Dirty whore

Like I said, my mother in law has some hugh tits. Ever since she caught me jerking to her panties, she wants to fuck more & more. I really dont mind. She has a tight pussy. HUGH tits. "Had" a tight ass. We have had fucked several times now. This nice, sweet woman turns out to be a little nasty whore. Just my kind of woman.

My wife & I pass by a few weeks ago just to say hi. Everyone was outside when my mother in law asked if I would help her with somethings in the back room. Told her sure. Dont mind helping out. She was wearing this low cut sun dress. As we went inside, I grabbed her ass & told her I was thinking of her last night. She said the same thing.

We got to the laundry room & starting makeing out. She said we had to be quick.
She took off the dress & was only wearing her red laced size 44 DD bra. I was hard in an instant. I bent her over the washer & started licking her little asshole. She started moaning so i grabbed a pair of my father in laws dirty underwear & stuffed it in her mouth. Told her she need to save that moaning for our next adventure. She just gave me a dirty smile. I got her pussy wet just by licking her little shit hole.

As I slide my cock into her I said we need to hurry & thig was going to be quick. I started bang her hard & fast. I took her titis out of her bra & could see them bouncing away. You could hear them hitting the washer every time I thrust in her. Told her when I cum shes going to have to swallow it so no one will know what we just did. She just nodded her head.

I started whispering in her ear about what a dirty cunt she was for fucking her son in law with her husbands dirty underwear in her mouth. Asked her if she enjoyed the dick that fucks her daughter. I could tell she started cumming when I said that. I told her I can hear people in the other room. Asked her if she felt like a whore doing what we were doing. She just turned & shooh her head. She spit the underwear out & said she wants to taste my cum. She said she was going to kiss my father in law right after we done so he could taste another man cock in her mouth.

I couldnt help it after that, I pulled out & told her to get on her knees. She stroked me off as I came in that whores mouth. I tryed not to moan but its really hard not to when you feel the way sucks a dick. After I shot it in her I told her to open her mouth. All I saw was a mouth full of cum. I grabed her ass as I brought her toward me. I tole her "swallow my cum & go give your husband a kiss." You could tell she swallowed before cause she had no problem gulping down mine. She said we need to get back. She put her dress on but left her tits out. She knew I want to see them before she left.

When we got back outside, my father in law asked how it went & if we got everything. All I thought was yeah she it it all. She gave him a kiss & sat down. You wouldnt even have known that we just went inside fucked. Started to get the feelings like when my wife & I first started dating. Going to her parents house & stepping insdie to "help" her with something. Aaaaaahh, I really like my mother in law...
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1 year ago
That is one hot story man and I love how she kissed her husband after y'all did that so hot
2 years ago
3 years ago
Mmm you're a damn lucky guy with an in-law like that!;)
3 years ago
your mother in law wanted to eat your ass..........next time let her..........Sweet
3 years ago
3 years ago
Love you Mother-in-law stories
3 years ago
Mate love your stories and your Mother-in-law is hot saw the photos of her chest YUMMO.
Keep up with fucking her and write more soon.
Can friend me so I can keep checking for new ones.
3 years ago
nice, lucky guy