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Posted by ralfludolf 2 months ago  |  3

The world with every man in chastity

The last days I thought about a world where every man lives in permanent chastity.

Every man who is 16 or older would wear a chstitydevice and the key would have the woman who knows him best, so maybe his wife, girlfriend, s****r, aunt, ...
I think in this world every man would be very kind and frendly to women because the women choose if he is allowd to cum and how often.
What do you think of this world? I think this world would be very crazy and cool.
Do you have any ideas for this world? Let me know.
Posted by ralfludolf 7 months ago  |  5

Please humiliate and degrade me


it makes me horny to get humiliated and laught at.

So please write mean comments. You can write them here or under my pics.

You can tell me, to make stupid degrading things, too. I can upload pics for you, so you can humiliate me.

Please humiliate and degrade me.

I want to be your stupid humiliated bitch.

here are some pics to start with:
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Posted by ralfludolf 1 year ago  |  1