I was about to get married in about three months, but was very curious to have closer look of a pussy. I found a woman, she agreed to my request. Both were closeted in a room with dim light. se removed her clothes first, looked to me why I am hesitating being a male! Then I gathered courage, by which time I had got nice erection, this happens to every man when a woman is very close, in front and naked, willing to oblige. I had very close look like a doctor or an obstetrician would do. Moved my fingers liberally all over, she liked it, wanted more and more. How long can I hold my cum. She took my erected dick deep into her pussy, encouraged me to jerk, squeezed my balls gently. After couple of jerks I shooted it, what a life time experience! Masturbation, orgasm, etc is really a pleasure when two persons, male and female, feely have sex without any reservation, totally willing, very freely accessible every bit of body, flesh to each other. after couple of minutes she wanted it again, how is it possible. I said we can have it another day. I cannot forget this experience even after fifty years.
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3 years ago
appreciate your frankness, good
3 years ago
aiight. I hear you.