Bus stop

it felt like the hottest day of the summer, Lori had been out in the yard tanning but after about an hour she had to go in,she looked amazing in her bikini for a 40 year old woman, she kept in shape,sure she had a few extra pounds but she wore it well, she was 5-7 with long black hair, dark eyes and full red lips, her breasts were full and still quite firm, a nice d-cup with dark brown nipples, she had a flat tummy and a nice round ass, not having c***dren was definatly beneficial for her body in these years, she decided to go layin a cool tub to cool off and relax, it was very refreshing,
when she got out she noticed it had clouded over and a bit of a breeze came up so she decided to take her little dog for a walk, she quickly got dressed in a pair of shorts and threw on a light ,white cotton top and opted out of wearing a bra, the top was loose enought to hide that fact
they went for quite a long walk about 3 miles from home she noticed the sky starting to darken and the wind picked up, in no time the sky was black as she started back home, it was one of those flash storms that comes out of no where, the skys opened and it started raining, in no time it was pouring very heavily, she was getting soaked,
she spotted a bus shelter and knew she needed to find refuge,the lighting and thunder were deafening along with the rain, she fianlly made it to the shelter, she wasnt suprised to see 3 teens with skateboards also hiding from the rain, which was now turning into hail.
"are you Ok, " one of them asked
"yes Im fine, that came out of nowhere didnt it"
they jusyt nodded, she stood there facing them, they kept glancing at her ,up and down, "I must look a mess she thought" then she looked down at herself, her top was soaked and clinging to her, perfectly outlining here breasts and her nipples were showing through, she blushed and turned away from them and crossed her arms, she heard a comment over the rain but wasnt sure if she heard right "nice ass" was what she thougt, but they wouldnt be so rude would they.
then one of them moved and sat in the corner beside her so he could look at her front, she looked at him and his eyes were fixed on her tits, she felt uncomfortable but there was no way she could leave, the rain seemd to be getting worse
"are you cold " he asked
"no Im fine thanks"
"you look cold"
"no really Im not, why do you say that"
"because your nipples are sticking out"
she felt the heat rush to her face as she blushed again, she didnt want to look down ,she was to embarassed, she just turned her head and looked away
she heard them all laugh, she wished the rain would let up,
then as she was looking away she felt something brush across her nipple,she quickly looked over but saw nothing, she looked away agin and felt a tug on the bottom of her top, she looked back and saw nothing, the guy wasnt even looking at her, then she felt someone grab her ass, as she turned around one of the others had moved closer to her
"look you guys, please behave "
"or what"
"im asking nice Ok, "she was hoping her plea would have an effect
"if you stand with your back to the glass facing us and your hands at your side we will behave"
wow she thought, these k**s have guts, she thought about leaving but it was now hailing very hard, she just couldnt,
she turned slowly, put her hands by her side and leaned back on the glass,and looked up at the ceiling, trying to ignore that they were staring at her.
Lori had never felt so on display, never felt so trapped,
then she heard noise and looked, they were all standing right in front of her, one of them reached for the bottons on her top
she went to grabs his hands when the other 2 each grabbed one of her hands, she started to struggle, they all gabbed her and pushed her to the door, pushing her body out while still holding her arms, she felt the sting of the hail as it hit her body,she f***ed herself back into the shelter
"ok what do you guys want"
"we want to see you naked"
"no way. ill take my top off but thats it"
they let go of her arms and stood back to watch her, she started to undo the buttons, slowly showing more cleavage, then her tummy, she looked up at them and they were all staring at her tits in anticipation, she pulled her top open for there viewing pleasure
"do I need to take it right off" she asked
"fucken a" was the only response she got
she remaved the top and dropped her hands to her side,letting them look, making a mental picture for when the jerk off that night,
One of them reached and grabbed her tit, she went to grab his hand but very quickly one of the others grabbed her arms and had them held behind her imediatly the other 2 started groped her tits and nipples, what could she do, she couldnt fight them, she couldnt leave, she had to fulfill ther adolescent desires
there hands were all over her, her tits, tummy, down her legs, between her legs, she had to fight the feeling but she was becoming aroused, then she felt her shorts being pulled down and a finger was soon in her pussy, she instictively spread her legs, feeling violated yet turned on at the same time
she was moved to the bench and layed on her back, she looked and one of them was removing his shorts,
"wait,ill give you all blowjobs Ok"hoping this would stop them
" haha yea right"
then he layed on top of her, and pushed himself deep inside her,he was fucking her hard and fast, she noticed one of the others had grabbed some of her hair and was jerking off with her hair wrapped around his cock, the one fucking her grabbed her boos and yelled " Im cumming" as he let go inside her, she felt the heat inside as he pulled out, just as quickly the one that was using her hair was on her, fumbling and poking to find his way inaide, he pushed and he was in, he was much thicker as she felt her pussy stretch, he was obviouslty experianced as he fucked her fast then slow, then it hit her an orgasm was building, she started cumming, at the same time he started cumming as well,pushing his cock as deep as he could,
after he pulled t they told the third guy
"get up there and get some
" I dont want to lose my virginity like this"
"yea you do"
he thought for a second and lowered his shorts, Lori was laying on her back with her legs apart, no sense fighting, its going to happen, she reached between her legs and wrapped her fingers around his cock, looked into his eyes,
"fuck me baby, Ive never had a virgin"
she guided him as he pushed forward,she felt him enter, as soon as he did she had another orgasm, the idea of taking his virginity was to much for her,she wrapped her legs around him, and he came, she pulled him deep,
on cue the rain let up, and they were gone, leaving her there to get herself dressed
she started waliking home, she put a hand in her pocket and pulled out a paper, it said "thanks, your hot, if you want to do that again email me"
she put the paper back in her pocket and walked home with a little smirk
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