My Friend in Bangalore -3

Since I knew that she would drink I was not amused. I went out to get the food. This time I had a plan. I bought a pack of condoms and in addition of beer I also bought a half bottle of Rum. I also bought parathas and chicken.

I came back to the room and changed to my shorts and banian. She was wearing T-shirt and jeans. I asked her to change to nighty. She was not listening and says jeans is safety for girls. I just laughed.

I started filling the glasses with beer. After one beer we started talking about our friendship,how it started and all. The talk drifted towards her boy friend and her breakup. She gulped the beer and one sip. Until then I was very careful and did not sent out any wrong signal.

She said ,"The bastard cheated on me"

"No, men always men, atleast you had not allowed him to sl**p with you ", I said.

She smiled wryly and said "All are finished"

I stopped talking for a moment. Although I had this doubt, this is first time I heard it from her.At the moment we finished all the beer I got from the shop. She was frantically looking for the beer before finding it is finished. She showed disappointment in her face.

"Do you want more beer"

"Yes da, I am so upset these days, only these two days I am happy because of you"

With a winked smile, I took out the Rum from the bag and said " I have only hot drinks, are you Ok"

She was very happy and without asking me she snatched the Rum and started pouring in two glasses and told me that this was the first time she is taking hot drinks.

I took the Rum out of the bag and I

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