The Poor girl and the King and Queen.

King Dong was a good man and loved his life, he lived in a beautiful house in a country far far away with his Queen and two pretty princesses and it was there that a young woman entered his life, she was poor and dressed shabby unlike Queen Kay who always looked imaculate in her clothes both her outer wear and underwear, but when King Dong saw this begraggled woman he fell in love with her, so much so that when she told him she was a lesbian the King promised his Queen to her, 'use her for your gratification' he told Rachael, 'and in return all I ask is that when you are finished with her you come to me and let me be your master' that was the deal, Rachael wanted that deal she wanted the beautiful Queen, she wanted to open those royal legs and go down and lick, kiss and suck the royal pussy, she also wanted the Queen to do the same to her, 'what will you want from me in return' Rachael ask King Dong, 'in return for my Queen you will obey my every sexual demand' he said, 'and if I refuse' Rachael asked, 'then I shall beat you with my whip across your young tender bottom' the King replied pointing to a leather whip sat on the chair, at hearing this Rachael's juices started to seep from within her pussy and dampness spread through the cheap pair of panties she wore, oh she thought to be beaten with a whip and by a King, so the deal was made and Rachael agreed to become a slave to King Dong.
For weeks both Rachael and the Queen enjoyed the beauty of lesbian sex, and in the middle of the night Rachael would leave the Queens bed and wonder nakedly down the passageway to the King, in his bed he ravaged her, she responded by having multiple orgasms and she would smile at the King as he grunted and groaned as he orgasmed himself leaving his seed within Rachael, some nights the King would not be able to become erect so Rachael would take the royal penis and suck it until it did, most night it would become hard very quickly and the King would waste no time in mounting Rachael and delivering his seed to her womb, but there were nights when even her lips could not bring the King to hardness and on such nights she would feel the whip, twenty lashes across her smooth delicate bottom, she would smile inwardly as she felt the sting of each lash then cry out as by the sixtenth lash her orgasm would flood forth, afterwards she would retreat to the Queens room where the Queen would take pleasure in kissing and licking the whip lashes across Rachael's bottom and she would repay the pleasure by kissing the Queen and allowing their tongues to entwine, happiness was all that mattered to the King, Queen and of course this poor girl, but soon Rachael realised that something was wrong for her moon had not shone for sveral months, and now of a morning she was feeling sick and being sick, the Queen sent for the court doctor and it was confirmed that Rachael would soon give birth to a prince or princess for the King Dong.
It made no difference that her belly was growing, each night Rachael would first give and recieve pleasure from the Queen before going to the King to recieve even more seed for her womb, 'my son wants his father' he would say to Rachael, and she would just smile as the Kings penis went in and out of her pink moist hole.
The nine months past quickly and on the eve of giving birth Rachael was again bent over the toilet seat recieveing the Kings pnis, she could know longer have him on top of her, so from behind he would take her, upon completion she would return to the Queen where at the Queens request she would squawt down upon her face allowing the Kings seed to seep out of her pussy into the Queens mouth.
Rachael woke early the next morning hearing the door knocker sound, it was as though someone was using their fist, her eyes still closed Rachael thought maybe its the doctor and slowly run her hands over her slim flat belly, the knocking came again and Rachael sat up right, she reached out and took the dressing gown and slippers and put them on before approaching the window of her cheap terraced house in which she lived and looking out, she saw her friend Sally waiting to be allowed in, a deep sence of sorrow came across Rachael as she came to realise that it had been a dream, nothing more than a dream, but a beautiful dream, that had been set in her mind by a beautiful man.....
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4 years ago
The poor girl will be in kings heart till the very last beat of his heart.
4 years ago
King loves his poor girl