Hair Salon Male Orgasm

Last week I went to a hair salon to get my haircut, my aunt works there so i can get a discount plus its a nice place. So I went there this time wearing no underwear, just a shirt and some baggy jeans. I put a cock ring on before I left because I thought if i get the opportunity to, I am going to be naughty and touch my cock in the salon. So I get there and an older lady maybe in here mid forties takes me back to wash my hair. She was an attractive lady that has kind of flirted with me before. I told her I just washed it before I arrived but she insisted so I let her. As she was washing my hair with a great teatree, shampoo she started to massage my head and neck. As she did this she was hanging her small but very nice shaped breasts in my face. At first I thought she might not know what she was doing...then she started rubbing her pussy against my hand which was on the chair arm rest. I moved my hand a bit out of the way and she finished rinsing my hair. I sat down in the big chair and she placed a large dark smock around my neck and it covered everything but my feet. I started to breath harder and heavier. I was really getting horny . She started cutting my hair and whenever she could, she would lean against my chair rubbing and grinding her pussy on me hands. As she was doing this I slowly unzipped my pants leaving the button fasted. My dick was throbbing at this point and begging me to touch it. I slowly reached into my pants and pulled it out but it was still hidden under the smock. I gently and slowly started playing with my dick. It was so hot and stiff and the cockring i was wearing was making it swell up. I sat there and gently stroked my dick trying not to move too much because I really didnt want to get caught. My aunt was on the other side of the room and if one of those women there would have seen what I was doing, my aunt would have freaked out. I stroked very softly on my hard dick for a few minutes and then it was just too exciting and naughty to hold my load so I shot it into a napkin I had in the other hand. It felt so great to shoot that hot load in front of all those women and they had no idea. I'm not sure if the woman cutting my hair knew I was playing with myself but she knew she was rubbing her special place against me and I loved every bit of it.
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2 months ago
I could tell more but they are even more naughty and might get flagged. 100% factual
2 years ago
Thanks for the comments.
2 years ago
A secret one is better than none! Thanks!
2 years ago
thats so hot
2 years ago
nice one!
2 years ago
wow what a story hope to hear more again 20.11.2012!19.50