Wifes First BBC

I am not a writer, so bear with me. This is about our first encounter with a BBC.

A little backround, we are both in our mid 50's. She is 5 ft 1 in, about 175 lbs, blonde hair, blue eyes, is multi orgasmic and a squirter. I am 5ft 11in, 200 lbs, and since a heart attack a few years ago, have had and ED problem due to medications once in awhile. She is a "southern woman", with all that carries with it. We discussed finding a guy to fill the niche I couldn't provide, and she said sure, no blacks, no asians, no latinos... You get the picture. I finally convinced her to keep an open mind, and just give it a try, with whoever we found.
I started chatting with a guy who lived nearby on X-Hamster. He is a professional black guy, very personable, and I figured we could make this work. Then I saw a pic of his cock (12 inches) an said we HAVE to make this work! We hatched a plan to convince her that we knew each other from years ago, and went from there. We made plans to get together at our house the following week.
She was nervous the morning that we were to get together. She had some wine before he arrived that afternoon to loosen her up. When he arrived, she was very impressed, and we all spend some time talking and getting to know each other. I figured it was time, and suggested we head to the bedroom. She went to the bathroon to get ready, and our friend and I went to the bedroom. When he undressed, I knew that the pics didn't lie, he was huge! I was wondering if she would be able to take it. I asked if I could touch (I enjoy some bi) and he said go right ahead. She came into the room just as I tried a little sucking, and moaned. She layed down, and we both went to work on her, sucking her tits, then I ate her, and she squirted all over my face. He did the same, and she almost drowned him, said he never saw a woman squirt the way she did.
Finally she said she wanted that monster in her, she couldnt wait. He got between her legs, and I guided it in. He took his time to let her get used to the size, and then started a long slow fucking. She was cumming almost continuosly and then said she wanted to get on top and ride. And ride she did! He said every time she started cumming it felt like a velvet vice squeezing him. After about an hour of slow fucking, he was ready to cum. He pulled out and shot the biggest load either of us had ever seen on her belly and tits. She was worn out, and so was he. We all agreed it was a great time, and we would have to do it again, which we did several times.
The next day, she was a bit sore from his size, but said it was well worth it, and couldn't wait till the next time we got together!
96% (60/2)
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14 days ago
I enjoyed watching her take it. And like I said in the story, got to suck it too!
14 days ago
Thank you!
15 days ago
HOT story! Your wife is hot!
19 days ago
Love the story. I was allowed to watch my ex, who was blonde, built, and rich get a thick 11" cock and she was wild. I want to be a cuckold to her now that we are divorced. I want to pay to watch videos of her getting BBC and then calling me into the hotel room to admire her gaped holes. Trish is her name and I will gladly lick her ass and pay to do it.
2 months ago
Nice one
4 months ago
great story,I enjoy reading stories probably more than seeing pics on here,well done
10 months ago
very horny - is there a next story?
1 year ago
Great story
1 year ago
excellent...nothing is better than a true story. I like that you admitted you squeezed his fat cock and let him into your mouth...hot. fucking hot
1 year ago
1 year ago
u lucky cucky u
1 year ago
Nice description! It's hard to put something like that into words! Thanks for sharing.
1 year ago
Love the story!
1 year ago
Love it!!
1 year ago
Ahh what a fantasy for me! This is exactly what I picture my first time. Glad you guys had a great time
1 year ago
What a guy, finding a guy to fuck your wife. Thanks for sharing.
1 year ago
nice story man
1 year ago
This story is nice. I like it. Looking for my first cuck experience.
1 year ago
Hot, read some of mine guys.
2 years ago
Nice story.
2 years ago
great narrative..