......but my wife is here

jessica is probably the best fuck i have ever had. the shit we do is amazing. the things we do each other is the shit you see in porn. here's one example.......

we work in the same area together so i usually give her a ride home. one night i was driving her home when she started taking off her clothes. in the truck. she asked if i mined. told her hell no, i just didn't want to crash. it was after 1 in the moring when all this was taking place. she sat there buck naked in my truck, on the highway fingering herself. told her i wanted to take her home & fuck her but i realized my wife was home. what she said next blew me away. she said we should go anyway. that it would be fun fucking with my wife asl**p upstairs. well.....what can i say but YES.

as we pulled up in the driveway, i told her to stay there & let me go check. i went upstairs & my wife was asl**p. she had been sick so she was on some meds which kinda knocked her. i moved her just to make sure. yup, she was out. i went back downstairs & waved her inside. this little slut got out of the truck, still naked & walked over to the door. seeing her like that outside really got me going. i told her that my wife was out but we still needed to be quiet. i started getting undressed when she tugged my cock out of my pants. her mouth felt so good wrapped around him. espically with my wife upstairs. we wound up on the couch & she was still blowing me. now. normally i'm about 7 inches, but knowing that my wife was upstairs got me so turned on i grew about another inch or so. jessica could tell, so she sat on me. i think i "bottomed out" in her pussy. she was so fucking wet. she slowly slid up & down on me. then she got really turn on when i asked her how it felt to fuck another dick, espically with her in the other room. she started pounding me. you could start hearing the slapping of my balls on her at the rate she was going. i told her she needed to be quiet. what she said next freaked me out.

i told her that my wife was sick & that her meds knocked her out. she said she wanted me to fuck her in the ass upstars!!!! i told her no because i didn't want to get caught. well....one thing lead to another & we were walking upstairs. i went in first just to make sure my wife was still asl**p. she followed me in & got on all four next to the bed. i licked her asshole. got her lil butthole sloppy & ready when she stood up. went to my side of the bed & climbed on it. i was so fucking turned on that i almost came. she put her ass up & her head down. then....she reached back & spread her cheeks. i got right behind her & slid in her shitbox. her ass always felt good but, it felt so fucking good. dirty. nasty all at once because my wife was right there. i started sliding in & out of her. all 7+ inches stretching out her asshole. even though i wasn't pounding her ass, it felt so good. i told her i was getting reay to cum. she looked back at me & asked how it felt fucking another woman in front of my wife. that did it.

my wife was no more than three feet away from us when i shot a hot load of my creamy white spunk in her lil pink asshole. i held on to her hips as i looked over at my wife and dropped ounce after ounce in jessicas ass. she looked back at me & just smiled. then, out of nowhere, she put her fingers on my wifes crotch. i looked at her stunned. she just smiled as i slid out of her. we went back down stairs. i got dressed & told her that tomorrow i would have to clean out the truck because i still had to drop her off & now my seat would be covered in cum that was leaking out of her ass.

......i love fucking this woman.
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5 months ago
I love to fuck ass!
6 months ago
next time let her lick the wife's pussy while you take her ass