new feelings part 2

Jan hadnt heard from Billy in over a week, was he embarrassed, just wanted to fuck her once, scared, she had no idea but didnt feel it was right for her to contact him either, so she had a normal week,stayed off omegle and did some major house cleaning to keep her mind off things, her and Bob fucked a couple times but still the ussual,she would play with his cack to get him hard, suck him for a few minutes, she would roll on her back, he would mount her, fuck for a few more minutes until he came and then roll off her and fall asl**p, for many years she had accepted this was her sex life, but now her mind was wondering to much, whenever she was out , whomever she talked to or how old, she wondered what it would be like to have them fuck her.
Monday morning she found herself alone in the house and decided to go on Omegle again,she really did love watching all those cocks,it was the typical routine, nice cock, show me your tits until they would cum, very little for conversation.
she came across a man sitting topless, she could see a very muscular chest,so she decided to talk,
"hey how are you" she asked
" great now and you"
"really good, my names jan"
" hi Jan Im doug, where do you live"
"its a small town you probably never heard of it, general city, washinton state"
"are you k**ding ,I live an hour from there"
Jan wasa little set back but the chances of knowing him were very slim
"so do you feel like playing" he asked
and he stood and she could see he was naked, his cock was hard,it was very nice, long and cut,
"let me see your tits"
she bent the camera down and lifted her top
" thats a good little slut"
what she thought, what a jerk to talk that way to me, all the other guys were so nice to her
she was about to turn him off when another message came up
"you know your a little whore dont you, thats why your on here"
she had to read it a couple times, she was offended but at the same time she felt a warmth betwen her legs it was turning her on a bit, her nipples began to grow,filling with bl**d she could feel the heat in them as well
"whats the matter bitch, you dont have much for tits but love the puffy nipples"
"thanks I think"
"dont think ,your gonna hurt yourself,just be a slut and let me see what else you have"
"what do you mean" she was almost hypnotised by this
"start by showing me your ass"
this was all new territory for Jan, she had never shown below her waist,but she did as he asked, she stood slowly and turned around, her jeans hugged her ass perfectly,she turned her head to see what he was typing
" good slut, now take those pants off, and your panties too.
she closed her eyes and sighed, undidn her pants and lowered them ,taking her panties down at the same time, standing there for a second before turning to see his comments
"holy fuck bitch, thats the sweetest ass ive ever seen, lucky me to find such a sexy slut today,now bend over "
she hesitated but did what he asked, she bent so he could see her ass and pussy,she was shaking, she was filled with desire, discusted and offended all at the same time
"slip a finger in that pussy, you fucking whore" she couldnt believe she was letting him speak this way to her,but still she slid a hand between her legs and rubbed herself, she was very wet and her finger slipped in easily
"very nice you horny little bitch,I can see how wet that cunt is, you want to get fucked dont you?"
she turned and typed "yes"
" I thought so, theres a campground called millers creek, its about halfway between us, meet me there in 1 hour"
"I dont know"
"be there" and his piture went black and he was gone
She turned off her computer and sat down, "what have i done , what do i do, maybe hes not serios, he wont fuck me there"
Jan was even more confused ,does she go or not, is it safe, she decided it would be an adventure, she left a not just in case" went for a walk at millers creek,shouldnt be long"
on the drive she kept having second thoughts, her brain said no but her pussy said yes, she pulled into the parking lot and it was empty, "OK ill wait 10 minutes and Im leaving, he isnt even going to show up"
within a minute a rusty old pickup pulled in and parked right behind her,was it him, she hadnt even seen his face, he got out and walked over to her, and quickly opened her door,
"I knew you would be here , you looked like you really need some cock"
he grabbed her arm and lifted her from the car, he wasa big man about a foot talled than her
"i could tell you were a dirty little slut the moment I saw you"
" no Im not, I just got caught up in the moment"
he grabbed her t-shirt and lifted it exposing her tits,
"fuck me bitch, you forgot your tits at home" he reached out both hands and rubbed them over her nipples, "shit my son has bigger tits, but those nipples are telling me somthing"
Jan just looked up at him, embarrased by his words
he grabbed her by the back of the neck and pulled her along, down a path to a campsite,
" show me that ass again you cum slut"
she turned her back to him, slowly undid her jeans again and slid them down, why was she doing this she thought, hes so mean to her,
he walked up to her and grabbed one ass cheek in his hand, gave it a squeeze,
"fuck thats nice, take those jeans and panties off"
Jan kicked off her sandles and bent to remove her bottoms, she was left standing there naked from the waist down,he started groping her ass with both hands, sliding a finger along her asshole, then along her pussy, he was very rough,
"you like that dont you, your my little whore now arent you'
Jan whispered a "Yes"
he grabbed her shoulders and pushed her against the end of a picnic table, pushing her forward so she was bent over,he pushed one hand against her back and slid a finger in her pussy with the other, he pushed her legs apart with his feet, then he started rubbing her clit,
"your such a horny bitch, you need a cock so bad, "
his words brought her to her first orgasm, her legs went week as she shook under his touch
in a second he was behind her, dropped his pants and had his hard cock rubbibg along her wet hole
"how many guys have fucked this sweet slut pussy,you bitch"
"just my husband "
"dont lie you bitch"
"no I promise , just him" she had forgoten about billy of course
" get ready for number 2 then"
as he pushed forward, she could feel her lips spread as he entered her,with each stroke going deeper until he was balls deep in side her,all she could do was moan, loving the sensation
he started fucking her faster,long deep strokes, bringing her to another orgasm, she could feel he pussy tighten around his cock
"yes yes yes fuck me"
" dont worry bitch im gonna fuck you hard and fill you with my load,I love your tight pussy, and its all mine from now on"
then reality struck" omg please dont cum iside me, i have no birth control"
"isnt that a shame you cunt,that tight pussy is gonna make me blow"
"please I beg you"
he pulled his cock out, and leaned forward, she could feel the length slide between her ass cheeks,all his weight was on her as he whispered in her ear
"well where the fuck am I supposed to cum then you slut"
"ill suck you ,OK"

I have a better idea'
he stood and started sliding his cock along her ass
"good hes going to cum on my back and ass, " she thought
but then she felt the head of his cock pushing on her ass,
"no no please not that"
he grabbed her hair and pulled ,making her arch her back
"you dont tell me what to do"
he started to push, she felt the pain as she tensed
"relax bitch. did you think i could not have an amazing ass like that in front of me and not fuck it"
he pushed a little deeper, the pain shot up her stomach,she felt like she was going to pass out as he started fucking her ass, going deeper and deeper,he pushed as deep as he could ,grunted and started to cum,the pain subsided abit as his cum lubricated her ass,he continued to fuck her until he went soft and pulled himself out
"that was sweet. and I know you loved it, butI have to go, meet me here in 3 days , same time,your my little fuck toy now"
he turned and left, she could here him drive off as she got dressed, what just happened,
she had alot to think about befor thursday

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