thick cock!"

Looking up into Rob's eyes Neelum said "I've never had an uncut prick before"

"Really?" Rob asked as Azmat took his shaft between her lips and sucked him with obvious pleasure.

"Really" Neelum Said tugging at his shorts as Azmat helpfully released his cock and allowed Neelum to pull them down.

"I have had white, brown even black cock," Neelum continued, feeding Rob's prick back into Azmat's mouth "But they were all circumcised with mushroom shaped helmet tips"

Her soft thin fingers toyed with his balls before she first licked them sucking his nuts into her mouth.

Rob looked down at the two women busy kissing, licking, and sucking his manhood.

Never in his life had he had two women like this.

"They will not fucking believe it back home' he thought with a dreamy smile on his lips.

The girls eased him back down onto the sofa, and pulled his trousers and shorts off. Then the girls stroked and licked his strong white thighs as he undid his shirt and removed it, tossing it over the arm of the sofa.

There he sat, his legs stretched out and wide in front of him. His butt perched on the sofa edge as The girls took it in turns to suck and lick his balls, shaft and cock head.

Azmat stood up and stripped to her bra and panties in front of him. Her cute cunt snugly packed in crotch of the small tightly fitting silky black bikini panties she was wearing.

She knelt on the sofa beside him and leaned forward to kiss him passionately on the mouth before pressing her full breasts into his face.

Meanwhile, Neelum was sucking and pulling his cock as if she was scared someone would take it away.

Rob fucked her mouth, in a slow lazy way, eager to make the moment last. His hands holding her head as his ass rose and fell in time to her sucking.

"ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" Azmat moaned as she fed a freed hard pointy brown nipple into Rob's mouth for him to suck and nibble on.

Rob's teeth carefully gripped a nipple between them as his tongue assaulted it.

Azmat shivered and moaned "oohhh yes!" she moaned

Azmat unclasped her white lacy bra and began to squeeze her breasts and press them harder against his face. Rob loved every minute of it. reaching between her legs, Azmat pulled the damp crotch of her panties aside and got astride him, saying in an urgent, demanding way, "FUCK ME!"

A brief squabble then took place between Neelum and Azmat. He did not understand what they said to each other but by the way each tried to gain control of his dick, the reason was clear.

Finally, Neelum gave up and allowed Azmat to guide his cock to her cunt hole.

Rob helpfully and eagerly, pulled at the wet crotch of her panties and held her ass as his fingers teased the moist hairless slit of her pussy.

Neelum had turned the volume of the TV up and knelt beside Azmat as she skilfully positioned his cock head at her succulent cunt lips, pumped it a few times, his foreskin sliding over the red head of his cock; and sat down on his hard long white shaft.

"Aaahhhh!" Azmat moaned "I've thought about this all day long."

In seconds Azmat was bucking and squealing in pleasure as she rode Rob to the first of her orgasms.

As she bucked up and down, rob felt the soft fingers of Neelum touch his thighs.

"Oohhh!" Azmat moaned "I love this hard white cock of yours."

Rob squeezed Azmat's butt, before taking hold of her breast and squeezing them hard. He then tweaked and sucked her nipples but soon gave up as Azmat bucked faster and hard and came again all over him.

As she collapsed against him panting hard and struggling to catch her breath, Neelum shoved her roughly to the side and pulled Rob naked and sweating to the bedroom.

Once beside a small single bed, she told him to fuck her.

She lay down on the bed, on her back with her shapely brown legs in the air, and pulled her shalwar off quickly. Beneath the shirt tail of her skin tight sweat stained kamiz, Rob caught sight of her dark red panties, which she took off and dropped at the side of the bed. Neelum kept her legs up and then parted them, pulling the shirt tail of her kamiz up onto her stomach; she offered Rob a clear view of all her sexual treasures from navel to hairless butt crack and her brownish, invitingly hairless butt hole. He licked his lips, and came down on his knees hard, near to her pussy and saw a beautiful clean shaved pink pussy. Her pussy lips were red and wet. There was the smell of her fantastic pussy, filling his nostrils, making his head spin. He had never smelled pussy like that before. It made the hairs on the back of his neck stand up and his cock throb harder in hunger.

He started to lick her cunt, lapping at the juice oozing from her fuck hole. He tried to insert his tongue into her pussy, fucking her with it as she moaned "aaahhhh uuuuufffffff Ooooohhh"

Rob's hands were all over her. Her fat ass were squeezed, slapped, and stroked by him as his tongue probed her cunt hole. Licked her hairless fuck box and teased her hairless butt hole. The salty taste of sweat and cum filled his mouth as she moaned and groaned. Her hands tugging at his head. Pulling his hair and ears, pressing his face harder against the soft wet flesh of her cunt.

Suddenly she pushed his head back and said "Now put it in me! I want that white pole of yours in my box now!"

Rob was more then eager to oblige her Getting quickly to his feet he pushed her further up onto the bed and got between her legs, guiding his red hot cunt buster to it's target. Neelum was perfectly primed for fucking! Hot, juicy, and tight! He slowly started to put his cock in her pussy inch by inch, the sweat pouring from him as he fought to control his urge to ejaculate into her.

When he had eased it all the way into her well lubricated fuck hole, she was moaning and mumbling "yes. Yes… oh fuck yes!"

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh ooooooooh ooooooooooofffffffffffff" she groaned as she came.

"Fuck" Thought Rob, "She needs it bad" The feel of her cunt pulsate around his impaled cock nearly made him cum and cum again,

Struggling to keep control, he started to slowly fuck her.

Neelum recovering from her orgasm and hungry for more demanded "Fuck me hard. Fuck me harder until I scream! Oohhh please fuckkkk meeeeeeeeeeeeeee hard."

Rob did. He was ramming her pussy and she loved it shouting "THAT'S IT Show me what your white uncut cock can do!"

Rob was pumping her with all the f***e he could muster, and she was responding by pushing her hips up to accommodate his cock deeper and deeper in her hole.

She wrapped her legs around his heaving buttocks as he pumped harder and faster eager to make her cum one more time before he blasted his load into her.

She was moaning very loudly "Oohhh It's so good…so good Fuck me fuck me fuck me…"

She tensed and Rob watched her bite her lips as he supported his upper body on his muscular suntanned arms above her heaving breasts. Beads of sweat dropped from his forehead onto her still clothed breasts.

"AAaaaaHHhhh! She gasped and came again, with satisfaction and great relief, Rob let his own cum explode into her creaming cunt. His spunk quickly filling her hot creamy hole and oozing out to tickle down her butt crack and drip onto the bed.

As Rob rolled off her and narrowly avoided falling off the single bed. Azmat said "I told you he was good didn't I".

Neelum slowly sat up and said "Oh yes. He is fucking great"

Rob sat up beside Neelum and put his arm around her slender shoulders "You are bl**dy good too!" He said Kissing her on her lips.

The next morning Rob, tired and sl**py, collapsed on his hotel bed and did not wake up until 10pm that night.

Neelum and Azmat had fucked, and sucked him dry. He had fucked them on the bed in the shower and even on the kitchen counter. His attempt at fucking their very tempting butt holes was a failure.

The girls would refuse and say "You have two hot pussies to choose from why take the back door?"

They had ridden him, sucked him, and licked him until he was bone dry and his balls ached at the thought of more sex. A definite first in his life.

He left Karachi the following morning with sadness. Azmat and Neelum had given him a good bye fuck in his room just before he checked out of the hotel. Both eagerly bending over, their beautiful brown asses inviting him to pump them, each in turn from behind. The bell boy had burst in just as Rob had finished Cumming and stared in shock at the sight before him. Without missing a beat, Neelum had stood up, pulled the bell boy in and unzipped him, pulling his hard cock out and sucking it till the stunned lad came.

Meanwhile Azmat kissed Rob passionately giving the bell boy a clear view of her lovely ass as Neelum sucked him off.....

After the happy bell boy had left with Rob's luggage, promising not to say a word; Neelum and Azmat had tearfully said good bye and begged him to come back soon.

"Come for my wedding" Azmat had pleaded "I think I might need a good fuck after Haider has finished his boyish fucking of me, with that tiny thing he calls a cock."

"Maybe I'll let you fuck my ass hole if you do" Neelum said seductively

"Me too". Azmat offered "I wonder, after Haider, what a real man sized cock like yours feels like in my ass."

They had made a gift of their panties, heady with the smell of there pussies, to him. Sniffing them after they left, he put them in his brief case and sighed

At the airport. The security guard had eyed them suspiciously, as he had searched Rob's brief case bending his head and sniffing them, he grinned and said "You had a good stay."

"Oh Yes" Rob smiled "A really unexpectedly good time
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Fuck me that was good man.

Finally got a date with this elusive pakistani girl myself (her brother is a right cunt). Time to get some of my own play time in.