"biggest cock in the world"

this huge hung man I watched self sucking one night captured me ,and now will let my wild dream out onto this page :

I was employed by a men's fitness center to be a greeter and to entertain the clientele of this exclusive club for tall muscular and very well endowed men ,that some or all of them had one kink in common they liked to have some thing there boring plain gurl friends or wives could never provide entertainment from a gurl ,t-gurl one with boobs so big it only could boggle the mind how a creature could even exist let alone be in there mind as a wild horny dream cum true.
A new patron had joined this week and my boss wanted me to take care of him in any way I saw fit to make him ecstatically happy I walked over to the huge man as he lay on the bench press lifting a huge amount of weight had to be almost six hundred pounds of iron on the bar as he stared at my huge swelling bust as it thrust out almost three feet in front of me and only with a slight bit of sag.
"well hello I said to the big muscular man as I ran my sharp finger nail across his hard chest raking across his hard nipples his eyes were transfixed to my huge jugs as they swayed in his face my huge long nipples fully erect thicker and as long as a huge cock each nipple dripped juices like a cock dripping pre cum he opened his mouth I know to say high but it just cracked and I smiled at him as he held the huge six hundred lbs of weight in mid air and let one of my dripping nipples enter his mouth and he eagerly instinctively began sucking and he sucked all seven inches of my hard nipple deep into his mouth my warm milk began to gush all the while I stroked his rippling abbs and powerful chest ,I just noticed now the monster bulg in his long sweat pants O M G there was a gigantic pole rising up way down past his knee and as thick as his arm and he could not hide the fact that he had monster huge balls the size od volleyballs bulging tightly swimming with gallons of hot seed, the fluid gushed from my nipple making my little clitty /cock grow hard as a rock as my fingers trailed down the out line of his monster cock tracing the big shaft all the way down to the big head that was way past his knee now.
The giant of a man was so hot & horny now he let the weights fall to the floor and sat up and pulled me onto his lap his huge bulge was crushing my tiny clitty as he held me on his lap he clamped his lips over mine in a tight lip crushing embrace he slid his huge long tong deep into my mouth pushing my tong out of the way as it thrusted deep into my throat it felt bigger than my little clitty, he stood up and towered over me even in my hooker ultra high heels ten inch heels he was a gigantic muscle man and his huge cock was thrusting out huge as he looked deep into my eyes ,once he could tear them away from my gigantic boobs "fuck little gurl your a hot stacked bitch"he said ,that made my clitty so excited it spurted its tiny load in my sexy satin panties over and over it made my knees buckle as he caught me he asked if I was ok "im ok ,I just need to rest a bit and sit down for a while its just that wow your so huge of a man never knew that a cock could get so big " I said to him .
He picked me up in his strong arms and as he carried me over to the sauna room he asked me "just how big are your sexy wonderful huge breasts" 175 inches and growing hun" ,but there is no known cup size as I started out in a tiny little N cup and soon exploded the more I lusted huge cock the bigger my jugs grew and grew and now finding the truly biggest cock in the world im sure one I have mauled it with my lust my big bust line will soar further than ever.
As we entered the sauna we took a seat high up and he let me sit down next to him he asked me to stand between his legs for a moment as he slipped the towel away exposing the huge towering hard cock it took my breath away as it was so big and long it jutted up so high in front of me it was even with my lips as I stood in front of him the huge flaring cock head was waving at me level with both of our mouths just as I leaned forward to kiss the massive cock he did to locking both of our lips on his gigantic cock our tong's lashed out in unison to lick his mighty world class super cock making it slick he then told me to watch what he would do next and my eyes bugged out as his mouth engulfed a good eight to nine inches and he still had over twelve inches between his balls and lips, as he swallowed his own cock my clitty was poking out from my skirt as he wrapped one of his powerful hand s around my hard clitty holding me tightly but not crushing me just a nice squeeze my cum began to rocket into his hand as he smiled sexily as me he stroked my clit as he bobbed up & down draining my hard clitty .
My trembling hands held onto his huge cock omg it is the biggest there is I thought as I stroked the giants huge trunk like cock as he slide I tout to the head letting me stroke his entire length he then pushed the huge head in to my lips and with his and my hands we both stroked the huge cock as I sucked for my dear life the huge balls the size of two volley balls were quite swollen now and very taught ,filled with huge amounts of cum I though as they began to rumble and quake he smiled and chucked at me a bit he had to hold onto me as not to be blasted off his cock it sounded like liquid thunder as his cum blasted up the huge sex pipe of a cock and hit my mouth with so much f***e I could feel his muscles applying more f***e to keep me on the jetting head as it would have rivaled the most powerful fire hose.
the cum flew all over the room leaving all the benches covered in your cum as you took me by the hand and led me to the shower area and we washed together I held your huge cock in my hands even soft it was a gigantic huge cock I walked you to your locker to see you away as you started to change I had this foggy look in my eyes as I could not stop dreaming of your huge cock as I leaned on the front of the locker playing with my pussy thrusting some of my fingers deep inside ,you looked deep into my eyes and could see I was in a deep trance fixated on your huge cock "you slut cant get enough can you" you then lay me out on the bench and began to eat out my wet tight cunt licking it making it nice and wet slathering your tong deep inside pushing first your fingers then your whole fist that made me so horny I began to buck and wreath on your thick fist ,pulling it out I felt your massive cock head pressing up to my tiny hole it shuddered in fright at first but as you rubbed it my cunt loosened up a bit more and let the head in as it began to ease its way into me slowly thrusting more and more you gradually filled my entire pussy so full its hard ness lifted me up off the bench and held me with you you stood up and hugged me tight as you began to thrust the biggest cock in the world deep into my virgin boipussy pumping as you sucked on my gigantic jugs sucking my big nips as you hammered my ass hard filling me with more cock than any man on earth has or will have.

to be continued -you the readers let me know if it should be
45% (8/9)
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9 months ago
what's the matter you have no imagination ,never said they were true ,is that what your about knocking other one ideas
10 months ago
this is one fantastic erotic and sexy story made me cum all over myself hope you write the next installment soon
11 months ago
Thanks for your comment ,yes I lack in the grammar & punctuation skills but I do get my thoughts out the best way I can ,if you have any fantasies you have let me know am sure I can generate some thing from my pornographic mind
11 months ago
content was good overall, but lack of punctuation made it hard to read. Also, you switched "voices" going from "his" to "your" which also confuses the reader as to just what audience you writing for. But the content was good, thanks for posting!