Sex with My Girlfriend

It had been 1.5 years since i have been flirting with my crush(My girlfriend).I didnt have any deep feeling of love for her,rather i just wanted to get laid with her for once.She was an orthodox sort of girl from a middle class f****y.Her structure was so hot and good that i cummed on her pics atleast once in a day.
At last that day came.It was saturday in december.I used to go to my college in my car.That day because of some reason the college didnt function and all students were told to go back to there houses.She was chatting with her friends and i called her in her phone to come to my car,she didnt resist it.She came and i asked her to get in.Since the car was parked under trees somewhat far from college i had some privacy.
She started talking about some outing with her cousins and i just stared at her eyes.after some time she noticed it and stoped the talk.i slowly got my hands on her hands moving through shoulders to her face and f***ed her to kiss me.It was too hot to taste her saliva rubbing my nose with her nose and i started to lick her nose.That turned on me and i stated my car and got to my house.She didnt resist to get in and we got to my bedroom.

I got her on my bed.ripped off her cloths and mine too.I started by kissing her lips,nose,neck and licking nose and ears.Then i slowly got down to her pussy,its smelled good with some hair.Licked it for some 10-20min and she cummed on my face and that was so hot and it turned on her too

she got on my top and started licking,biting and sucking my nipples.

i asked her to go down and give a blowjob.she went down licked my penis,played with my balls and started her blowjob.she was too good wih moaning we both made it look awesome.I was too horny that i pulled out my penis,slapped her and dragged her to my bed and got on her top.

I took my dick in my hand and inserted it her pussy.her pussy was too hot with her juice.fucked her hard that she started crying saying to stop it,and to stop her talk i kissed(bite her) her hard and fucked her.I got in her and out for several times.Then i got out and slapped her ass hard as possible and putted my dick on her mouth for some blowjob for some minutes.Then again back to her ass.licked her ass and fucked her hard.We had sex for some 45-50min and i cummed on her ass.

That made me tired.she got a call from her home asking where she was and she told some lie

Kissed her.kissed her.licked her.
Rubbed my dick on her boobs and sucked her nipples.It was 11 in the morning.

We talked for sometime.She was getting ready for going home wearing her pants that i couldnt resistand i grabbed her ass to the bed.kissed her soooo hard sucked her nose,ears back and got my dick on her pussy.Fucked her hard licking her neck and moaning her name and cummed in her giving a long kiss.

This day is my best till date.I have laid with 5 girls till now and she is my favourite.

I cant post her photos in here because of some privacy reason.People who wants to see her and tribute her can mail me @

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12 months ago
Good story! :) :)