Sex with my Office freind

Hello Readers, I am Rahul here again with another story about colleague from my office. let me describe myself I am 6 ft tall guy with athletic body living in Bangalore and working in one of the biggest MNC's in India as an Engineer and my little friend is about 8 inch long
So coming to the story ,There is a girl named Neha (named changed),I have met her in my office and she is my colleague ,She has amazing figure and curvy at right parts, she has figure around 36-30-38 and have looks which any guy would fall for her. So fortunately Me and Neha were given the same project and we were working as a teammates. She is used to talk to me in a friendly manner and often used to observe her figure mostly her boobs as she has really amazing boobs with huge size. I used to think about her a lot and masturbate thinking of her.

One day she came to me to ask some doubt as I am very good in technical, I explained her and she understood and said thanks to me .From that day onwards she used to come to me whenever she has doubt and I used to stare at her boobs making sure that my observations are not noticed by her. One day she was wearing sleeveless dress and she was looking damn sexy and hot ,I was going mad whenever she used to raise her hand ,I love her armpits and she has very sexy armpits always cleanly shaved and the smell from her body used to drive me crazy whenever she is near me. So that day I told her that she is look really beautiful to which she smiled at me and left. Next day she wore another beautiful dress and again sleeveless and Admired her again to which she thanked me again and the days were passing on like this until one day she was sitting really close to me as I was explaining her doubt and i was sweating to which she asked why are you sweating when there is AC in office, then I told her it's because of her and told her that she is so hot today which is making me sweat to which she smiled wickedly.
From that day onwards she is used to sit close to me whenever she got a chance and give a chance for me to look at her boobs and her figure. One day I have told her boldly that she has amazing boobs to which she was shocked to hear those words from me and after that I apologized for my act. She said it's fine and she loved my comment and I felt happy on her reply. Slowly we used to chat on many things and I always used to admire her boobs and she never felt bad after that. One day when she was sitting close to me I put my hands on her thighs and she started to breath heavily and I was slightly massaging her thighs. I realized that I am in office and anyone could catch us in that act so I removed my hand and she didn't mind and instead she was smiling at me to which I smiled her back. From that day onwards we used to sit late in the office and when everyone leaves by around 8 PM we used to sit close to each other and I used to massage her thighs and she to massage my thighs while massaging her I placed my hands on her boobs then she let a low moan and then I slowly started to press her boobs,damn those were really huge and really soft believe me guys. Then she put her hand on my Penis which was hard like a rod by this time ,she massaged my penis from my Jeans and we used to repeat this act often staying late in the night.

One day I asked her that I want to feel her completely to which she refused first but then she agreed as she wants me badly after all our acts in the office. So i decided to take her to my Flat. I stay with my friends in a flat but all my friends go to office daily so daytime no one will be at my flat, so we left from the office around lunch time and reached my flat then made her to sit on bed and offered her water then I went out to bring some lunch and a honey bottle and pack of condoms. After coming back to my flat I went near her and hugged her tightly and took her in my arms and started kissing her forehead and then I put her down and hugged her again tightly. After that I kissed her on her neck and kissed her cheek, she was blushing and then I planted a kiss on her lips and we started kissing each other passionately and our tongue were exploring each other mouth. We departed from the kiss and now i was kissing her ears and I was biting her earlobes ,she was moaning softly and enjoying my act and then I kissed her shoulders and started licking her shoulders and also biting them to which she became really horny.Then I removed her shirt and pant and now she was in Bra and Panty .She was wearing black color Bra and Panty .I started pressing her boobs from her bra and I got hold of her nipples from her bra and was sucking and licking them from the bra itself and started biting them .I raised her hands and started kissing her armpits and licking them like a ice cream ,and also was sucking them and smelling her armpits.Then again I kissed her back and Neck and started licking her earlobes and ears.

I took Honey bottle and applied honey on her Lips ,Neck, Cheeks shoulders and on chest and i started licking the honey from her neck, shoulders and lips and cheeks. I was sucking her lips passionately and sucked all the honey from her lips .I removed her bra and started pinching her nipples and she was enjoying that and was moaning softly. I then applied honey on her boobs and nipples and her armpits and started sucking honey from her boobs ,nipples and armpits. I poured honey from her shoulders and it was dripping down to her chest ,boobs ,navel .I started kissing and licking from her shoulders and then came to her chest and started licking her chest, her cleavage and her boobs ,I was licking her upper body with my tongue and cleaning her upper body from honey and then simultaneously pressing her one boob with my one hand and licking other boob with my tongue. I started to make circles around her nipples with my tounge.Then i came to her navel and licked her navel and started biting her waist .I then inserted my tongue deeply into her navel and was licking her navel like mad boy and pressing her boobs with my hands together. She was going mad and started moaning heavily and was making sound like ""Please Don't stop continue I am enjoying a lot, please fuck me now ...Uffff...Aahhhhhhh...Please Rahul don't stop keep doing this I want you to feel my body completely"".
Then I moved towards her legs and gave a kiss on her foot and licked her foot and kissed her Knees. I started biting her Toes and was sucking her Toe fingers one by one and biting together. She was going mad with the pleasure and then i kissed her thighs and biting her thighs. I then applied honey all over her Foot ,her Toes and started licking them and biting them. I then moved a bit upwards and kissed her Knee and started biting them and licking them. I applied Honey on her thighs and Knees and started licking honey from her thighs to till her Knees. I was licking her entire body like it's a big ice-cream and she was moaning heavily making sounds like.....Ahhhhh.....Wowwww...Please don't stop "Then I removed her panty and kissed her pussy which was already wet by this time and cleaned her pussy by licking her pussy with my tongue. I inserted my tongue deeply into her pussy lips and was sucking like a lollipop and she was enjoying my act ,I continued this fro about ten minutes ,she started to come and let her juices come with full speed, I closed my mouth completely around her pussy so that none of the drops of her juices go waste and instead go directly into my mouth and the drank her juices completely and then I started to fell her ass,she has really amazing ass and was pressing her ass and biting her ass.Then I started finger fucking her for about 15 minutes and pressing her boobs together on which she came again and I drank all her juices again. she was feeling really happy and was smiling by looking at me.
She then told me that It's her turn now to give me the same pleasure ,Then she came near me removed my T shirt and jeans and I was in my underwear ,she then came close to me hugged me first and then kissed me for about 10 minutes and then she started licking my chest and massaging my penis from the underwear. She then licked my nipples and was biting them and making circles around my nipples. She started sucking my navel and then after that she removed my underwear and took my 8 " inch Penis in her hand ,at first she was shocked to see such a huge one to which I asked her didn't you see real penis till now to which she replied that she is virgin, I smiled at her and said it's fine .I taught her how to stroke my penis and she is a very quick learner and then I asked her to suck my penis,she learned it quickly and started giving me the best blowjob and was also playing with my balls together, she was sucking my penis for about 20 mins and then I said her that I am coming to which she said come in mouth ,I want to taste it as u have tasted mine, then I came with full f***e and splashed in her mouth, she drank all my juice and started licking my penis and cleaning it with her tounge.I was in heaven.
I made her to lie in the 69 position and we were licking each other private parts for about 15 minutes, she came again then I drank all her juices. She told me that she want to feel my penis in her pussy now, I said ok and came to her pussy and licked her first and bit her pussy lips and biting her pussy lips,she was begging me please yaar fuck me now I can't wait..please don't tease me, make me your slave. I was enjoying her words wore condom and guided my penis towards her pussy,as she was virgin it was very tight and she was shouting heavily ,so I closed her mouth with my kiss and slowly inserted it again and then suddenly I gave a heavy thrust to which my penis went inside her completely and she was moaning heavily. I was kissing her madly and then slowly i removed my penis from pussy and inserted it again slowly ,this time it went smoothly and she started to enjoy the act.I then raised my speed and was fucking her really hard and fast..she was moaning like """"OHH yeaaaa!!! Ohhhh yea!!! fuck me!!! make me your slave!!!! fuck me fast!!!!"" . I was aroused fully and was fucking her with goddamm speed to which she came and let her juices flow out through my penis,I continuted like this for about 25 mins and then I said her I am coming and I came into my condom, after that she removed condom from my penis and started to lick my penis and clean with her tounge.Then I made her to ride on my penis by making het sit on my lap and jumping on my lap. We then had many session that day and after that I took her to bathroom and I made her bath by applying Soap all over her body and cleaning each and every part of her with my hands and cleaned her pussy by applying soap and rubbing her pussy with my hands. She did the same to me and cleaned my entire body .After bathing I cleaned her body with warm towel and made her dress and then she did the same to me again. After that I left her home in the evening on by Bike.
while on the way she was hugging me tightly and moving her hand around my chest and massaging my penis over my pant, as it was evening and dark no one could notice her acts. We reached her place and then I kissed her on cheeks to which she thanked me for all the pleasure he felt today. Since then we have many sessions and we go to my flat whenever we get chance.

Any comments from anyone are really appreciated . If any Girls, aunties or any lady of any age from Bangalore or any place wants to feel the same or wants to be my friend ,please feel free to approach me on
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