Kandy I have become to know this incredibly hot sexy gurl the dream of my life is unfolding as I collect my baggage at the airport and climb Into a cab to take me over to Kandys residence ,My first time to Germany im thinking dreaming wild thoughts Kandy & the land of super giantess goddess never before have I met some one with super qualities ,super tall over eight feet tall in heels huge massive boobs almost 300 inches at fullest point of her bust arms that look like bands of steel so strong her strength was unbelievable until she showed me the video she made to show her raw strength no human could possibly do what was about to unfold on this video it was a construction site where a large building was being built and there were long concrete piles that had been driven into the ground sever hundred feet and Kandy walked up to one of these piles and wrapped her arms around it clenching each of her hands together around the huge column she bent her powerful legs and with both her legs and arms began to pull the huge pile back out of the ground each time she pulled it up the ground shook like an earth quake dressed in a skimpy dress her huge boobs wrapped most of the way around the giant shaft as it slid up higher and higher like a giantess being tit fucked by a giants cock it looked the whole time Kandy was pulling this several hundred ton shaft out of the ground she looked like it was no effort at all and looked sexy and seductive the whole time till the long pile was completely out by this time her own super sized cock was swollen extra hard and thrusting way out in her skin tight dress and as she lifted the pile out of the ground and tossed it flying through the air ,she then to end the video walked up to the camera and tilted it to look up at her towering over it her huge long cock pulsating and her mammoth breasts heaving her wicked smile so seductive as she began to take long slow strokes on her super sized amazon cock pumping the massive steel hard shaft huge thick veins bulged out ,even her nipples were as big as the average mans cock they were rock hard and standing up to a healthy 8-9 inches with huge puffy areolas as big as the lids off of a trash can her gigantic jugs slapped together with heavy slapping sounds as she stroked her supercock much faster now her massive cum churn balls were quaking and swelling huge till she let out a high pitched roar in orgasmic bliss shooting so much cum on the camera lens that it was like being submerged in a milky blender.
The cab let me out in a down town area as I walked up to the floor of Kandys apartment ,I was getting a bit nervous I worried what if Kandy didn't like me , my hand was shaking like a leaf as I knocked at her door , I waited I thought I was going to pass out I was so scared now ,I heard the sound of heels walking towards the door very heavy steps in heels as they got closer I could almost feel the vibration of her steps in the floor the door opened slowly and I gasped out loud as there stood the greatest being ever the great giantess "Kandy" she had to be no less than eight and a half feet tall wearing the highest heels I ever did see her head almost touched the high nine foot ceiling's in her apartment .
No words were spoken at first she looked me up and down from high above and then knelt down to get a closer look and took a hold of me in her huge strong hands and began to feel me all over ,her big smile that formed on her beautiful face made me feel good ,I thought to my self she must like me or approve she then spoke ,"MY LITTLE BOY FROM CANADA ,ARE YOU ?" yes its me that horny little man after your big strong heart Miss Kandy.
Kandy then lifted me up with one hand and kicked the door shut and said "WE HAVE BOTH BEEN WAITING A LONG TIME TO MEET ,HAVENT WE MY LITTLE MAN " I was blushing as she looked into my eyes holding me in the crook of her strong arm and realizing all shed have to do is flex her great muscles in that arm and it would be lights out ,game over as she could snap me in two just like I was a fly .
Kandy let me down on the floor in front of her as she stood towering over me she looked down at me with a stern domineering look yet seductive all at the same time her gigantic 300 inch bust was thrusting out like gigantic air balloons hovering over my head her super muscular body supporting the gigantic jugs rippling with raw gurl muscles ,you have heard of one having a six pack well Kandy had a twenty four pack rippling abs so much muscle it made me dizzy with lust for her my small 8 inch cock was ram rod hard the second I laid eyes on her great tall form and remained hard
as she looked down at me her own huge monster clitty/cock was rock hard as well and stretched her tight spandex dress out so far like she had a long thick pipe in her dress ,well this long thick pipe would prove to be the longest cock in the world a title that was held until now by a hung man living in NY NY but now Kandy holds the title of worlds biggest cock I watched as it got bigger and bigger as it grew four times its size in just a minute like a huge pole it hovered over my head ,you could make out every detail as by now the material in her dress had been stretched so much it looked translucent the huge pulsating bl**d vessels that were very necessary in supplying the huge bl**d flow required by this super cock of supercocks, the immense uncut head was fully exposed as it pushed the foreskin completely back and a river of pre cum was flowing out and through her dress as she swung the mighty shaft over my head so the juices were dropping on my head this seemed to amuse her as she soon had me soaked with her slick lube juices and bent down to pick me up once again this time she hooked her fingers into my clothes and tore them off and stripped me naked and giggled at my little rock hard cock as it pointed at her it also was flowing my own pre cum as she lifted me up to her lips and sucked all of me into her mouth ,ohhhhhhh it felt incredible as she sucked gently as her suction could be dangerous if she were not carful she had enough suction strength to actually suck my cock out by the root .
It didn't take long for my cum to bolt out of my hard cock it shot out harder than I ever felt it almost had the kick of a shotgun each time I shot a bolt of cum ,it had to be this super sonic amazon she male goddess.
Kandy took me by my hand and we walked it looked like a tall mother holding the hand of her small c***d as we walked she towering three tines my height as she led me to her bedroom I gasped with wanton desire each time she had to bend down to pass through a door fucking super tall amazon Kandy makes me so horny,as he entered her vast bed room chamber she sat down on the biggest bed I ever had seen she lifted me up so I was standing on her thighs in front of her as she sat ,her back against the wall standing I was now face to face with Kandy as she pulled my face in close to lock her lips over mine as we began to kiss deep and wet our tongs did a wild tango hers was the dominant one thrusting in my mouth it would plow mine over my tong would try to push hers but she just would crush mine as hers was much bigger ,longer and stronger as it invaded my mouth and throat sliding deep into me seducing me more and more my cock was like a steel bar vibrating with more pleasure than it ever knew ,Kandys own gigantic rod was also hard as I felt it pushing me as it was standing tall and rock solid proud hard behind me as I was kissing her sexy lips ,I turned to face the biggest cock in the world as it stood up a bit longer than I was tall a huge tower of steel hard sexy flesh filled with sexy huge veins the mammoth head flared wide like a giant dome on one of those Indian temples in the far east ,Kandy pushed me into her huge cock and said "MAKE LOVE TO ME LITTLE BOY " I did as I was told only because I love Kandy more than any one ,and I wrapped my arms around her huge giantess supercock and began to rise and fall on her huge shaft making love to Kandy pumping her great long sex cannon my own cock was trapped next to her huge giant cock as I thrust my cock into the huge shaft of hers as I stroked her shaft with a feverish speed ,I then climbed up her cock till I could get my face into the bubbling stream of pre-cum that was boiling out like a spring I lapped up as much of it as I could , Kandy was moaning very loud so loud the Nabors below her banged on the ceiling and uttered some thing in German to her she just answered by slamming her powerful leg crashing her foot through the floor and basically told them they had better leave their apartment for good because if they were still there when we stopped our love making she would come down and kill them.
She said "HOW DARE THEY INTERUPT ME WHITH MY NEW TOY" I could feel her atomic orgasm slowly building deep inside m sexy giantesses huge hulking body as i began to work my tong harder than ever before lapping up so much of her juice she began to moan and groan then Kandy leaned forward and enveloped both myself and her huge cock in her tits and thrusting me up and down in her huge tits I was part of her self tit fuck incredible this was as she screeched loud as her cum rocketed out of her cock the strong f***e of the blasting cum stream snapped my head back the cum shot out with stinging f***e more f***e than a water jet that cuts steel her cum cut a hole through the upper floors above the cum filled her entire building flowing out the windows and down the stairs to the street where it flowed out there.
God I love you my super giantess Kandy Muahhhhhhhh xoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox
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7 months ago
wow you don't read one like this everyday, very inventive! thanks for sharing.
7 months ago
what an incredible story