my first tranny pt. 2

it hurt so bad but felt so damn good. I told her just to stay still so I can get use to it. get use to having a cock in my ass. that was a totally new feeling. it was something I always wanted to try. now I was.

she slowly started to move back & forth. not really pulling out, just enough to make me feel better about it. she was stroking my cock, which was rock hard. I could feel her balls on my ass. deep down i was freaking out. this is really happening. I knew that coming here I was going to fuck some ass. not get my ass fucked.

eventually, I got use to her cock in my ass & she was pumping away. every time she pulled out, it hurt. but I was never really given the chance to feel the pain completely because she just stuck it back in. she was still fucking me slowly. she said she wanted to get me loose before she fucked me.

now, i'm not gay or anything but, having a dick in my ass felt good. I can honestly say I would try it again. I loved the feeling. I loved her cock in my ass & her balls slapping it as well.

a few minutes later she was fucking my ass. I mean, banging me. I could hear the slapping of her balls against me. It was a new feeling that I liked.

"fuck me harder. fuck my ass with your tranny cock."

"you like it, do you? you feel really tight. it wont take long for me to cum."

my cock was hitting her on her belly. I had to keep looking because I had never seen myself like that. I told her I wanted her to fuck me from behind. she kept fucking me like this a little longer before she told me to flip over. when she took her cock out of me, it felt strange. I could feel my asshole completely loose. I turned over & bend down on the bed. when she stuck her dick in me, it just slid in. the feeling I was unbelievable. her dick just felt so go.

I was really getting turned on when I felt her balls hitting mine. I reached under, & grabbed them. I held both her & my nutsack together. I was trying not to jerk off because I was afraid I would cum. she started moaning when I rubbed our balls together. you could tell she was getting ready to cum. I wanted her to cum in me so I could see how it felt. I wanted to know what everyone else felt when I came in there ass.

" I'm close. I want to cum on you. aaaa.....fuck"

"cum on me. cum on my asshole"

when I said that she pulled out. ripped off the rubber & shot a load on my gapping asshole. I felt this hot thick goo hit my asshole & my balls. I could feel it ozooing down my ass. I must have been good cause she had a hugh load. she pushed her head in my ass a little to rub her cum in me.

she asked me if I liked it. told her it was different but amazing. she reached over a kissed me as her cock slipped out of my ass. I told her it was my turn. Told her, after that, I needed to cum. she got on her knees & laid on her tits. I could still feel her cum sliding out of me. I kneeled in front of her so she could blow me. I spat on her asshole to lube her up. she sucked me for a few so I could get her "ready". she got another condom & put it on with her mouth. I fingered her hole for a bit to "loosen her up." she was moaning as I did.

"hurry. I want your dick in me. fuck me like i fucked you. I want your ball on mine." she kept saying

I got behind her & just stuck it in. she gasped & buried her head in the pillow. she felt so fucking good. I waited awhile & just started pumping her ass. I fucked her like this for a little bit. I wanted to drop a load so bad. My asshole still felt wet. that was turning me on so much.

"is this how my asshole felt? did you like fucking my virgin ass? huh? I'm going to fuck your asshole raw. fuck you like a little tranny whore."

"fuck me harder! harder! fuck my pussy!"

thats all she kept saying. I was really getting turned on now. I knew I was close. I asked her where she wanted me to cum.

"you want it in your ass? huh? on your slutty face? on your big fuckin tits?"

I grabbed a hand full of hair & yanked her up. I was squatting down fucking her ass. I had one hand on her thoart & the other full of her hair. I whispered in her ear where she wanted my cum. she looked at me & said...

"all over me. cum anywhere you want. just fuck me harder."

I pumped her ass just for a few more before I was done. I pulled out & threw the condom off. I shot a load in her gapping asshole. just like she did me. I shot the rest on her back. fucking hell, it felt so good. I just moaned as I dropped load after load on this shemale slut. she loved every drop. just like she did to me, I stuck my head in her ass just as I dropped the last of it.

I collasped on the bed & she turned over. she just laid there covered in cum.
she asked if it was evrything I thought it would be. I told her I didnt know what to expect. but what ever it was, it was........different. something I never thought would happen. I did things I never thought I would ever do.

but I will say this......she was my first transexual. BROOKE! she will not be the last. I really love trannies.....
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2 years ago
suoer hot i would like to find the same thing as you just wrote about
2 years ago
great story
2 years ago
Fantastic story loved it.