long arm of the law

i used to work at a famous stately home and if u knew where there was a very isolated car park. anyway living at home with my parents after dark i was a regular vistor to the car park. one time i was having sex with my then boyfriend in the car and i was sure we were being watched and i kept saying so to the guy and he kept looking round and saying no there wasnt. anyway the second he starts cumming in me theres a knock on the window well steve(then boyfriend) has to finish what hes started and once he has he pulls out of me im lying there legs spread cum dribbling out of my pussy the car door opens and theres 2 coppers stood there wanting to know what we doing on private property. they ordered us to get out the car as theyd had reports that thieves were planning to raid the house that night and i had to get out naked in front of these 2 cops as im hastily pulling my clothes on i can see one of the cops has quite clearly got spunk on his trousers

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2 years ago
what happened next...was it your bf's load or had he been wanking!?
3 years ago
nice more details