My friend in Bangalore -4

When she was taking the rum I was telling her."Anyway sl**ping with somebody before marriage does not make you bad"

"Do you think so", she asked.

"Yeah, do not attach to much importance to sex, it is just a feeling, like hunger,thirst, it is just physical"

"hmm. you are trying to make me happy, aren't you"

Realising now or never I told her."No, even I have hots for you, since you are in relationship I was not approaching you"

With a puzzled look she asked " is that the reason you put your penis on my leg during the train journey"

I was shocked to hear this. I did not expect this from her. I also realise that the rum she was taking made him to speak boldly. I told her even a old man also cannot resist the temptation to touch you. By saying that I touched her hand and was waiting to see her reaction. The hot drinks went into my body also started playing its bit. There was no response. She was smiling softly and trying to move my hand. I did not move my hand.

"from when you have hots with me",she asked.

"From last 4 years", I said and started slowly stroking her hand and move my hands towards her upper portion of the hand.

At this moment I could realise her breaths are getting harder and she started sweating.

She said, " Ok, shall we go and sl**p"

"No, let us talk for few more time", I told and thought to myself that if I continue this for few more minutes I will get rewarded. I continued talking with her and she eventhough she spoke about sl**ping she was continuing the drinking.

"what makes you think my penis touched your leg"

" Dont bluff, a girl can easily understand if you touch her in her deep sl**p also ", she said. After telling this she excused herself and went to the bathroom. When she returned I saw her wearing nighty. It is a sleeveless one.

Girls and Aunties can PM me.

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