Lighting up the fire tower

Our night started out like any other weekend night. We wanted to go dance and have a few drinks at the local bar that we frequent. We devised a naughty plan to show off a bit at the adult theater (as he loves to show off how sexy I can be) We danced a few more dances and whispered naughty thoughts we were having to each other and continued to get each other worked up. When we couldn't stand to be in the bar any longer we hurried out to the car and took the country roads to the theater. All the while touching and rubbing each others hot spots. I slipped his big cock out of his pants as he drove and leaned over the console so I could taste his dick. I always love the moans he makes and watching his eyes roll back in his head makes me so wet. I reach down and rub on my clit as I suck and lick his amazing shaft. We get closer to our destination so my teasing time is over for the moment. I zip up his pants and get my barrings. We walk in and say our hellos, we know the people that work there and a few of the patrons. We are a popular couple in this place and the people like to see the kinky things we will do while we are there. We are asked if we want to go into the theater and watch a movie of our choice so we do. Already hot and ready to go I took a vibrating toothbrush (my favorite little toy) with us. Watching my favorite porn star, Joanna Angel, got me that much more heated. I reach down beside me and grab his dick through his jeans and feel him getting harder. There was only one guy in the theater other than ourselves so I wanted to show off for my man. I stand up and take one leg out of my jeans and rub my clit with the toothbrush. I'm so turned on from all the excitement of previous stimulation that I am totally ready to cum, HARD! The man from the back strikes up a conversation with my man and he tells the guy how he loves to watch me. That's all it took for me to cum... and man did I! The complete body tremble squirt! It was such an intense orgasm that we HAD to measure how far it went.... 6 1/2 feet was a record for me. My man had the cam out videoing the whole thing. A few more people walked in and having spent the effort to get off so hard I was ready to leave. (FYI:We did clean up our mess)we said said goodbyes and took off down the road. I continue the BJ I had started on the way down to the theater. Slobbery kisses on the head t o tease my man the down the throat. I got a crazy idea to head towards the local state forestry. We drove through the woods enjoying the time together and really getting each other ready for an hard long romp. When we got to the tower we climbed the thirteen flights of stairs. We looked around and saw all the tree tops scared me a little. He wrapped his arms around my waist from behind and whispered you are totally safe with me honey. I started to relax and spun around to face him, kissed his lips and said I want to feel you inside me. I squatted down and unzipped his pant so I could lick the head of his dick. He whispered to me that he couldn't want me more. He started undressing me as he spun me around to take me from behind. I quickly slid two fingers into my ass as he reached around my waist to rub my clit. I was too excited to wait any longer and begged him to fuck me. He slid his cock into me gently at first. brushing my hair back and grasping my shoulders so easy. The deep gentle rhythm made me cum hard on his cock.I wanted more from him now. I turned and grabbed his shoulders to let him know I wanted him to lay down. I squatted over him and slid him into my asshole.Riding his hard cock is one of my favorite things to do. I'm in heaven right now. He rolls me over onto my knees so he can fuck me doggie style in my asshole and after watching the sun com up, finally he cums.... very hard. I love to surprise him with really naughty acts of sexy randomness, so I told him to look at me.. I spread my legs apart wide and squatted over the wooden floor of the old tower and cream pied his hot cum. He has yet to forget how hot he thought it was to leave our names carved into the post of the tower with a puddle of his cum on the floor.
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3 months ago
Why yes, you are correct on that. Lol
3 months ago
Let me guess...TheatairX...and Clark State Forset...we have been on that Fire tower