Charminar Delight **

Hi all! Raasa from Chennai again for you all! I would love to add that all my stories are all true happenings. I have just changed the names, for sake of privacy. Well though 54, I always have a flair for sex. I willingly take the woman whom I come across to bed, provided, they are willing to. I would like to share an experience I had with a woman during my recent visit to the twin cities

I had been there on a weekend coupling an official visit and since there was no work on Sunday, I took rest in my hotel room though it was a single occupant, it had two beds) and went out for a stroll in the afternoon. It was very hot and I engaged a cab to go around places when I was looking around the Charminar area, I saw a middle aged woman, who was well dressed and was very sexy in her looks.

She was in the queue before me to go up the Charminar when she neared the ticket window, she extended a hundred rupee note and the clerk told her to give change. She replied that she did not have any but the clerk did not budge. I told her that I have the change and that I will pay for her. She acknowledged with Thanks and we both went up together her perfume smell was driving me mad and my dick was already hard inside.

I found it difficult to adjust my pant as the queue was moving close. Just as we were moving forward, somebody from back gave a push and I stumbled on the woman. I just balanced myself but my front stuck to her butt for a minute. I could sense the softness of her buttocks and this made my dick stiff. We moved around the chambers and the guide was explaining us the details.

We came close to brushing each other many times and she did not show any signs of discomfort. We came down and she told me that we can have a juice, so that she may get the change to repay me. I told her not to mind it but she insisted while walking towards the shop and she told me that she had come from Visakhapatnam for a function. Her name was Vani and she was married with two c***dren. Her husband was a businessman and she was a house wife.

We had the drink and she wanted an auto to go. I asked her the place she was staying in and to my surprise; she told me that she was in the same hotel where I had booked in. I offered her a lift in my cab and she was happy to accept my offer. We sat next to each other in the rear and were chatting about many topics en route. We reached the hotel and it was around 5 in the evening. We took our keys and reached our rooms.

I changed to my lungi a coloured dhoti and thinking of Vani, had a shot. I then dozed off a bit when I heard my room bell. I thought that it might be some room service and opened the door. To my surprise, it was Vani. She was in a three fourth pant and a loose T shirt on top. I was sure that there was nothing inside, as her milky boobs were jutting against the T shirt.

"Come in" I said and I closed the door behind us and said what a surprise. She smiled and said I was getting bored. So I thought that we can spend some time together and I looked at her and she smiled at me. It’s a pleasure Vani and I said. We took the health drink from the fridge in the room and had it. So tell me about your impression on me she asked me.

I told her about what I thought of her and that I had a shot soon after reaching the room. She was surprised by my admission but said I like your frankness but I want you to have a real one now. I was surprised by the open invitation "Wait" she said, I want a favour from you. If you can settle my hotel bill for two days, I am yours. "I need you Honey, I said" and I went to her, lifted her face and took her lips.

She was juicy and sexy and we started to munch each other hungrily. I pulled her to me and she fell on me in the bed. My lungi moved and my erection sprung out. She looked at it and put her hand on it. She started to slowly massage it and it became more hard and erect. Let me start with a blow job she winked at me. "Ladies first" I said and kissed her again. She took her T shirt off and came on me.

Her tits were huge and she had big g**** like nipples. She caressed my dick between her tits and then took it in her mouth. Ummmmmmmm she made a long noise as she swallowed my dick in her throat and started to move up and down. She was a master in the art and I was enjoying her blow job. I put my hand and cupped her tits and started to massage them as she continued her job after about five minutes.

I told her that I was coming. She did not take her mouth out but replied with a uuum sound again. I filled her mouth with my juices and she got up. She ripped my lungi from my legs and took off her trousers. She came on me and took my lips. She smelled of my juices and we played a kiss game with our tongues rolling in each other.

She got up and walked naked to the wash room. She came back with droplets on her tits and cunt area. She came on me and put her tits in my mouth eat me darling she said and I started with a kiss on her tits and then started to chew her nipples. She moaned in pleasure as I sucked and bit her huge tits with fervor aaaaahhhhhh she arched back as I pulled her and feasted on her gorgeous tits. </p>
<p>She got up on me and moved over my mouth in sitting position. She fixed her juicy cunt on my mouth and said have it my honey, I am your dinner today. I started to lick her vulva which was big, clean shaven and smooth. She had left small growths intentionally between her belly button and cunt. She moaned and pressed as I increased my tongue massage. I opened her cunt folds with my tongue tip and inserted my tongue into her flesh. uuum she moaned.

"I need you do not stop my darling" she moaned. She was full of sex and I was enjoying her feast. I slowly bit her cunt folds and took her clit in between my lips. Aiyoh! My god she exclaimed you are a master. Please for heaven’s sake don’t take your mouth. She started to gyrate her cunt on my mouth and I knew that she was going to come. I intensified my licking further deep into her vagina and she came with a shudder her juices flowed on my mouth.

She got up and came on me kissing me madly and pressing her entire body on me. We rolled as we kissed like newlywed my dick had gained erection by now. I rolled her over and opened her legs. She spread them as wide as possible and I entered her in the traditional missionary pose. My dick went in smoothly as we had done enough orals to mellow our sex organs, I started to fuck her, first slowly and then at medium speed.

She pulled me on her and she offered me her tits, lips and arm pits to eat as we fucked happily. We reached the climax and fell on each other. I love you darling she whispered to me and I kissed her. We cuddled together and slept for some time. We got up and it was 9 by then. We ordered a light Tiffin and coffee for dinner. We finished our dinner and sat watching the television for some time be her for the night and I told her.

She shook her head to confirm her acceptance and we were naked again. We went together for a wash. She opened the shower and I pulled her to me. We were rubbing each other as the shower was on us. I took her lips and we started to kiss hungrily. I then moved down on her and she moaned heavily as I feasted on her tits, arm pits and navel area. I went down on my knees and lifted her left leg on my shoulders.

She understood the message and fixed her cunt on my mouth. She started to move in such a way that her entire cunt was in my mouth. I kissed, chewed and sucked her juicy cunt as she moved rhythmically. Her cunt juices with the flowing shower was a delight to have. I got up and slowly lifted her. I inserted my dick into her pussy and we started to fuck in the shower. Her tits danced before me as we fucked and I munched them as she rode on me.

We finished, soaped each other and had a complete sex filled shower. We dried ourselves and came back and we went to sl**p naked. I suddenly felt a hot tongue on my dick and saw that Vani was kissing my dick, which was getting hard. I slowly pulled her on me and we kissed each other. I then turned her to 69 on me and we started a licking session again. It was a wonderful sex experience as we feasted on each other. She got up and came on me from top.

Her cunt swallowed my dick and she started to fuck me from woman on top position. She bent down and fed me with her tits and arm pits. We kissed in between as we had another wonderful fucking session. We finished, had a health drink together again and slept together again. We woke up in the morning and had another quick fuck.

"When are you leaving?" she asked me. I told her that I have a train only the next day evening and she was happy. I will also be leaving tomorrow morning only she said and I will be back in the afternoon after the function she said. Come to my room as soon as you return. She left and I dressed up for office. I came back in the night at around 7 and called her over intercom.

She said that she had ordered food and I had a quick wash and reached her room. She was in a night dress and as soon as we closed the door behind us, she pulled herself out of her dress and was naked. She had shaved again and she was looking sexier. She served the dinner and after the dinner, we had a tin of health drink together. We watched the TV for a while and went on each other like hungry lovers.

We fucked thrice in different positions and we had enough of oral sex also. We had a shower at 5 in the morning and went to sl**p after drying ourselves. She got up and dressed herself. I paid her bill as promised and she left after coming to my room again for a fuck and I feasted on her pussy and fucked her quickly and she has given me her number and we talk every day. We have plans to meet and make love again. You can send your views to my mail at

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