I have been having this wild hot dream of a friend that lives close to me a great tall CD I know on here and have been fantasizing of him getting much taller :

I see Rocky walking up the walk my huge breasts are heaving in my tight dress as I rub my big long gurl cock in my tight silk panties ,a knock at the door tells me he is here as I open the door he even with out his heels on is much taller by almost six inches his eyes are wide as he takes in my huge swelling chest that looms just below him my big clit is rock hard by now as I watch my friend get dressed he already has his long legs encased in sheer nylon as I drop to my knees and rub his smooth legs and feel his strong powerful thighs and they trapped my hand between them as he looked down at me as I looked up at the huge bulge growing in his panties stretching so huge and fare out thrusting like a lance stretching forth .
Kneeling I began to mouth his great huge cock inside his silky smooth panties I could feel it pulsating on my lips as e moaned my gigantic tits rubbing his thighs as my lips vibrated over his super cock shaft,it was leaking like a river ,pree cum flowing heavy soaking his panties ,I was on fire as much as Rocky was burning hot now ,I needed my giant to hold me and wanted him so tall ver me ,I helped him on with my big 8 inch thigh high boots ,as he stood so gigantic tall over me I looked up in aww as he towered over me now in my big heels his huge cock had sprang out and was ponding hard thrusting out far as I looked way up my huge clit was throbbing madly for him he took hold of my hand and helped me to my feet as I looked up at the giant man towering over me all sexy dressed like me his big bra was in my face as my huge clit started to thrust into his thighs each thrust made me shudder as it was so incredibly erotic feeling his legs in the black nylons as I thrust into his thighs his own gigantic hard cock was thrusting into my stomach and m huge tits mashed against him ,it was then I sensed some thing about Rocky he seemed to be slowly growing taller and taller as soon his big cock was at my big boobs and soon it was at my shoulders also his les were getting much bigger and longer as he grew he stopped growing when his huge now super gigantic cock bulge was just above my head and it was stretching the panties almost two feet out pointing right at my mouth the head was straining in what looked like thin gauze the material was getting so thin Rockys cock head was easily the size of a cantaloupe with gigantic balls like basket balls .
I stood back a bit and gasped out loud as my huge CD friend was now over 12 feet tall and his gigantic bra was even bigger than my biggest N cups and then he flipped his gigantic cock out of his ultra tight panties that were starting to tear it was a sit to be hold as it thrust out right at me a full 38 inches long and thick like a round fence post the huge giants balls as big as basket balls were bloated with gallons of hot cum, with a huge sexy grin on his face he reached down and took a hold of me at my waist and lifted me high over his head "OH MY GOD ROCKY YOU ARE MY DREAM CUM TRUE A HUGE GIANTESS GURL "you just held me with no effort at all with one hand as you stroked my big but tiny clitty and played with my big boobs ,then you lowered my clitty down to your lips and sucked it all in balls and all it fit into my giants mouth nicely your own huge cock was tit fucking me as you held me in your mouth your strong giant powerful hips thrusting into my huge bust sending shock waves through me over and over your huge tower of cock hitting my chin with each powerful thrust crooking m neck to open my mouth as wide as possible to let it enter ,but it only could get part way into me my clitty erected super size the instant you sucked it in iron hard and instant multiple orgasms non stop you sucked so hard my cum just shot strait down your throat like a super sonic vacuumed it all right down your throat your own gigantic cock was leaking a heavy flow of precum you lifted me off and let me down to stand be fore you I marveled at your huge size more than twice as tall as I you held my head with one strong hand my entire head almost fit nicely into the palm of your hand as you dripped your super cock in the other hand and began to f***e the 38 inch monster pushing in so deep into me deeper and deeper you slowly thrust it in till my nose was covered by the biggest balls ever now over filled with cum,so big they were they shut out any light when you held me tight on the end of your huge gigantic cock thrusting strait out you let go of me as your cock held me suspended in mid air you began to tilt it up towards the ceiling holding me on your mighty giant cock shaft and you began to thrust your strong hips and began to bounce me on your cock fucking my face with what could be the biggest cock in the world pounding me like a giant should your huge gigantic balls were so swollen as big as beach balls now over filled with an atomic load of cum ,wow I can see it in my mind now Rocky you the twelve foot giant CD with little busty Angel bouncing on your worlds largest cock like a toy doll till you begin to have your huge atomic orgasm you hold me tight as the gigantic cock swells huge and begins to fire your gigantic load all over me huge torrents of cum blasting out around my mouth tightly sealed to your huge fuck giant your moaning and screaming out loud as your orgasm thunders my throat.

to be continued for you Big Rocky ,Muahhhhhhhh xoxoxoxoxoxooxo

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