my first tranny (pt. 1)

you always remember your first time.

I remember my first blow job from an ex. (believe me, thats another story.) the first time I touched a pair of tits. the first time I ever ate pussy. the first time I fucked a woman in the ass. & I'll always remember the first time I was with a tranny.

her name was brooke. I always wanted to be with a tranny because I was always curious. I mean, shes a chick right. but then she has a dick. you all know some trannies are drop dead beautiful. this one was. I was looking in the e****t section of one of those paper you get at a porn shop. I always wanted to but was so scared. finally I got the balls to call one up & set up an appointment.

she lived about 20 minutes away. I took a shower & shaved myself. when I got to her place my heart was pounding. I was so scared of actually doing this. doing something I wanted to do for so long. as I walked up the stairs, I kept trying to calm myself down. when she opened the door, I really got nervous. I started thinking what if she's a cop. what if this was some kind of "sting" or something.

she poked her head out from behind the door & asked my name. told her who I was & that I called her a little while ago. as I walked in I really started getting scared. when she closed the door, I felt at ease. dont think a cop would wear a black corset with her tits practlly falling out. & a black see thru mini. & when I say see thru, I mean see thru. it was as sheer as panty hose. I mean, you could see her ass thru it. I can see her ass & her butt crack. which I must say was a perfect ass. when she turned around I was trying not to stare at her cock. she wasn't hard or anything but she was about 3-4 inchs. she must have been about a 38 c-cup. nice big full tits.

we talked for a few. let her know I always wanted this but was nervous. she said not to be & sat closer to me trying to put me at ease. after a few we kissed & started making out. she was fucking hot. I was grabbing her tits when she straddled me. I undid her corset & they went flying out. I was sucking them & playing with her ass.

"think you feel a little better know. let go play on the bed."

"think so," I said as she got off of me. I could see her dick was hard now. I mean, hell, it was in front of me when she got up.

when we got to the bed room, I took off my shirt as she started to take my pants off. she saw that i had shaved.

"I love it when a man shaves. nothing to get in the way. what do you want me to do?" she said as she was stroking my dick.

"I want to feel your throat."

with that she started sucking my cock. I love it when a woman has her motions down. I love hearing her slurp as she blows me. as I looked down, she was stroking her dick. I was getting so turned on. I grabbed her head & f***ed her down. she took it all like a pro. before I knew it, I was balls deep in her mouth. she didn't miss a beat, just kept sucking. she got up & took her skirt off & got on the bed. she got on all four. I couldn't believe a was gettig ready to fuck a shemale. I walked over to her kissed her as if grabbed her balls. felt strange but good. never had a set of balls in my hands other than my own. she laid on her side and said she wanted to "suck each other."

now, I have to admit, I wanted to do this when I first saw her. as we laid down, she just started sucking. I stroked her for a few & just said, fuck it. I licked her head. it was different but not that bad. I actually started sucking her dick. I won't lie, I really didn't mind. it felt good. i just thought what do I like, & went to town. I heard her moan which really got me going. she had her legs open & I was sucking her dick. I had my hand on her ass as I played with her balls. she was moaning as I started sucking harder. she started doing the same. o my god. it felt so good. my legs were open when she started playing with my asshole. she grabbed my head & f***ed me down on her. I wont lie when I say I it felt good.

it felt good getting my dick sucked. I wont lie when I say it flet good sucking dick. she put the tip of her finger in my ass. it really got me going. I sucked her harder. I asked her if she liked it.

"you like me sucking your dick?"

"do you like having a trany cock in your mouth with my finger in your ass?

when she said that she started finger fucking my ass. it hurt but felt good at the same time. it also did it for me. I told her I was going to cum. she put my dick in her mouth & sucked as I shot off a load. it felt so good. almost to good. she sucked every drop out of my dick.

"was it good? did you like that"

"not how I wanted it to happening but, yeah" I told her.

"I hope we're not done yet. I wanna play more."

I told her not to worry. I still had more in me & that I was far from done.
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1 year ago
Awesome going to part 2
2 years ago
great storie, goy me hard an horney
2 years ago
Great story
2 years ago
Yes what a great story looking forward to more
2 years ago
2 years ago
yeah different, i won't lie.
2 years ago