ME and David Part 2

If you haven't read my last story, this wont work!

So after I asked David how getting his dick sucked felt, and after he sucked me off(which was the greatest feeling in the world), a few days went by before we talked again. When we finally talked to each other, he told me that we need to talk immediately. So we went into his house and into his room. Once in the room he told me to turn from him and turn around in 10 seconds......10 seconds later I turned around and David was on me like an a****l. David started kissing me very hard, and taking my clothes off. And finally he took my pants off(at this point I was letting him do everything, like a Dominatrix). Once my pants were off, he went straight for my cock,(which was big for my age, 6 inches, compared to David's 4 inches)which was rock hard, and eager for pleasuring. David was on my cock, licking and sucking, and stroking ferociously. The way David was pleasuring me, I can't quite explain, but it was AMAZING!!

He kept on my dick for 6 minutes, and I still hadn't cummed yet.David was saying, "Come on Justin, come on, give me that sweet cum, I wanna taste it, I want it in my mouth!!" About a minute after that I shot the biggest load of cum I have ever shot! After I recovered, I said, "That was great." But David said, "I'm not done baby, now give me that ass!!"

He pulled my ass up to him, and started fucking me like there was no tomorrow. 5 minutes later he blew his load in my ass!!

PART 3 Coming Soon..........Please comment!
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4 years ago
could you give more detail in the main fucking aswell? xx
4 years ago
hey you're local. and you were having more fun than I was between 10 and 12.
4 years ago
Good story..sounds like you two were hot-n-heavy fuck buddies..congrats
4 years ago
4 years ago
Good story could have been a little longer yu didn't give me time to jack off had to read it over and over again for about five times but i did get off thanks
4 years ago
good story...

for my own pleasure, are you and David going to do anything really kinky? BDSM, that sort of thing..