A Good One Night Stand

about 25 years ago i used to travel a lot western united states i got used to staying a motels all over and meetting people fro the gay and porn magazines i'd buy well in this place in texas there was a town that had a guy who had an add in one o0f these mags so i looked him up and we decided to get together at the Denny's across the street from my motel we meet and had a few beers we got to know each other he was about 6' 2" tall and weight about 220 lbs a little thuin but you could tell by the bulge in his levis that he was really packing some heavy meat in his add he said that he ws a top and love to pump asshole anytime and anywhere so we headed to my motel room. when we got inside he grabs me gives me a kiss he put is tongue all the way down my throat kind of whipped it around i got so hot that i had my hands in his underwear and had a hold on his growing cock i took down his pants and underwear to take a good look at what he had for me he was hung about 8" in length and at least 2 1/5" in diameter cut i went down on my knees i started to lick the tip and he says ok no you don't you take my cock now so he shouved it into my mouth and part way down my throat it was fantastic this big cock was chocking but it was great he started to push in and pull out has i left spit all over his cock he =grabed my ears and pulld my head down on to his cock so it would go all the way in. He did this for about 20 minutes than finally pulled out and said do you want to fuck i moaned yes i want you in my asshole so he turns me around he reaches for the tube of lube thats on the nightstandhe shouves his finger into my ass reaches over for a condom and rolles it onto his cock than lubs up his cock than reaches for my hips and guides his cock into my ass where he says ready or not here i cum and he did he went in it hurt for a while but he went slow and gave me time to get use to him he started his rythm and keeped it up for another 145 minutes than he say are you ready for my load i scream yes yes yes than he shoves his cock all the way in very hard y even made my teeth chater it was incredable i could feel his cock get bigger and than start to spurt into the condom in my ass i almost past out from the way i felt he grab on to my hips he held me to him until he finished unload his cum in my ass. he rolled me over he reached down and took hold of my cock and first jacked my off than he sucked me until i couldn't cum anymorethan he grabbed another condom rolled it on an fucked me in my ass again this time he took much longer he lasted almost 30 minutres i was out cold when i wole back up he was in the shower when he was done he got dressed came over an gave me another hot kiss and went home. i just layed ther in bed finally falling a sl**p in the morning it would be a new day i wuld be traveling to a new town. hope you like this story thanks
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4 years ago
That story made me hard as well. A story to jack off too.
4 years ago
Your story made me hard