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OK I havnt written for a while and was debating on writing this but here it goes
I dated a guy a few times ,then one evening I mentioned a band I loved was coming to town but it was sold out, He told me he would see what he could do.
The next night he called and said "I have good news and bad news.Good news is I have the tichets, bad news is I have to go out of town but you can certainly have the tickets"
I was thrilled and really didnt care whether he was going or not, but in short notice I couldnt find anyone to go with me ,all my girlfriends were busy and It just wouldnt be right to go with another guy.
The concert was out doors and it was a a beautiful hot summer night, I wore a pair of shorts ,a sexy bra and tank top and off I went, feeling a little odd going alone but I just wanted to see the band.
The first band was Ok, had a few good songs and at the end of there set a couple pot heads ended up beside me, and offered me a hit, I was hesitant as it had been many years but thought why not, it was nice and mellow and got me in a great mood for the second band
After their set was the band I was dying to see, it was getting late ,around 11, I was kinda wishing my pot buddies would come around again, but to my luck as soon as the band started a guy came up beside me and asked if I wasnted to get high, sure I told him, he handed me the joint and asked me to light it, so I did and handed it to him, he imediatly put it out, I must have given him an odd look because right away he said ,he thought he saw the police
OK I thought ,makes sense,
Well this really hit me I was feeling dizzy and week, I guess I was out of practice, he asked "are you Ok" I didnt want to look like a rookie so I siad "yea Im fine" as I couldnt help but lean against him so I wouldnt fall, he put his arm arounfd me as he did he brushed over my boob, at that point I didnt care I needed the help. everything was spinning and it felt as though his hand that was around my back was also rubbing the side of my boob, I was in bad shape, I could hardly stand " lets go for some fresh air" he said and he helped me through the crowd, I wasnt sure where we were going but ended up in the field where all the cars were parked and he sat me down between 2 cars.
I really didnt know what was going on, I was week, dizzy almost blacking out, he told me " just relax ,maybe this will help" and he sat between me and the car with my back leaning against him and he started massaging my neck, "does that feel better?" "yea a bit thanks" "well lean your head back, that will help to" and he pulled my forehead back so my head was leaning back on his shoulders, then I felt his hand slide down my neck ,to my chest and into mt top,"what are you doing?" I mumbled, he didnt answer and I couldnt even lift my arms , he slid down between my breasts, and into my bra, starting to feel me up. playing with my niples " fuck those feel nice ," then he grabbed me by the shoulders and leaned me forward, I was like a ragdoll, his hands slid up my back, I felt him unhook my bra, grabbed my top and pulled it off along with my bra, he stood up and went to the front of me, grabbed my shoulders and layed me on my back,he straddled me sitting on my tummy I couldnt resist him at all, "Baby those are nice," he kept saying over and over as he played with my tits, pinching my nipples, squeezing them, having his way with them, he would lean over and suck on them then play some more, I was in a daze but my body was reacting " baby your nipples are telling me you are liking this"
Then I felt a hand between my legs, he was rubbing my bare thighs, and between my legs, I let out a moan ,not that I wanted to but that was just how my body was reacting, "baby I could play with your tits all night but I know theres something better for me" with that he got off of me, I could feel him undoing my shorts, then I felt a tug and he pulled them and my panties off together
I was still so week and dizzy, so then he pushed my legs open with his feet, he layed down beside me and lifted one on my legs over his legs,I tried to pull it back but I couldnt,he started sucking my nipples again and as he did his hand went between my legs,rubbing my pussy, his finger started rubbing my clit,then he slid his finger down" wow baby you are wet, you must be loving this" as he slid a finger inside
my body was reacting to the touching and sucking, my head was spinning, confused, wondering if this was really happening, all of the sudden he said" I cant take this anymore" he got up to his knees and undid his pants and pulled out his cock,leaned over my face and started rubbing it on my, all over my face, across my lips, "open your mouth baby" i didnt then i felt him grab one of my boobs,he squeezed it very hard, "open if you want me to stop" I turned my head away" ok then he stradled me again and started massaging both my tits hard, playing hard with them" I wasnt gonna do this but I cant wait" he slid off me, grabbed my legs and spread them layed down on top of me and started to push himself in, "fuck that wet pussy feels good" he entered me all the way" dam, your tight, your pussy feels amazing" I just had to lay there and listen and let him do what he wanted, he was pumping hard, then I felt it,no this cant be happening,my body tensed and I had a very strong orgasm, he knew it to and it immediatly made him cum, " your the nicest pussy I ever fucked" he said he layed on top of me, still inside me, stroking my hair, "baby you know im gonna want to fuck you agin, ive gotten your adress out of your purse, when I come visit, we will fuck wont we" "Yes" was all I could say
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1 year ago
2 years ago
Forget the shaky spelling and the slightly odd syntax.. but wow you can really tell a story which is what good writing is all about.
2 years ago
good story :)
2 years ago
u should write more often
2 years ago