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These stories I'm telling you have happened over the past several months or so. My mother in law & I are starting to "get to know each other." So I'll be posting some of those adventures here & there. She has no clue I have this page here & that I'm showing some of her pics. I've been wanting to tell someone about her for awhile. So..... heres another one.

This happened several weeks ago. My mother in law called & asked if she could pass by & drop off some things for my wife. Told it sure. Didnt really think anything of it since my in laws pass by every other week. Everyone knows that on fridays I'm usual be myself. Wife is working. I heard my mother in law pull up in the drive way. Opened the door & went to help her out. She had some bags & other things.

Went inside to put them in the living room. Asked her if she wanted some water. She said no saying she had to use the restroom. No big deal. I was putting things in the kitchen when I heard her come out. She started talking about every day things. Having to go home & clean. Going out of town this weekend, & so forth. I had my back to her putting stuff in the cabinets, when I heard her say "Since were going out of town can u pass by & check on the house. Probably going to be a long weekend & I was wondering if you thing my husband would like this outfit." I turned around not really expecting what I saw. She stood there in these black "fuck me" pumps & this black lacy push up bra that had her cleavage looking ready to explode.

I told her "I dont know about him but its working for me." She started to explain she "needed" to try them out to make sure they worked. They were working alright. She could see the bulge in my shorts getting bigger. Started saying that that the reaction she wanted. She walked over and started to undo my short. She pulled my dick out & started stroking him. She had this death grip on it. As we started kissing I had to garb that hot mature ass of hers. It still felt so firm and tight. You could hear her let out this little moan & she just smiled. She asked me what I wanted her to do. Told her the truth, said "I want you to take all my cock in your mouth."

Like on command, she dropped to her knees & put my dick in her mouth. So warm & wet. She was sucking on the head while she took off my shorts. All of a sudden she went crazy. Just sucking & licking. You could hear her slurpping it up. My god, THIS is my mother in law. O shit. I looked down & still couldn't believe she was sucking my dick. She starting gagging on it. So I put my hand behind her head to help her out. She kind of freaked out a little when I f***ed her down. She took my dripping cock out & was gasping. Told her "I'll do whatever you want so....why not do the same." She looked up at me & called my an ass as started up again. You could tell it all started coming back to her. She was like a pro. Almost spunked right there.

She got up & said my turn. Grabbing my hand we went upstairs. I just keeped looking at her ass as we walk up the stairs. Told her to stop. "I have to do this. Knee down & bend over." As she did, I spread her ass cheeks. Sniffing her old asshole was making me so wet. I spit on that tight hole & just licked it up. She was moaning & started twitching as I ran my tounge in her asshole. I kept asking her if her husband ever did that. She kept saying no. That she loved it. Not to stop. I couldn't help it & just rammed my cock in her old wet pussy. She just went off. Screaming at me. Yelling not to stop & go faster. I grabbed a hand full of her hair & brought her head back. Told her that her asshole tasted like her daughters. She said we need to get to the bed. Fucked her pussy little while longer then told her to get upstairs. Spanked her ass as she ran up.

When we got there she laid on her back with her legs up & opened. I had to eat that pussy. O my god, she tasted so fucking good. She was so wet I had to get a towel to dry my face off. I gave her a kiss & told her if she liked the taste of her own pussy. She just smiled & nodded saiding "put your dick in me. Fuck me because my husband wont. Make me feel like my daughter does." Man. I started pounding that wet mature cunt. I was getting so turned on knowing that I was fuckinng my wifes mother in our bed. She was just moaning & screaming. I figured it worked the last time so..I grabbed a pair of my wife underwear from the floor & told her to put it in her mouth. Right before she did I said, "she was wearing these last night as I fucked her. Now put your daughters cum soaked thong in your mouth." She just stared in my eyes & opened wide.

I fucked her so hard my pelvis started hurting. For being in her 50's, she was really felxable. I know because I put her knees by her ears. I started to tell her I was going to cum. She just looked at me & started moaning through the thing. I quickly grabbed them & she stroked me off on my wife underwear. I dont know how loud I was but, FUCK it felt so good. I told her "be a good dirty slut & a nice mommy & suck the cum off your daughter thong." she just looked at me licking every drop. I told her she was bad.

She got up saying she had to go but thinks the outfit will work. I just laid on the bed as I heard her get dressed & leave. I really didnt know what to think. Was I the one having fun or is it her. I looked at the thong & just thought, "damn, thats my nasty mother in law for you."
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Very very hot!
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Hope you get the photos of her soon.

I think she is hot. Makes me want to cum to Texas to try her pussy as well. YUMMO
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Very good
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really good story .keep going