The Waitress

There she was... everyday since I first saw here I've been coming into this place just in the hope that she would notice me. Everyday I'd walk up to the counter and order the coffee that I'd never drink. I'd make my way over to my usual table, waiting for her to come to me with the cup of hot black coffee. I'd taken my usual spot on the stool in the corner where she'd have to work her way carefully zig-zagging through the faceless masses and squeeze through lightly brushing her voluptuous firm breasts against my shoulder. She come so close I could smell her sweet perfume and feel her breath on my cheek. Everyday I'd just sit and wait for that little piece of heaven to come my way. To feel that little quiver, to have to catch my breath, to feel the passion in my loins stiffen and twitch. And everytime I'd let her go without saying anything more than a cursory thank you miss. I knew nothing of this beautiful woman but yet I was addicted to her and I knew that one day I'd put my nerves aside and be the man I needed to be. Maybe today was that day...
I took my seat and waited. I'd watch her pour the coffee and gently place the cup on a saucer, pick up the spoon and place them on the tray. She picked up the tray and made her way over to me. Weaving in and out of the chairs she danced her way across the floor to my side. The sunlight caught the outline of her curvy frame through her white summer dress. I swallowed and tried to control my breathing. Just as she was passing the final table, a chair moved and hit her as she tried to correct. Down she went, onto the floor. In the blink of an eye I was there, driven by an unknown f***e to her side, taking hold of her, guiding her to her feet. As she tried to stand a pained express crept over her face. She had twisted her ankle, so I did what any gentleman would do and offered to take her home. For the first time in months our eyes met and the magic happened. Like a hundred million fireworks lighting up the sky, we could see right into each others souls. I aided her to a chair by the door and went and got my car.
The journey to her house was quiet, neither one of us knowing what was going to happen next. Occasionally there was a wry smile exchanged, but inside I was beaming like a cheshire cat. We seemed to be there in minutes.... I pulled my car onto her drive-way and helped her to the front door. Sitting her down on the sofa, I knelt at her feet and gently helped her out of her shoes. As I arose she reached for my hand and gently pulled me towards her. My heart was pounding with her soft touch. At last we kissed and all the passion that I'd kept in check burst through my head like an explosion going off. Kissing her soft sweet lips I found her tongue exploring mine as I slowly pressed my body against hers. I could feel her pulling my closer softly moaning as she could feel my hardness against her hot centre. Gently I thrust against her... pushing my rock hard man-hood against her.
After kissing for what seems like an eternity, I break away from her lips and begin to kiss her cheek, then slowly working my way across her cheek to the front of her neck. Slowly, gently, carefully I start to work my way down her neck and onto the soft skin of her chest. Feeling her chest and her breasts rushing up to meet my face, her hands clasp around the back of my neck pulling my head towards her ample bosom. Pulling at the buttons of her blouse with my teeth I slowly undo her shirt and reveal the gorgeous breasts that I want to bury my face in. Wearing no bra her boobs were quickly exposed enabling me to roll my tongue around the darkened skin of her nipples. As I did she bucked underneath me.... gently biting the exposed pointy flesh and enjoying her jagged response... moaning and murmuring I started to work my way south, gently caressing her stomach, curling my tongue around her belly button. Further down I go, while easing up her long skirt with my hands.... caressing the smooth white skin of her ample ass I rotated my hands around her, slowly moving my hands towards her tight ass-hole, feeling her butt-hole twitch as my fingers ran over it. Slowly I begin to stroke the outer most part of her ever bulging lips... slowly i'd work her juicy lips, searching out that magic clitoris with my fingers... gently stroking her making her lips get bigger and bigger, bulging apart, begging for me to enter her with my huge rampant cock... she pulse as I finally start to tease her clit. Bucking and begging, her tongue rolling about her mouth as she seeks the magic she desires. Gentle moans eminates from her mouth as a glancing stroke reaches the centre point of her sexuality.
All at once I lowered myself upon her, beginning now to kiss her knees, working my way up her inner thigh feeling her heat calling me forward to the place she wanted me most. Slowly I worked my way up her. Kissing her thighs as I went. Slowly softly, softly, slowly... working my way towards her red hot centre. Kissing her, softly biting her on her inner thigh. Working my way up she opens her legs wider begging me to lick her where she wants to be licked.... all around her wet centre I work now, licking furiously but never taking her clitoris in my mouth, saving this for later. Kissing, licking around and around I work her driving her crazy. Eventually I start to lick her clit. She bucks in submission at the feel of my tongue against her. Slowly licking her bulging clit, lick by lick, suck by suck. Faster, harder I'd lick her, feeling buck and moan underneath me. Taking tight hold of her as she gets wetter and wetter,. All over my face she'd rub herself, making my face soaking with her smell, her taste. Pounding on my nose trying to come all over me. Deep inside her i'd bury my tongue, licking at her like a lollipop. Like an atom bomb she'd shudder and come all over me, squirting and tensing, soaking my face like an april shower. No I knew she was ready to take me.... I raise myself from her and with my rampant manhood, i'd enter her, slowly at first, just teasing her wet pussy, stretching it further and further, ready to receive me. Entering her slowly, ever getting deeper and deeper, letting her feel the length that I am giving her, she gasps, eye's wide open as she receives me begging me to give it to her with all my might. Deeper and deeper i'd penetrate her, she'd gasp louder and louder and louder. All the way up to thehilt i'd give her my all but yet she was begging for more... I withdraw and place my hands on her hips, flipping her over onto her front. I lower myself onto her back, tongue exposed working my way down her, slowly reaching her soft supple buttocks, teasing between the crease, slowly feeling her back up towards me, daring to take her ass.slowly I lower my tongue to her, licking and pushing towards her, letting her push against me, letting me put my tongue inside her most precious of assets. Wetter and wetter I make it. Bringing my finger up to her I begin to tease her wet tight ass. Slowly I push into her and she moans in response. Probing deeper into her, first with one finger, gently teasing her wider and wider until you ease my finger in and out of her. Then with one finger inside her ass I ease one finger into her sodden pussy, all the way up to the hilt. I with draw and then start to tease her wet anus with two fingers, gently at first, then getting deeper and deeper harder and harder. Then I slide a third finger into her sodden pussy whilst two probe at that succulent ass. As soon as its wet enough, I transfer the third finger into the easing ass hole, stretching it further than seems possible. I work away at the tightness and she is soon wetter than ever and begging for more. With a raging cock bursting to be satisfied I withdraw my fingers from her ass and start to press at the tight hole with my manhood . Deeper and deeper I press... with a single eruption a gasp and a twitch is heard and felt and something gives and I enter her....
Pushing deeper now, all the way I push into her. Moaning loudly I ask if she wants me to stop, but she begs for more.... she slides her hand lower as I take her up the ass from behind. Furiously she works at that bulging clit, whilst I dig deeper into her. She's loving it, pulling me deeper inside her, flicking your clit and bringing herself to a crazy climax. All of a sudden a red haze takes over me and I thrust into her with all my might as she screams with delight. Higher and higher we go until with a giant shudder she tense's and tightens her ass on my cock and on my fingers which are sodden by fingering her wet pussy, we come in unison, inter-twinned in an emotionally charge sexual heaven. Little shudders of sexual pleasure pulsate through your body like the rain dripping down a sodden window pane....
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great story