My Friend in Bangalore

I wanted to share this story of mine which happened few years back. She was a friend of mine for 8 years or so. We discuss so many things including sex, but we did not had sex until that fateful day. One of the reasons I had not looked her at that way is that she was having a boy friend during that period. Ok.Let me go into the story.

This happened when she separated from her boy friend. She was kind of sad during those days, that he ditched her.I used to go to chennai due to my official commitments. Unexpectedly I met her near Mount Road. I asked her to come for a coffee. We spoke for couple of hours and then I realised that she was very sad. I was also sad due to that we went to mahabalipuram by bike that day and while returning I asked her to come to Bangalore to spend some time with me. She said she would consider that. Later she asked what was my plan for that evening. I said I want to go to bar. To my surprise she also wanted to come with me. We went to a bar in T.Nagar. We had beer and I think that is the time I thought I had hots for her. With alcohol in my bl**d, I started talking crap to her. To my surprise she did not oppose.

After couple of weeks, I went to Chennai and this time she wanted to come to Bangalore. I was not ready and I did not book tickets also. But we decided to manage with the single ticket I had already for me. We shared the side upper berth. I was so horny that I could not control myself. She was lying by keeping her head opposite to me and was rubbing my penis against her thighs. She was so asl**p she did not know this. We reached Bangalore and stayed in a hotel.

She wanted to go to lalbagh and cubbon bagh that day. before that she went to bathroom to take bath. I was so horny that I could not control myself. As she went inside the bathroom, I just saw her through the key hole.

(to be continued)

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