new feelings

Jan was your average woman, and led a simple life, she had just turned 38, married her high school sweetheart, had 2 k**s and was living her dream life, she didnt have to work ,burt kept herself occupied with charities, school her k**s sports,
Now she was also average looking, shoullder length brown hair, dark brown eyes and high cheek bones, she had a nice figure, 5-5, 130 lbs, nice legs and a very nice Bum, however she was very small busted, an aaa cup size, when younger it bothered her but she had grown to accept the fact, but she was either gifted or cursed with very big nipples, often called puffies. when she was aroused they would extend an inch, about the size of a silver dollar around and a dork chocolate brown, she seldom wore a bra around the house and really didnt want to when going out either ,an uncomfortable, non necessesity she thought
On this Day her teeneage son had a friend over and they were having lunch, when she heard a crash ,she went to see what happened and they had knocked a glass off the table
" Ok guys dont move until I get this cleaned up" she grabbed some wrags and knelt down beside her sons friend, she happened to look up and he was staring right down her top,he could see everything, Jan felt a wave of heat run through her, what could she do but continue cleaning and let the boy have a show, luckily the table blocked the view for her son, when she was done she stood and the boy again stared right at her boobs
, she quickly left the room and went to her bedroom, she looked in her mirror and her nipples had grown and were very evident under her tank top,she turned flush with embarassment,
luckily the guys left the house right waay so she could get on with her day, but everytime she passed a mirror, she would bend over in front of it, looking down her own top,she tried on several tops and dresses to see which ones fell away the best
that evening when it was time for bed she was hoping her husband would want sex, now they had a normal sex life for a couple that had been married 18 years, 2 or 3 times a week, the occasional blowjob, pretty vanilla in fact
she spooned up behind her husband, reached around and slid her hand down his pj bottoms,,"" what did I find" she purred as she stroked him slowly, feeling his cock grow in her hands "Jan, I had a terrible day today, Im exhausted, can we get a rain check on this?" with that he grabbed her hand and placed it on his his, " sure bob, whenever you want" " OK thanks babe ,goodnight"
he was snoring in no time, Jans mind was whirling with the days events, frusterated she feel asl**p
The next day she awoke and Bob was already gone to work, she layed in her bed on her back, rubbed her hand along her tummy, then up under her gown across her nipples, she loved having them touched ,even if it was by her own hand, she could feel them grow under her touch, with her other hand she lifted her top away and looked down, seeing her erect nipples, thinking back how turned on she was someone other than her husband had seen them
she slid her hand into her panties across her shaved mound, down along her slit as she let out a little sigh, her finger went deeper , she was already wet,
BANG BANG BANG "hey mom, I need a ride" she was abruptly interupted, Oh shit, her daughter had soccer practice, she jumped up got dressed and off they went
At prctice she was talking with a few of the other moms, one mentioned " last night I caught my daughter on a website called Omegle, she was chatting with guys in her bra", all the other moms seemed shocked but Jan took a mental note of the websites name,

when they were home she was relieved to have some time to herself both k**s were out , she decided to have a look at that website, she was a very curios woman when it came to these things
she found it and started watching, she didnt turn her cam on as she wasnt sure what it was, but one sceen after another was a guy jerking off, occasionally she would see a guys face, and a few women on the site, most would leave right way
a nice looking guy in his mid 20's came, she quickly typed" hi dont leave can we talk?"
"are you a guy or girl?"
"well Im a woman"
" turn your cam on then"
"OH is that why everyone leaves so quick"
"well yea its a cam site"
"ok give me a second"
she played around and managed to activate her cam for him
" wow your gorgeous, where you from"
"thanks Im from Washington state"
so they went on with a bit of small talk, they guy seemed to throw a lot of compliments at her,then out of the blue
"want to see my cock"
she was a bit shocked
"well Ok"
he stood and he was naked from the waist down,stroking his already hard cock,
her husband and her had watched porn but this was the well first almost real cock other than Bobs she had seen
" want to see me cum"
"can you help me"
"how can I do that"
"show me your tits"
"well there not very big"
" I dont care, cmon, show me and Ill cum"
she slowly lowered the cam, feeling very nervous. she lifted her top over her head
" wow. thats hot, love your nipples"
his hand sped up and within 25 seconds she could see him shoot his cum all over his desk, then the screen went black and he was gone,, she put her top back on and gathered herself, she was fascinated, she can make guys cum by them just seeing her boobs, she spent the next few hours in front of the computer, repeating the same thing with one guy after another, she had made over 25 guys cum,all by just taking her top off.
she did this several more days during the week, whenever she had the chance to be alone, it seemed she never saw the same guy twice
but she loved the thought of strange men seeing her, her mind was obsessed with the idea,
the next day she had to do some shopping and carefully picked a top that fell nicely away from her when she leaned over
she walked by a shoe store and noticed a male staff member, she went in looked a few pairs and asked him for the sizes,he sat in front of her and slipped on her first pair, she leaned over to have a look, and adjust them, knowing full well he couls see right down her top, again she felt the heat rise through her body, she looked at several pairs and bent several times, a Man shopping with his wife also stood across from her to get a look,, she bought a pair and left, a few stores later she noticed the married man, but his wife wasnt around"this is fun " she said to herself, bending again looking through some shelves the man was across from her, having a clear view,
she went to try a few things on and asked the clerk if her husband could come in the dressing room, "of course" she walked back over to the man"do you mind if I get your opinion on a few things" "sure" "ok come with me",
he walked behind her not believing his luck, they entered the room and locked it
without a word she lifted her top over her head, he reached out and rubbed her nipples, in no tome they were at there full size, he pinched them and pulled them, he leaned over to suck on one but she moved back
" i want to watch you cum looking at me" " um yea sure, ill do that" he pulled out his cock and started straoking, staring at her engorged nipples, he came very quickly, dropping his load on the floor,
she pulled on her top and they both left the room, Jan went strait home
she was confused, that was so out of the box for her, but she loved it, she kept low for a couple days and eventually went on omegle again
went through a few guys, and came across a cock stroking,
"wait wait wait dont go" he wrote
" Ok can I see your face"
after I cum OK"

"ok cum then"
"can you show mre something"
"I bet I can guess what you want to see"
she lowered the cam from her face to her top,lifted her top to show her belly
"more" he pleaded,
she was learning the art of teasing
she lifted one side above her nipple, holding her top she rubbed it with her other hand, it was growing, she liked what she was seeing as well, it was a nice big very hard cock
"this wont take long she thought"
"show me more"
with that she pulled her top right off, rubbed her hands over her nipples, they were at there biggest now,
"thats awesome" he wrote
she sat there topless watching him for another minute until he came, she was quite suprised at the amount and felt proud of herself
"ok let me see your face now" as she lifted the cam to her own
"your gonna be suprised"
""what do you mean"
he sat and his face came into view, it was her sons freind, the one that looked down her top
" hey dont go , Im sorry"
"please dont tell anyone about this OK"
"I wont its just for me, I couldnt believe when I saw it was you"
"well just dont tell anyone, I have to go"
she turned off the site and closed her computer, thinking, who else has seen me, ,she was feeling very embarassed
about a half hour later the doorbell rang
It was her sons freind, Billy, "Im sorry hes not home right now"
"I came to see you I feel bad a tricked you"
"its ok just please never tell anyone"
"i have to show you something, he pulled out his phone and showed it to her, a video of her was playing, he had recorded the whole incident
"why did you do that, you have to erase it ,please"
"its saved on my comp at home, but ill erase it, I wanted to ask if I could keep it though"
" no pleases it could get me in a lot of trouble, "ok ill get rid of it, but can I ask something"
"what is it"
"can I see them for real"
"I dont think thats a good idea Billy"
billy moved towards her and grabbed her arm, and slid his other hand under her top
"what are you doing"
" I dont think your son or husband would want everyguy in the school to see this"
she was trapped and had no choice
"ok Billy do whatever you want"
he let go of her hand and lifted her top over her head and threw it on the floor, he grabbed at her boobs, roughly groping them, pinching them
"not so rough Billy" "but you said i could do what I wanted"
he grabbed her hand and led her upstairs into her daughters bedroom, " why are we in here, " "cuz this is where I got my first blowjob,me and half the guys in school"
Jan was appaled. "I dont believe you"
he walked around behind her and held her tight , groping her still, at the same time grinding his cock against her wass, "ok thats enough BillY' " "
not even close, "
he grabbed her shorts and panties in one motion and pulled them to her feet, then with his shoulder pushed hes ass as she lost balance and fell to the floor
she was naked laying in front of him,he quickly stripped and she looked up at the cock she had just witnessed cum on cam ,hard as a rock, he grabbed her hand to pull her up but halfway he pushed her so she fell on the bed,he jumped on top of her, he was between her legs before she could react, "ive wanted to do this for so long,all the guys do, everyguy in school talks about fucking you behind your sons back, now Im going to", "Billy please wait, ill give you a blowjob instead"
he pushed forward, she could fel the head of his cock on her pussy, "Billy baby, please dont Ill do anything you want"
he started to push, she could feel her lips parting,the head of his cock spreading her wider,then in one thrust he pushed deep inside her,he was all the way in, but didnt move, a look came over his face he started cumming ,without a stroke, he was done

he quickly got off her, grabbed his clothes and left,
she layed ther bewildered, her pussy was aching to be fucked more,her mind was ashamed

later that day she recieved a text
I"im so sorry, I lost control please forgive me"
"I will when you come finish the job"

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