meeting a new friend

Meeting a new friend

I’m to try to tell about the first time I met a very good friend, I’m going to call her vikki. We had found each other on a online classified and emailed for awhile. Now it came time to meet. We decided to meet at a mall and go from there. I got there first and waited for her with a coffee. Vikki arrived and we hugged we started talking right away and walked back to her car. We drove across town to an adult video store. She was nervous as she was fairly inexperienced, having only been with 3 different guys before, all boyfriends. and we were meeting for the sole purpose of having sex.
We went into the store, I was holding her hand leading her through to the counter and purchased some tokens. Leading Vikki into the backroom and into a small booth we immediately began to kiss and take each others clothes off. she had large soft breasts. I pushed her against the booth wall kissing her.
“ wooh theres a hand there” she exclaimed excitedly. Vikki did not know about gloryholes, and the guy in the booth beside us had reached through and was rubbing her pussy. She made no move to stop him or move away. only asked me to stand on the chair. I did as she asked and she immediately started to suck my cock. It was an amazing feeling having her sucking me and knowing an unseen man was now finger fucking her pussy. After a few minutes like this I had Vikki kneel down. A strangers cock came through the hole in the wall and Vikki started stroking it. I gently pushed her head closer to the cock and she began licking and sucking the cock. I sat back to watch for a bit stroking my cock and rubbing Vikki’s pussy. I leaned forward to kiss her cheek and Vikki stopped sucking the cock and held it right in front of me. Getting the Idea of what she wanted I took the cock into my mouth. Vikki just watched. this was the first time I had ever sucked a cock with a woman watching. soon Vikki began licking the shaft of the cock and we then took turns sucking and licking.
We decided this was enough in this booth. we gathered our clothes and carried them, walking naked from this booth to a private booth. Once inside we kissed and I placed a blindfold on her. turned her around and began licking her pussy. It wasn’t long before she came. I stood up sliding my cock into her. I wasted no time fucking her hard. I was about to cum. We could hear people talking about us outside the booth they were watching through little peep holes in the walls. I pulled out of her and slowly slid my cock into her ass. She seemed to enjoy it so I started fucking her ass slowly at first then harder. I stopped before I came.
I turned Vikki around so she was facing the door and unlatched the lock on the door. I stood behind her and started fucking her. The door slowly opened at first there was one guy watching, and then more. A couple of them had their cocks out and were stroking them. I reached out and pulled Vikki’s blindfold up so she she could see her audience.
“ Oh wow” was all she said pulling the blindfold back over her eyes.
One gentleman stepped forward taking Vikki’s hand and placing it on his cock. She stroked it and then began to suck it as I fucked her from behind. He came quickly and Vikki swallowed every drop. He pulled up his pants and left. I grabbed Vikki and turned her around again so she could suck my cock. The next guy started rubbing and fingering her pussy. I handed him a condom. He quickly put it on his cock and pushed into her pussy. he was fucking her hard. another guy stepped in beside us and began rubbing Vikki’s tits, it wasn’t long before his hand was between her legs rubbing her pussy as she was being fucked.
I grabbed Vikki’s head and pulled her off of my cock the blindfold had fallen off her. I turned her head to the guy beside us he was stroking himself. It was just in time as he got closer and pressed his cock against her cheek and came. Seeing this must have been too much for the guy fucking Vikki as he moaned loudly and then stopped and pulled a soft cock out of her pussy. Both men got dressed and left.
Another man stepped into the booth, he was younger mid twenties maybe, I closed the door behind him. Vikki quickly began sucking his cock. I was beside them rubbing her pussy and sucking her nipples. Then this new guy placed a hand on my head and guided it towards his cock. Vikki and I began licking and sucking this cock together. He came quickly in Vikki’s mouth.
After he left Vikki sucked my cock. it felt so good I was almost ready to cum I pulled away from her and began stroking my cock. I came all over her chest and tits.
Vikki and I have been back to the peepshows a few times as well as at her place, meeting and fucking other guys and couples that I may write about.


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