Mmmmm I can feel it now as Rocky still has my throat full of his gigantic huge cock as he caries me over to the bed his giant form toweres over the bed as he dropes down to his knees and slides his huge cock out of my mouth and lays me on my back on the bed he lays the gigantic long shaft overtop of my body sliding the shaft up over my stomach through my cleavage up till the head is resting on my lips ,im trembling with both fear and anticipation my tiny virgin pussy is spasming waiting for it to happen his giant of a cock the head bigger than a g****fruit is leaking bits of cum from the last load he unleashed deep in my throat rubbing the gigantic head all over my face he smiles down at me ,his little sex doll ,sex toy and says "That's my little angel ,lick Rockys gigantic cock ,make me good and wet for your pussy ".yesssss my little tong is scooping into the huge slit in the mammoth head scooping cum that is still flowing from his last atomic orgasm that filled my tummy like with gallons of his hot seed ,and it was still feeding me my own huge clitt was throbbing big for me but tinny next to Rockys 38 inch giant .
The big tall giant stood towering high over me as he stood up to his full height of fifteen towering like the giant he is looking down at me as I fingered my pussy with one hand and squeezing my giant jugs with the other ,he was moaning approval of how I looked and with one hand bent down and wrapped his strong fingers around my waist and lifted me up with ease lifting me over his head he held me high over his head I was almost twenty feet in the air ,it was kind of scary what if I fell "Don't worry my little toy gurl Rocky wont drop you " Rocky then lowered me down to his face and holding me sitting in the palm of his huge hand he began to lick my pussy his big wet thick long tong licking all over my pussy even lashing my little clit with it making it surge with super hardness he darted the tip of his tong into my tiny tight hoe pushing ever so gently at first it felt like a cock trying to enter my pussy slowly it slid into my pussy several inches till he had almost a foot of his long tong in me my cunt was spasming on his tong as he worked it inside my pussy ,I felt it pop out o my pussy just to feel him lower me down till my pussy was being rubbed on by the immense head of his gigantic cock he took me in both of his hands to steady me for the first thrust as he pushed slow at first the gigantic head stretched my tinny pussy as far as it would go and was still very super tight as the massive head entered my pussy brilliant white flashes of light shot through my mind so brilliant the blanked out my eye sight all I could see was the white flashes ,must have been some sort of super mini orgasm so strong that they took over all of me in an instant with each thrust it would boggle my mind,when Rocky was sure I had adjusted some what to the massive girth he then slammed it all the way in ,it was like atomic bombs exploding in my head as the giant tree trunk sized cock opened up my tiny pussy like a freight train The big Rocky express came blasting all the way in it bas buried in me all the way as I spasmed and quaked and quivered on the mighty cock of my dreams he held me tight against his chest my head was in between huge bra cups even bigger than the gigantic N cups I had on as he fucked me his gigantic melons did give me a sense of security they were incredibly huge mountains of tits as ye squeezed them together covering my head all together as he began to fuck my pussy with long slow strokes pulling almost all the way out then sliding it all back in slow at first but rapidly gaining pace till the 38 inch monster was thundering into me ,so hard he was shaking my bedroom as he fucked me like a super sex machine a fifteen foot tall sex machine he
is the huge cock thundering my pussy juice dripping from my now stretched to fit Rocky my giant lover only ,his giant balls bigger than basket balls were over bloated with gallons of hot seed ,Rocky yelled out loud "HERE IT CUMS ANGEL MY CHERRY BUSTING JUICES JUST FOR YOU HUN" and holy fuck did he ever cum gallons of white hot juice seeded my pussy blasting so hard I almost was blasted of the gigantic cock that hat grown to a gigantic 50 inches just at orgasm point it super sized to a gigantic size so long he was now it thrusted me out from between his tits and lifted me right up to his face as the cum was roaring into my pussy he sucked my lips into his mouth and invaded my throat with his foot long tong and fucked my throat as his huge 50 inch cock was fucking his personal fuck toy's pussy still slamming it deep as the huge waves of cum continued to blast out and gush out of my pussy to run like a flooding river to pool at his feet the entire floor had hundreds of gallons of Rockys hot seed all over the floor as it ran down from my over used pussy
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