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this is my fist attempt at writting like this, hope its OK ok ,yes this is a true story, I was in mexico a few winters ago and there were some people offering horse rides along the beach, I had never riden a horse but wanted to try after , a few drinks ( gotta love the all inclusives) I approached them, they told me because I had never riden I had to let one of them go with me, I agreed , and off we went ,
The guy that rode with me was younger maybe 15 or 16, I didnt think much of it we rode along and then he turned the horse off onto a trail leading into the brush, so as we were riding he had his hands on my hips, I noticed him sliding them up and down a bit but didnt give it much notice,
I guess I should explain a bit,I was 31 at the time ,i try to stay in good shape running every day, on this day I was wearing my bikini with a t-shirt over top ,it was long almost to my knees so I felt I was well covered.
Now as we rode of course my t-shirt was up because I was sitting, I felt him slide his hands down my waist along the side of my hips and then up again but this time his hands slid under my top and were on my bare skin on my waist, OK I thought ,whats he up to, just a little harmless fun on his part? After all he was quite young, so we plodded along, and he kept sliding his hands a bit higher all the time, If not for the drinks I think I would have stopped him but I was curios to see just how brave he was and what he was up to, just then the horse stopped walking, the boy gave him a kick and i jumped ahead, i went back at the same time he slid forward wrapping one arm around me and his hand sliding to just under my breasts, he kept his hand there and put his other around my tummy, as he got even closer behind me,
Then I felt either a finger or thumb very lightly rubbing the bottom of my boob,and a few light pushes ,he was testing the waters I thought,
OK so how daring and brave is he goiung to be, looking back I should have stopped him but I was still very curios how far he would push it, then both his hands cupped my boobs and gave a little squeeze, I think I went into shock, I was getting felt up by a 15 y/o.
He gave me a couple squeezes and rubbed one hand above my bikini onto my bare boob skin,It was starting to feel nice, that is a weekness for me ,being felt up.
As qucikly as he started he stopped and removed his hand, OK good I thought ,he had his little fun now hes satisfied, but then I felt him slide his hand up my back and in a flash pulled the string on my bikini,now it was loose, both his hand immediatly went back under my top and started caressing my boobs again,this time skin on skin,he was feeling my nipples and playing with my boobs, god it felt nice, a few drinks, the sun shining down the perfect scenario.
I could also feel him wiggling his hips against my ass, Im sure i could feel his cock hard between us, then he whispered , "mucho gracias," I had to let out a little laugh, then he grabbed my top and lifted it, trying to pull it over my head, I didnt want him to do that but he looked around and got a very good look at my bare boobs, now he was getting more aggresive, really feeling me up,pinching my nipples, i was getting very turned on, thats when i did something I shouldnt have ,I reached behind me and slid my hand down his shorts, grabbing his cock, he was rock hard,i started to stroke him , getting faster, not sure how long it was but not long and he grabbed both my boobs hard and I could feel the hot wetness oozing out of his cock,
It wasnt long and we were back at the start, both of us enjoyed the ride, after we got off he pulled me aside, he asked if his friend could see my boobs, he told me they were the nicest he had seen, so i thought why not and lifted my top for his friend, as I was leaving there were 2 young girls maybe 14 getting on the horses with 2 of the guys, OH dear I thought, I hope that goes well,
IM sure they try this with every woman, some go along some dont, IM curios if anyone else had had a similar exspriance id love to hear about it,
88% (38/5)
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2 years ago
realy good
2 years ago
A well written story, with my "paisano" doing what I would like very much to do it. Thanks for sharing.
2 years ago
Very erotic and so well written
2 years ago
Lucky you, i would have probably got a slap trying something like that on when I was younger lol
3 years ago
not bad 5.5 maybe 6 keep trying though practice makes purfect
4 years ago
lol u just got molested by a child haha great story
4 years ago
I love it.
4 years ago
very hot and they were both so lucky to see such a hot sexy older woman
4 years ago
the lucky swine
4 years ago
Just my luck, I already had experience with horses when I went riding along the beach, so off and alone I went. If only I'd have known.
4 years ago
4 years ago
very good
4 years ago
thats hot
4 years ago
nice story well written
4 years ago
very nice