Well thanks to the wonderful world of facebook I was able to reconnect with an old friend I went to school with, she was living in Puerto Rico, and she invited me down to visit, It wa several months before I could make it but eventiually did, she had a beautiful place not far from thew ocean, we spent the first few days together, sight seeing and getting very well reaquainted, but on the third day she had to go to work, I told her I wanted to work on my tan but was hoping to avoid any tan lines, she told me of a very secluded area she goes to, she told me she has never seen another person there, she drew me a little map and gave me the keys to her moped and I was set,
It was about a 20 minute ride but it was beautiful so I didnt mind, had to walk about a 1/4 mile to the spot but found it easily enough, not the nicest beach but was definatly well secluded with large bushes to one side and rocks to the other,
I was still a bit nervous so layed out my blanket put on my ear plugs and a few tunes , decided just to go topless to start, it was an odd feeling, I had never been topless in publuic before even though it was a very private spot, lathered my self up with some oil and I was set,baked both side for a bit and thought what the hell, so I took off my bottoms, why was I so nervous, nervous yet a bit excited as well, but closed my eyes to enjoy every minute,
I must have dozed off for a bit because I awoke and there was a boy and his dog standing about 15 feet from me just staring at me, how long had he been there, he smiled and waved and then walked away, good thing I was laying on my tummy. OK not so secluded I thought but no harm done lol, should I put my bikini back on, should I leave,
Im here now , get a bit more sun and leave, so I rolled over to tan my front, put on some more tunes and watched the waves roll in, it was so relaxing I dozed off again.
This time I awoke but to different circumstances, I was shocked to see the boy again but with several of his friends with him, all standing around me , looking down at me, i went to grab my bikini and put it on but one of them yelled No and flashed a knife , are you k**ding me I thought, I reached for my bottoms and all at once the all grabbed me holding me down, I felt hands all over me, some were grabbing my boobs, some my legs, one rubbing my tummy, I felt my legs pulled apart and then on my pussy, rubbing me, then a finger inside me,
Should I fight, scream, try to get away, I couldnt do any , Im a small woman, I couldnt get away, no one would hear me, i just closed my eyes realaxed and thought, have your way boys,
No sooner had I thought that than one of them was laying on me then with one push he was inside, i felt a wave of heat go through me, it had been so long since I had been fucked, but this way? They really were inexperianced, gropping and grabbing, the guy on top of me came quickly, he pulled out, and yes I wanted another, if this was going to happen im going to enjoy it, I didnt have to wait long, another was on top of me quickly, after him another, I looked around and the boy from earlier with the dog was standing and watching, I waved him to come over to me, he seemed shy but did, I grabbed his shorts and pulled them down, all the time another guy was getting in position in front of my pussy, and then shoved his cock deep inside me, with that one stroke it hit me and sent me into an orgasm, afetr I stopped shuttering I was filled with another load, I qiuickly got to my knees and shoved my ass towards the guy with the dog, reached under and grabbed his cock from between my legs, rubbed his cock along my pussy and then moved it up to my ass as I pushed back, feeling him enter my ass, this sent me into another orgasm and the other guys started to cheer, he pushed hard ,started fucking my ass but couldnt last long and came inside my ass, I was really loving this, I needed this, as soon as he pulled out another guy took his place and slid into my ass, and the last guy came up to my face and I took him in my mouth, he grabbed my long hair with both hands and started fucking my mouth, he had done this before im sure, as he started cumming in my mouth it sent me into another orgasm and the guy behind me filled my ass one more time, then in a flash they all ran off leaving me well spent, it was quite an afterneen, I got my things together went back to my friends and had a nice long shower, and look no tan lines.
Spent the next day shopping and chilling but decided the next day to go back to the beach, not sure what to expect, but to my suprise and pleasure the guy with the dog came around, he seemed very nervous to see me, I motioned him over, he knew a little english so I told him to sit and that everything was Ok, I enjoyed it, he seemed to relax after that
I took off my bikini top for him and told him he could feel me, of course he did and I could see a tent growing in his shorts, I told him I would like if he sucked my nipples, and he did as I asked, it felt amazing, I rubbed his leg, going higher until I rubbed up to his balls, undid his shorts and grabbed his cock, I told him to lay down and I rested my head on his tummy, licking the head of his cock, then sucking him in deep, sucking hard on his head until he came , I sucked every drop out of him,
I layed back, and asked him to pull off my bottoms, after that I told him he can explore my body, touch and look where he wants, of course he went strait to my pussy, I spread my legs fo him, I was already very wet, he poked and probed until I noticed he was hard again,I wanted his cock in me so bad, I told him to lay on top of me, I love that position, feeling the weight of a man on top of me, I reached down ,grabbed him and guided him inside, I wrapped my legs and arms around him and held him tight against me, telling him "fuck me baby fuck me", he started pumping, faster and faster, i just kept saying "fuck me ,fuck me please, use my pussy for your pleasure, fuck me ,fuck me,", then he exploded and I did to, we both come very hard, I wanted more but he just said he had to go and off he went,
I never did go back to that beach, I had a great memory and want to keep it that way

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2 years ago
great story. i'll be back, need to wank 1 real quick, :)
2 years ago
awesome story, you always make me rock hard with your writing. You definitlly have a talent for writing stories and I'm really looking forward to read some more, hope you'll write more!
2 years ago
You definitely write great stories.
2 years ago
Very hot story!