The trannt from work

I've always had a thing about trannies. Just something. Never sure what or why. I loved looking at them. Seeing their huge tits. Their nice asses. Then seeing a dick between their legs. Now I'm not gay but, was always interseted. I would look up e****ts here in town just to see how far I would go. Finally one day, I got the nerve to do it.

Her name was Angelina. She was about 5'4". Say 125 with some hugh tits. Say 38 D or so. I had seen her where I worked. Would of never thought she was a tranny. Just always saw this hot chick with a huge rack & a hot ass. Everytime she came in the store, people stared. (Espically me) I overheard one of the guys telling his friend she was a shemale. Thought, no way. I kept seeing her in there & kept wondering.

One day I was look at ads online when I came across her photo. I thought "O-shit. She is a tranny." I started getting a hard on reading her ad. I had to call. When she answered, she sounded nothing like expected. She sounded even hotter. Told her I was instereted in setting something up & went from there.

I met her about an hour later. Go figure, she lived by my work. No wonder she was always there. I tryed to calm down as i knocked on the door. My heart was pounding. I always wanted to do this & now I was about to. When she answered, she just looked smoking. She was wearing these skin tight jeans & a tube top. Her tits were ready to fall out. As she invited me in, I was getting even more nervous. She asked if I was ok. Told her, "I've never done this before. Tought about it. But never have. Just a little nervous." She said not to be. Just to think of her as any other girl. Thought to myself, "Yeah, with a little something else."

As we sat down, she started asking me if we'd meet before. Told her no. This is the first time. Then she scared the hell out of me say, "You've the guy from down the street. The manager." I almost shit myself. Before I had a chance to respone, she said not to worry. She wouldn't tell anyone. Our secert. Felt a little relieved but still on edge.

I told her that I really didn't know what to say or even how to start. She said not to worry & just say what I wanted to. I couldn't help it, I told her that I always wanted to see just how big her tits were. Without looking away, she pulled her top down. Those tits were so big & beautiful I had to dive in. She started moaning as I licked them up & down. Her nipples were just the right size. She asked if I was still nervous as she reached for my crouch. Told her, far from it. As we started kissing she asked if I knew she was a tranny everytime she walked in the store. Told her I had heard stories & was hoping. She reached inside my pants & started rubbing my hard dick. I reached for her couch almost at the same time.

She said she rather go in the bedroom & have some fun there. Let her know I was fine with that. As we got up & started walking toward the room, she never took her hand out of my pants. She had a death grip on my cock. She told me to take my pant off & sit down on the bed. As soon as my dick was free, she was down. Oh god it felt so good. She was really going at it. I joked around with her asking if she had done this before. As soon as I said that, I felt the back of her throat. She gagged a little. but I couldn't help but grab her head & hold her there. She stayed down for awhile before coming up & saying, "No. I've done this a few times." And then just smiled. I couldn't help but laugh. She got up. Turned around. And took her pants off. She had an ass. Fuck. "Nice undies." I told her. She had on a green thong. She bent over & I licked her ass. Her butthole smelled wonderful. You know, that good ass smell.

As she turned around, she asked, "is this one of the reasons you called me?"
I didn't say a word. I moved her panties to the side & pulled her cock out. she was probably about 5 1/2 inches. I started to stroke her & said, "What do you want me to do?" "I want you to show me what you want to do with my lil girly dick." I tugged on her a little more before I put her head in my mouth. I never suck on a dick before in my life. I just thought, what would I want.

I started sucking her. I was moving my tounge around her head. I could tell she liked it. I started taking more & more of her in my mouth. She put her hands on my head & was saying, "Do you like sucking my dick? Do you like sucking on my shemale cock?" I didn't say anything. Just nodded my head. I have to admit, I really liked sucking her dick. I started playing with her shaved balls & her asshole. She had such a soft ass. I took her out of my mouth & said I wanted to fuck her. Say said, "In a little bit. I want you to suck my cock." She rubbed her dick on my face as I licked her balls.

She stuck her dick in my mouth told me she wanted to fuck my face. I was really getting turned on. I was jacking off & thinking this is what I tell women. She pulled out saying she need me to fuck her pussy. I got up & told her to lay down.

What she did now almost made me cum. She put both her legs behind her head. I told her, "Thats just beautiful." I kneeled down on the bed as she lubed her ass up. As I put my head in her she let out this long moan. I slid in her in one shot. She started telling me to fuck her. To fuck her hard & fast. How could I tell a woman no. I pounded her ass like crazy. I put my hand on her feet to keep them in place. With the other I pull her head forward. I told her I wanted her to see me fuck her "pussy." She just gave me that look. That "don't you fucking stop" look. As I fucked her I was staring at her dick & balls bouncing around. She asked if I liked what i saw. Told her I wanted to suck her some more. She started jerking herself off. It was wired & really exciting seeing myself fuck someone with a dick & not a pussy.

She starting say she was going to cum. She clenched her asshole & told me not to stop. I started pounding her even harder. She came all over herself. Across her tits. And even on her face. She dropped a hugh load. I told her I was getting close & asked where she wanted me to cum. She just grabbed some of her cum off her tits, put it on her lips & said she didn't give a fuck. I got close enough to her lips to smell her cum, when that did it for me.

I pulled out of her gaping ass, pulled the condom off, & squated over her. She closed her eyes as I shot a HUGH load on her. I don't know if her neighbors heard us but, they did now. It felt so good to cum. I must of shot for awhile
because I just stayed there over her trying to get out every last drop. she reached up & licked my balls. AS I looked down, her face & hair were white. She was trying to reach for a towel. I got off & helped her out. She looked at me & said, "I was started to think you would never end. Fuck! That was alot." Just smiled & said I felt good. We got dressed & talked for a few. She said I neede to pass by again. Told her I would. She said, "maybe I'll pass by your work & see what happens there." Told her she should. Have a little "afterhours meeting."

Fuck, so that what it's like fucking a tranny.....this is going to be good.
96% (42/2)
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2 years ago
Loved it
3 years ago
3 years ago
Wow, nice ;)
3 years ago
Great story........... made me hot and hard........
Keep up the good work.
3 years ago
Great experience
3 years ago
Nicely done!
3 years ago
3 years ago
that was my absolute dream! u lucky little fucker ;)