Muslim woman banged by BBC

I don't know why everyone thinks Muslim women are so damn chaste. Seriously. Take Fadheela-Anisah Mohammed for example. I encountered this chubby, matronly Arab woman when I first moved into the Donald section of the town of Vanier, Province of Ontario. There are lots of Arabs in the neighbourhood, along with Somalis. Me? I'm just a big and tall young Black man of Haitian descent who moved there because the rent is cheap, basically. My name is Mathieu Jean Pierre. I was born and raised in the City of Montreal, Province of Quebec. I'm new to the town of Vanier and so far, this place sucks. The only good thing about it is that there's a Haitian restaurant in every corner and it's easy to get Arab pussy because the Arab men are all busy praying.

The first time I saw Fadheela-Anisah, I knew she was good to get the business. And I'm the kind of guy who will give a woman the business. The forty-something, bronze-skinned and dark-eyed, hijab-wearing Arab woman looked at me the way a hungry man looks at fast food. I was just browsing through her store, looking for some chips and eggs. Usually, I get stared at in stores because I'm a Black man and let's face it, Canada is a very racist country. However, there was something different about Fadheela-Anisah's stare. It was lustful rather than hateful. Her husband Hassan didn't seem to notice. He was reading a newspaper where they were talking about Palestine's bid for membership in the United Nations. Arab men love political news, and they love their mosques. Yet they're surprised when sexually adventurous men of other cultures steal all the cute Arab chicks. What a bunch of fools.

Every time I came into the store, Fadheela-Anisah got really flirty with me. Man, I couldn't believe this shit. I am twenty three years old. This woman is at least forty five years old. Yet she was telling me that I had a nice ass. Well, I told her that she had a nice ass too. When she asked me where I lived, I told her I lived down the street. Not far from the Vanier Park. Well, one afternoon she came over for a visit. And we got our freak on, as they say. I sat on my living room couch, my pants around my ankles. Kneeling before me was the lovely Fadheela-Anisah. She was completely nude, save for her hijab. I don't know why but I kind of liked the sight of her, naked but with the hijab on at the same time. Her body was kind of plump but I don't mind. Must be something genetic about Black men. We all seem to crave big women. I've fucked a lot of big Black women and chubby white chicks in the City of Montreal. It's not exactly hard to get a fat chick into bed unless she's so fucking insecure that she can't get down and dirty.

Lucky for me, Fadheela-Anisah didn't fall into that category. She was sucking my nine-inch, uncircumcised Black dick with gusto. I thought she would have a problem with my dick because I'm uncut and she's a Muslim woman. Fadheela-Anisah surprised me by saying that she had always been curious about uncut men. She asked me whether my uncircumcised dick was really more sensitive than a circumcised man's cock. I groaned as she licked my foreskin and I guess she got her answer. Fadheela-Anisah sucked my cock and licked my big hairy balls. Man, she was really good at this. I guess she should be good at it because she's had decades of experience. I've been banging women left and right for a couple of years now. Hey, I'm a young man from a deeply conservative Haitian household. It's not easy to get busy when your damn parents are church leaders and they watch your Black ass like hawks.

Anyway, Fadheela-Anisah sucked me so good that I just had to return the favour. Hey, I'm not the kind of guy who can be considered a selfish lover by any definition of the term. I laid Fadheela-Anisah on the couch, knelt before her and inhaled the scent of her womanhood. Okay, now. She didn't smell bad but just between you and me, she could have used some feminine deodorant. Hey, I'm just being honest here. Women of all races are always accusing men of having bad hygiene. The filthiest homeless man in the city still smells better than some well-dressed and gainfully employed women's pussies when they haven't showered in a few hours. I'm speaking from experience, my friends. Anyhow, I gave Fadheela-Anisah's pussy a thorough licking. I fingered her pussy and had her moaning my name in Arabic and English like there was no tomorrow. I guess I was doing a good job. With women, you just never know. Bitches fake it so damn much. Not that I care.

After licking Fadheela-Anisah's hairy pussy, I put on a condom and shoved my dick inside her gentle folds. Hey, pussy licking is all good and fun but I need to stick my cock inside in order to feel good. The Arab slut began moaning as I drilled my cock into her snatch. Her pussy was kind of loose but I guess that's a natural occurrence when you're female and getting older. I put her on all fours and fucked her in this position instead. Sometimes I like to look into a woman's face while fucking her. Most times I don't feel like that at all. I don't know why. I admired Fadheela-Anisah's big round ass as I fucked her from behind. A lot of Arab women got really nice asses. I smacked her big ass and she yelped and laughed as I fucked her hard. I loved watching the mature Arab slut's big booty bounce under the f***e of my thrusts. I asked her if she was okay with some Greek action and she said yeah. Thrilled, I made good use of the lotion I kept handy.

For a mature Arab woman with such a loose pussy, Fadheela-Anisah certainly had a tight asshole. I greased her up and slid my dick inside of her. The Arab woman's tight backdoor gripped my cock like a damn vice. Hard and fast I pumped my cock into her asshole, fucking it real good. She yelped as I fucked her, though I could tell she had done this before. I kind of thought anal sex went against the rules of the Koran. Yet Fadheela-Anisah seemed to be really enjoying herself. So much that she was begging me to really stuff her asshole with my thick Black cock. I gave it to her real good. Until I came, and took some time to recover before beginning again. We spent a good hour fucking and sucking, then she showered and left my apartment. A good time was had by all. The next time I saw my friendly neighbourhood big-booty mature Arab slut, she kind of walked funny. I smiled at that. A solid ass fucking will do that to you.
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3 months ago
why do u mention religion? nationality is enough.. i never heard catholic or jewish...just british, french,german.italian,,,,
4 months ago
more storys plss
9 months ago
it's the best !
1 year ago
it's rare 2 read interracial stories like that