The Training Part 1

"Please No" Sasha begged While he pressed his cock up to her lips. She closed her eyes preparing for it as he gripped her hair, tilting her head back and shoving his 9 inch cock down her throat.
Slowly he pushed it into her mouth further, her eyes watered with salty tears while she choked in his dick. "You will learn slave" He said firmly.

He pulled out and she took a deep breath, closed her eyes again, not daring to look up at him. Her knees were numb, She had been kneeling in this position for at least four hours. Her hands were tied around to the back of the pole, A collar attached to it held her neck in place, and her feet were shackled just loosely enough for her to be in perfect blowjob giving position.

He gripped her hair so hard it gave her a head ache and he bobbed her head up and down on his dick. When he pulled away he slapped it against her lips tauntingly. " Do you love my cock slave?" He asked, rubbing it against her chin.
Sasha said nothing, she swallowed hard and looked at the floor. " I asked you a question" He boomed, and his big hand wrapped around her throat, making the collar dig into her soft neck.
Sasha looked up at him, Her long brown hair stuck to the tears and saliva on her cheeks. Her mascara ran and formed pretty black designs under her eyes. "Yes sir" She choked out quietly.

"Oh my dear girl" He said shaking his head.

Sasha bit down on her lip and backed as far up against the pole as possible. She had forgotten the first and most important rule he ever taught her. She is to call him master whenever spoken to. Although she had only been here three days, she was very aware that that is one rule that is not to be broken.
His hand came down hard against her face and she could feel the sting of each individual finger on her cheek.

"I-Im sorry master" She stammerd nervously. She could feel her body shaking all over.
The first day she was brought here, he showed her how important It was for her to call him master. He beat it into her with a whip. She still has welts on her thighs and stomach. That was the worst day of her life.

He slowly walked behind her, un shackling her hands just long enough to pull her to her feet and put them back behind the pole.
Fresh tears clouded Sasha's eyes and she wished she could wipe them away. Her master walked in front of her, His thumb pressed under her eyes softly sliding the tear away. " You have no reason to cry... yet" He said quietly.

The sound of his belt sliding out of its loops made her sick to her stomach.
The fist sting was not as bad as she thought it would be. Here eyes closed tight and her body tensed. As the hits continued, the pain increased until soft whimpers were uncontrollably coming from her lips. Her thighs and legs burned with each hit of the belt.
"Will you be a good little slut now?"
"Yes master, Im sorry" Sasha said quietly, her voice trembling
"Good girl"

He walked over to a small table and picked up a wet cloth. Sasha Sighed in relief, knowing today's session was over. He came to her and gently washed the makeup off of her face. He ran the cool cloth down her body over the welts and down her legs. Before leaving he puts fresh makeup on her, being careful with the mascara near her eyes.
"I will be back later" He said as he shut the door and turned off the lights.
For the third day in a row, she is left naked and alone in the dark.
Sasha tilts her head back against the pole and sighs, remembering how she even got into this mess. It all started with a flyer she saw posted on a bulletin board.

" We are looking for models ages 18-24 For our summer dress collection!"
No previous modeling experience required
If interested please arrive at the Bradford Building downtown at 1:00 July 16th

Sasha jumped at the opportunity, Being home schooled left her a lot of room for extra activities, modeling being one of them.
Now that she was in college, she could make her own choices as to what she wanted to model for.
She arrived on time and entered the building, filling out some paperwork.
She wore her favorite yellow sundress and her hair hung down in perfect ringlets below her shoulders. She was e****ted to a fitting room and given some water, along with a light purple dress in her size.
The next thing she remembered, was waking up in a cold room. Her hands were handcuffed in the front and her ankle was shackled to a bed.
The next two days were a blur of orders and a man forcing his cock down her unwilling throat.
Sasha's flashback was interrupted by her master opening the door, The light blinding her for a moment. Another man entered with him and they walked over to her. Her master was holding a white dress.
" Put this on" He ordered as he unchained her hands and feet. He unclipped the collar from the pole but left it around her neck.

"Shes a pretty one" The other man said as his eyes slid down sasha's body, from her hair, to her round perky tits, down to her bare pussy.

Sasha dressed as fast as she could, sliding the dress over her head. It reached mid thigh length and clung tight to her body.
"get on your knees slut" Her master ordered. She reluctantly obeyed and dropped to her knees , looking up at both of them.

Her master cupped her chin in his hand, forcing her eyes to stay on his
"Were going to take your virginity today" He said with a smile.
Sasha's heart dropped, She knew it would probably happen eventually, but she managed to keep the thought out of her mind. The past three days were filled with nothing but oral, and she knew what her master really wanted.
She turned her head away, out of his hand and looked at the floor.
"Sound good whore?" He said gripping her hair, forcing her head up

"Fuck You" Sasha said, spitting at his face.

Her master paused for a second, a moment, and eternity... His eyes angry.
"I thought you had her trained" The other man said accusingly.
"Oh believe me" her master continued " She will regret that"
Sasha stared her master dead in the eyes, knowing there is pain and punishment to come.

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good writing
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6/10 cliched
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Anything new? You are obviously quite talented
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Great story can't wait to hear more. I have some water for you to drink if we ever met lol
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Very nice beginning. I bet you wish you were Sasha.
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