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This story is not so much about kinky fantasies as it is about rekindling the passion and desire between long-time sexual partners.

You see, when you've been in a relationship with a person for years, it becomes easy to fall out of desire for one another and into complacency. The raw passion is lost. Upon first meeting and falling for a person, there is a connection, a magnetism that pulls you together. A brief moment of eye contact will send shivers down your spine, and an accidental bump or brush of the arm throws your desires into a frenzy. The faintest whiff of the other person's scent can make you high, and the anticipation of seeing them delivers a mind-fogging adrenaline rush. Over time, however, all of this fades and is replaced by a quiet comfort. Life becomes nice, but dull. The excitement is gone.

I haven't felt this magnetism for a long, long time, but I felt it last night.

To tell the truth, I have been going through a bit of a rough spot emotionally these past few weeks. I have a lot on my mind. Last night I was having a particularly difficult time coping with the things I was feeling. I couldn't express myself, so I started in on a six-pack of beer to numb it away. I have never been a smoker, but I stole a cigarette from my husband. I don't know why I did that, but I did. He noticed that I was acting a bit off, so he followed me around and pressured me into telling him what was wrong. He joined me on the porch, and we smoked together for several hours, talking about our histories, our relationship, our worries, the future, everything. As I smoked, I discovered the comfort of holding a cigarette between the fingers, the slow drawing of smoke into the mouth, the inhale and momentary rush as the nicotine hit my system, and the calm, smooth exhalation as the smoke escaped from my mouth. It was nice.

I looked over at my husband and felt a new connection form between us. I understood now why he enjoyed it. I had hated it all these years, but now I understood.

Suddenly I was seeing him as if we had only just met again. Even in his pajamas, he was sexy. With every puff and exhale of smoke, my heart quickened just as it had during our courting days, when we were "hooking up" and nothing more. I bent over his chair and kissed him.

I cannot remember the last time we kissed so deeply or so passionately, our tongues interlocking as new lovers once more. He no longer worried about disgusting me with his smoker's mouth, and I was no longer disgusted by it. I was transfixed. The smoking had become a turn-on, and as we kissed my hips moved involuntarily towards his, longing for the union between souls.

I needed him. I wanted to do something dirty with him, something new, so we moved to the bathroom and into the shower. My body writhed with anticipation. I don't know why we did this or why I felt so turned on by it, but I let him pee on me. I relished the feeling of being so filthy, so naughty and novel. It was something new and exciting in the same way that giving him a blowjob was new and exciting when we had first met. My breasts were engorged with milk, and I used them like firehoses to paint him with white. He drank the sweet nectar from my nipples, and I moaned with extacy.

My body was on fire, the warm water and steam from the shower escalating the magnetism between us. My body dripped with water, but from between my legs there dripped something else. We kissed again as deeply as before, but this time our hands were otherwise occupied. As he fingered me and I stroked his now-hardening member, our lips never unlocked. We embraced, and before I knew it he was inside me.

I cannot remember the last time I felt such extacy in sex. As he thrust, I grabbed at his shoulders and back with my fingernails, and I kissed and bit desperately at his neck, shoulders, his lips... It was a balancing act, of course; with him being much taller than I, I had to stand on tiptoe to allow him entry, and he had to bend at the knees. I turned around and bent over so he could take me from behind. He fucked me hard and deep, and it took all of my strength to keep from collapsing under the immense pleasure I felt as he did so.

We made love for an hour, switching back and forth between positions, pausing at times to kiss under the water, until the walls were saturated with condensation and I could no longer stand on tiptoe for him. So I lowered myself onto my knees and took him in my mouth. Never had I sucked him so tenderly yet with such fervor. I found myself focusing on making him feel as much pleasure as possible, cradling his testicles with one hand while I stroked his cock with the other, running my tongue along the sensitive underside of the head as I sucked. I did this until he could no longer contain himself and he exploded, the warm, tangy seed filling my mouth and dripping down my throat. I swallowed all of it.

We staggered out of the shower, sore, tired, and beaming like two lovers who had just fucked for the first time. I look at my husband with new eyes now.

I can't wait to do it again.
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