That's a first

My mother in law & I have been fucking on & off for the past 6 or 7 months. I've done things to her she never had done before. & vise versa. This woman is a real whore....I love it. Heres one example.

Last month she asked if I could pass by, flatout saying she needed dick. Told her I would love to but couldn't make it till later in the week. She sounded disapponited. Told her it's the best I could do. Later that friday I passed by.
You could tell she was horny because when I opened the door she was all over me. Within minutes she had me naked. She was giving me sloppy kisses as she stroked my cock. Took her bra off & sucked those beautiful nipples of hers. She was moaning as I started to reach for her cunt. She grabbed my hand saying she was on her period. Told her thats sucks & asked what she wanted to do. She took my dick in her hand & we went upstairs.

We got to her bedroom & she said "this is way I wanted you to come by on Tuesday. I'm not done with my period till next week." I held her to me saying "I guess your just gonna have to suck me off or I fuck your ass. Either wasy it's fine with me." She just laughed & told me to lay on the bed. She started stroking me off when she asked when was the last time I came. Told her I fucked her daughter last night. Said "maybe if you suck my dick, you can taste her pussy."

Without saying a word she took my cock as far as she could in her mouth. She was going up & down so smoothy. That was an awesome blowjob. She was playing with my balls as she just sucked & sucked. She kept suck her son in laws dick when she started playig with my asshole. Asked her what she was doing. Through the slurpping sound & my cock going in & out of her mouth she said,"just relax and let mommy play around." Didn't say anything else. Just looked down to see her head going up & down.

I won't lie about what happened next. She started sucking harder when she put her finger up my ass. Not the whole thing, just the tip. It caught me by suprise but it actually felt good as she sucked me off. Asked her where she got that from. Said she read about it online. She started moving her finger in & out of my ass as she sucked me harder & harder. She was laying sideways & I knew I couldn't take it much longer. I reached around & started playing with her ass. She was saying no beacuse of her period. Told her "you're doing someting new, so am I."

I ripped her panties apart & played with her asshole. It must have been a heavy period because I could smell bl**d. That got me more excited. I told her I needed to fuck her. "I need to fuck that bl**dy pussy of your. You got me so horny I need fuck you now." I started ripping the rest of her panties off while she sucked my dick & fingered my ass. I almost came in her mouth. I got up quick & told her to bendover. She said she wanted to get on the floor. She didin't want to "mess up" her bed. Soon as she got on the floor, I slid right into that pussy.

I have to say, it smelled. But MY GOD, she felt so good. You could hear the splatter as we fucked. She was just so wet & messy. Every time I looked down, her ass was turning red. I was so excited I knew I was ready to cum. I grabbed her hair & told her "I'm gonna cum deep in your pussy. You want me to come in you." She started shout "yes. Fuck my pussy. Fuck me till you cum. I want to feel your hot goo inside me."

I fucked her a little longer when she looked at me & said, "You fucked "K----", now you fucked me, or you going to fuck "L----" aswell? Are you going to fuck "L----" & tell me whose pussy is better?" That did it. When she started asking if I was going to bang her other daughter I lost it. I shot my cum deep down in her pussy. It felt good to empty my balls in my mother in law. We both stayed there moaning as we both came.

As we laid on the floor in her "mess", I told her we need a shower & she need to open her window. Long story short, we showered together. Cleaned up "her" mess. Made out a little bit more & I left. As I drove home I just couldn't believe I fuck someone who was on their period. I've fucked my wife & ex's when they were just about done, but never in the middle of it. Might have to wait till my mother in law is on hers again & get messy.
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2 years ago
loved it
3 years ago
good fucking story
3 years ago
I'm a lot like your MIL, I get so horny on my period. I love to fuck then