Night of slow jams

I couldnt wait for candyman to come pick me up in my new lingerie. Lacy frilly black thong and b cup bra. I throw on my sexy booty hollister size 0 shorts and a tight t shirt with my cute pink heels. Finally he arrives just when I grab my purse and phone. I srep into the car and he leans in for a kiss, we share a sweet exchange. As he part he bites my lip, his hands on my thiegh, squeezing it softly. I van see his desire in his eyes, so I pull my shorts to my ankles. His eyes scream in delught as his lips licking them, trying to keep from ravashing me on the wat to his place. I stroje my kitty and moan with pleasure. He watches from the corner of his eye. He reaches ovrr to get a taste but I slap his hand away. I only want him watching me. The whole ride, kitty on my fingers lightly teasing myself, getting ready for the big moment. Finally arriving at his place I pull up my booty shorts making sure candy man gets a glimpse of my frilly black thong. He unlocks the door in ahurry and to my surprise lifts me up, wrapping my legs around his waist, his fingrrs feeling my warm pussy. Closing the door behind us, he intently, longingly gazes into my eyes, carrying me upstairs to his bedroom, kissing me more passionately than I ever remember. I can feel his pocket rocket harder than I remember it. I gasp abd giggle in excitement. Setting me down gently on his bed he unbuttons and unzips my booty shorts, sliwly sliding them down padt my dragon tattoo on my left theigh, and then past my rose on my right ankle. He throws them against his closet door. His lips graze my flat tummy, stopping at kitty for a tease, and then down my legs. My body quivers un anticipation. I stop him before he continues any further and play my soft slow jams cd madr especially for this night. Ushrrs there goes my baby plays and his eyes gaze into mine. Candyman pulls my shirt over my head and unbuckles my bra, letting it fall to the floor, my perky tits waiting for hi a touch. He twirls them with his fingers and I lean my head back moaning softly. Hr pulls his clothes off, his large thick cock standing at attention just for me. I drop to his knees and take him into my mouth. He groans loudly, softly tugging my hair. Suddenly he jerks me up to my feet and carries me onto his face, tickling kitty with his tongue. I moan and gasp, try to catch my breath. Finally layimg me down again on my back he leans above me and we share another passionate kiss. Then slowly he enters and I clise my eyes, letting the pleasure take over control. For hours he ravishes my tiny body. In and out, our skin slapping, the smell of sex filling the air, our juices exchanging as he slides in and out. He pulls me on top of him, he nice juicy cock deeper than ever, already throbbing, candyman is close to cummimg and so am I. Im dying for him to explode inside me and he nods, hes ready too. He tells me he wants to feel me cum all over his cock. Yeah? I giggle happily. Bouncimg me like a rag dol on top of his thick long cock, he grabs my perky tits leaning up to livk and suck them. I van feel that wave coming over me, though im already screaming, I began to shake, and I cant contain myself any longer. Oh my god im cumming! I yell to him, he smiles but then, he groans, matching my screams. I can barely continue as I feel his warm cum fill the depths of my soul and then I drop on him, breathing heavily. Im almost cryimg of happiness, pleasure. He holds me up and looks into my eyes, letting me know what he feels and I smile. He stays inside me, filling me up. Alicia keyes plays in the background as I fall asl**p with him inside me.
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3 years ago
Hard to type with small keyboard on phone.
3 years ago
nice would have said better but for the spelling & typos