Exploring my Neighborhood aunty

Hi there, this is Raj (23)

[raj.raj.0300@gmail.com] from Chennai, a

few things about me, I am a bit well built

taller than average..... In short words

above average in everything. Yah you

guessed right “in everything”. Lets get

into the story me and my two friends

share a room in nungampakkam, around

dec 2013 a couple occupied the ground

floor, where as we stay in the first floor.

One day returning home I found that the

key was not in the secret place we use

to keep it. Then I came to know that the

key is with my friend by calling him, I

was so upset that I have to wait more

than an hour outside. Standing beside the

gate I heard a cute voice calling me

“why don’t you come and have a cup of

coffee?”, it was my ground floor aunty

(think she had heard the phone

conversation). I readily agreed, entering

her home found it to be so clean and

neatly arranged, I praised her for that, a

gorgeous smile reflected from her face.

She had the coffee ready and served me,

I thanked her and took a sip. While

conversing I came to know that its been

nearly a year they both got married and

she showed her marriage album as I

requested her. She started introducing her

relatives and I nooded as if I got

everything. The album was swapping

among each other at one stage I was

holding the album from bottom with a

hand and the album was placed at her

thighs a few minutes later I realized that

my hand was caressing her thighs as her

erect nipples got my attention. I was

shocked and acted as if I saw nothing.

Then later as her face turned towards the

album my eyes turns towards her nipples.
Coming to her she is bit tall, average

colored with beautiful round shaped face,

boobs and ass. Seeing her erect nipples

through her thin nightee, I gained courage

and started caressing her more intensely

as a result I felt a change in her voice

as her lips were shivering. A few minutes

later I excused myself and left the house

as my friend called me that he is on the

way to home. She ended up saying come

here whenever you are free, which I felt

like an open invitation. Then for next four

five days I regularly went to her home

and use to return before my room mets

arrive, as I hid this secret from them.

After several conversations I came to

know that she is incapable of giving birth

to a c***d for which her husband avoided

her completely and continued that they

haven’t had even a long conversation for

the past six or seven months, I felt sorry

for her. Days passed and I was supposed

to work in night shifts a week, so in the

morning I went to her house and started

talking to her, then she asked me for

some new movies to watch, naughty

thoughts came to my mind, I have heard

that B.A pass is an adult movie and had

that in my friends pendrive I copied that

into my laptop and went to her home we

shared the headset and played the movie,

I was seated left beside her. First few

scenes went boring as the audio was not

clear, then as the lady started seducing

the boy in the movie our heartbeats

raised, we both were sitting so close as

we shared the headset as said earlier. I

sensed that she was shivering as she

said to decrease the volume in a mild

tone. I kept my hand over her wrist and

acted as if it wasn’t intentional, then I

caressed her hand and increased the

phase scene by scene and at one point I

was holding her hand. I was keen not to

waste this opportunity and put my hand

over her shoulder and waited for her to

react. I felt no reaction except that her

body was so cold, which was a good sign

for me, then I increased my grip and

pulled her slowly towards me and placed

my first kiss at her shoulder near the

edge of her nightee, she became nervous

and stayed looking at my laptop, I gained

bit more courage and licked her left ear

starting from her ear ring till the top

slowly and placed a kiss behind her ear,

then kisses after kisses I moved towards

her neck and sucked her neck just above

her chain for which she moaned slightly,

then I hugged her and kissed her fore

head. [raj.raj.0300@gmail.com]
I romantically removed her headset with

my mouth and let it fall free and kissed

her on cheeks. I tried to kiss on her lips

but she didn’t respond, then I started

kissing all around her boobs but not on

them over her nightee then I licked her

cleavage slowly her morans got louder,

then I unzipped her nightee and found

her braless, but her boobs stood still. I

couldn’t control myself and started licking

her left boob around her nipple over that

pinkish region while squzing her another

nipple with my left hand. Suddenly she

pulled me into her and locked my lips

with hers, it made me so hot and hard.

She then kissed me all over my face and

I finally took her nipples into my mouth,

she moaned heavily. She then removed

her nightee and I removed her black

panties she pushed my head in between

her thighs, I got a hint of what she

wanted and started teasing her by slowly

licking and kissing her thighs. After a few

minutes I kissed above her pussy and

licked around the clit and walls she

crossed her legs around my head and

pulled me further. I then licked her clit

slowly and she was shivering. With in few

minutes she had her organism and

pushed me away from her pussy. She

said negative for my request to take mine

into her mouth, then again I started

playing with her boobs but this time more

intensely. then 10 mins later she hugged

me into her bed room then broke the

hug and took a condom pack from the

cupboard and told me to check the

expiry, as its fine she, herself took mine

in her hands and coated it with a

condom. She then lied on the bed and

called me sexily to her. She told me to

get in slowly as mine had extra girth. I

pushed myself in and entered half , she

moaned loudly and told me to hold that

position, she adjusted herself and pulled

me into her with her hands. I started

doing slowly and the feeling was

incredible. Later I increased my phase

and we changed several positions finally I

explode in doggy. She fell on the bed

and so do I. Then dressed and found my

lap dead without charge, gave her a final

kiss on fore head and returned home.
The saddest part of the story is that she

had shifted her house and we are not in

contact. Any women interested can

contact raj.raj.0300@gmail.com trust me

it’ll be our little secret.

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