Caught by suprise

I always had a thing for my mother in law, even before my wife & i got married. My mother in law is a nice soft spoken woman. She's in her early 50's, about 5' 4". Nice body, brown hair & a HUGH set of tits. I would always catch myself staring at her cleavage. I always wondered how big her nipples were. & if she shaved her pussy. day I found out.

We would always go to her house at least once a week. Always checking to see if i could get shot of her tits or make out her panty lines. About a month ago, I told my wife I was going to get the tile cutter at her moms house. I knew her parents were out of town...... So I thought.

As i pulled up to the house I noticed my mother in laws car was there. Didnt think much of it beacuse they have several cars. I went to the back to go get the cutter when I saw her some of her panties & bras drying on top of the deck. I couldn't help myself, I went over to touch them. Then I said, fuck it, I'm going to go through her dirty clothes to find the good panties.

I went upstairs to her room & found the hamper with all those nice, musky, dirty panties. Before I knew it, I was naked on her bed stroking the biggest hard on I had in a long time. I was sniffing these red lace ones that were still warm & damp when I heard my name. I got so scared when I looked up & saw my mother in law walking out of the shower with a towel wrapped around her.

I flipped out saying I was sorry & knew I shouldn't be doing this. My hard on was gone.I felt myself turning red & was thinking o FUCK! What she said next caught me so off guard, she said it was ok. She said that she always saw me looking at her but never said anything because it made her feel good. She would wear low cut outfits because she would see me looking at her.

I thought this would be the perfect time, since my clothes were on the floor by her feet, I said that I always wanted to see her naked. She looked at me & opened her towel. She has the biggest set of tits I have ever seen. Bigger than my wifes. & her pussy was completely shaved. I cupped her tits in my hands & buried my head in between them. My dick got so hard again. I started sucking on her nipples & stroking myself. I had a hand full of her ass when she said to lay back. With my dick in her hand, she said she hadn't sucked dick in a long time & hoped that I would enjoy it. I told her you never forget & that she could pratice whenever she wanted to. Her mouth felt so warm. I could feel her tounge on the bottom of my shaft.

She must of sucked my cock for 10 minutes. During which she said things I never would of expected to hear from her. She wanted to sit on top of me & suck her tits. She said she wanted me to fuck her like a dog. I figured she was in a really nasty mood so I told her she sucks my dick better than her daughter. She stopped & looked at my. I thought it was over right then & there until she said she wanted me to fuck her ass. I had the biggest smile. She said she never had it in the ass & always wanted to try. Said her husband never wanted to. I told her I would. Said "your daughters ass seems to love it, think her moms ass will too."

She climbed on top of me & fuck me like we had always been together. Her pussy was suprising tight. Told her. She said she doesn't have sex alot & that since her husband was the one out of town, she was going to get her moneys worth. Her tits were hitting my in the face when she started cumming. I pumped her harder & faster as i grabbed her ass. I started to finger her asshole, when she said she was cumming again. At that point I put two fingers in that tight brown hole. We fucked like this for a little longer. When I told her I wanted to fuck her ass, she jumped off & got on all fours. I stared at her wet pussy and fingerd her ass as I jerked my dick. I started licking her asshole & she started moan. Loud. She was pushing my face in ass. I'm suprised I didnt cum. She was so fucking hot & nasty.

As I pushed dick in her ass I could tell she started crying. She felt so fucking good I didn't want to stop. So I grabbed her by the hair & pulled her up. I told her "your daughter didn't cry when I fucked her ass. So u better not." She tryed holding it in as I went balls deep in that tight old ass. But she soon turned into that nasty whore I liked when I started bang her shit box. She was screaming & cussing up a storm. Telling me to fuck her virgin ass. I started getting really excited when she said " my husband dosen't fuck me like this. Dont you dare fucking stop. Fuck my ass. Fuck it harder." (you get the point) I started saying "you daughter doesn't feel this tight. Fuck my dick. Fuck it like theres no tomorrow." She was bucking like crazy. Cussing at me. Screaming at me. Telling me she wishes her husband fucked like this. Her ass looked so good every time I looked down. I knew I was getting ready to bust one out. Asked her where she wanted me to cum. Once again this quiet, nice woman suprised me saying, "shoot your cum in my mouth. I want to taste my tight ass. I want to taste what my daughter gets all the time.

I grabbed her hips, squated down so I could go deeper in that ass & just fucked the shit out of her. I grabbed her hair & pulled her head up & said "your alot tighter than your daughter. Maybe I should fuck your other daughter & see whos the better fuck." I could in her eyes this was turnig her on. Told her she better get ready for my shit covered dick. Soon as I said that, I had to pull out. She got to the floor. I put my cock in her mouth & shot the biggest load that I have had in a long time. I looked down to see her staring at me as she played with my balls. She had taking my cock out and stroked every drop out. she let it drool out her mouth & land on those hugh wonderful tits. She said she was tired & layed down. I layed next to her & rubbed my cum on her tits. She said she was glad I pass by. Told her I'm glad I came up to sniff your panties. Told her I'll be thinking of her the next time I fucked my wife. She said that my father in law was going to be away for two weeks. Looked at her & said that she better rest then. Said I'll be back in a few days if she wanted.

She said she knows shs shouldn't but she enjoyed being nasty. Told her "next time, I'm cumming in your pussy." She just smiled. Think I'll go "borrow" something tomorrow.
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2 years ago
Wow what a cine this was so fucking hot thanks
3 years ago
Fucking hot. Would love to lick her shit hole after you were done fucking her v
3 years ago
great story
3 years ago
3 years ago
outfuckingstanding story keep it up!
3 years ago
Nice read...
3 years ago
I'm as hard as a rock. Please write more on this subject. Thanks
3 years ago
3 years ago
A+ Nicely told
3 years ago
Great story!! Can't wait to read the sequel to this!!