First Meeting!

We met at the hotel bar. I got there early to get a seat. I ordered a drink. As soon as I lifted the drink to my lips I felt 2 strong hands run down the sides of my body. And I hear a whisper in my ear, “Hello”. You spin me around to face you, I look deep into your eyes and I reply “Hi”. You keep me facing you as you order a drink. You lean in to kiss me softly, at first. You take a step back to take a good look and I am wearing a crisp white shirt, unbuttoned and showing plenty of cleavage, A dark purple leather skirt, nude stockings and matching heels. Your drink comes and when you lean in to pick it up you straddle my right knee and you slide your hand around my waist. As you straighten up you brush you lips lightly across my neck and your hands falls to my thigh. Your hand feels so warm against my skin. We sip our drinks and talk this way for a bit. But your hand starts to slide up my thigh, revealing that I am wearing a garter belt and stockings. As you go further north, you stop just short of my pussy. I spread my legs as far as my skirt will permit, not caring who is watching. Your hand brushes across my pussy, confirming your thought, that I wasn’t wearing underwear. Your hand retreats to my thigh again and stays there. We finish our drinks and you kiss me again and take me hand and we retire to our room.

The minute the door shuts we grab for each other. You taking me in your strong arms and kissing me harder and longer this time. Our hands start to wander over each other’s clothed bodies. But the clothes don’t remain for long. Just the heat from our bodies and the hot, wet kisses drive us to practically tear each others clothes off. During this kissing and disrobing frenzy you lead me to the bed so when we get there you are totally naked and I am just wearing a nude bra and garter belt with stockings. We drop to the bed and continue kissing, but that is getting more urgent, our breathing more rapid. Our bodies touching and getting extremely tactile, feeling every inch that is touching. I can’t wait anymore. I reach down and take your semi hard cock in my hand. You let out a low gasp. I start to stoke it. God it feels so good in my hand. I continue to rub your cock while your lips start to travel to my neck, my collar bone and to my breasts. You pull the bra down and the minute your lips make contact with my nipples my back arches against you, like I was hit by lightning. You take this opportunity to run your hand down my body to my stocking thighs. You massage my thighs; all the while I am begging you to touch my pussy. Your cock is rock hard now. So you acquiesce and slide your hand up to my pussy. And at just that point you bite one of my nipples. I am pumping you at a pretty good pace now and you pull back and switch to the 69 position. Your big, erect cock is right in my face and you are staring down at my dripping wet pussy. As I make love to your cock, kissing it, licking it, sucking it. You start licking my pussy. But then you immediately slide in three fingers and suck my clit into your mouth. This move receives a loud moan from me, which is slightly muffled due to the fact that your cock is all the way down my throat. You start to pump your hips fucking my mouth and you can barely keep my pussy on the bed, you have me bucking around soo much.

89% (11/1)
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4 years ago
yes babes its realy good.must do some more
4 years ago
YES! Please post more hon, that is really hot! :)