paki/indian footjob pantyhose

This is a 100% true story which happened to me over a year ago with my ex girlfriend.

I was 21 and my gf was also 21 she was pakistani about 5'6 long light brown hair has geat brown soft skin. Her tits were nice double D's with brown nipples, she often laughed and said jordan paid to be the same size as her. She had long legs which she loved to flaunt, because of her religion her parents were really strict so she had to be fully covered but when she came to my flat she would strip to her shorts and a tank top which barely kept her tits in.

We had never had sex as she said in her religion she was forbidden until marrige but we often had oral and talked about ways in which we could have fun without having sex. In one conversation I let slip I had abit of a foot fetish and liked to see women in tights and she just laughed it off and I didnt think much of it after thinking she thought I was k**ding.

The next day she came over to my flat as usual and was acting abit strangley she told me to go to my bedroom and wait for her, I thought maybe she had bought me a present and wanted to surprise me, I went to my room and sat on the bed. A few minutes passed and she walked in wearing nothing but a black tank top and black tights with her supergirl panties just visible underneath.

"Is this what you like?" she asked

My dick got instatntly hard seeing her long legs covered in tights. All i could do was nod my head.

she walked over to me and got into bed with me and we kissed and i roamed my hands over her ass covered in tights and she put her leg round me and told me to grab her feet while i kissed her. Her silky tights in my hands felt incredible and her soft feet even better. The kissing got intense and I pulled off her top and sucked her brown nipple covering them in saliva.

"ohh baby" she moaned in my ear as i sucked her tits.

After like 10 mins id had enough i went down and took those size 5 feet in my mouth. i liked her soles sucked her toes and generally worshiped her feet and legs goin up to her inner thighs. Her legs were long and I took my time savouring every kiss.

I got out my dick.

"baby give me a footjob" i said

She looked hesitant, I think she didnt expect this but I slowly pulled her feet around my dick, her beautiful feet covered in those tights around my cock was awesssssome. we tryed a few positions. the best position was legs together in the air and putting my dick between the thighs that way coudu suck her toes and still fuck her gorgeous legs.

I could tell she was starting to like it as she started moaning as my dick got harder.

"MMMMMMMMMM" she would murmur.

I knew I wanted to fuck her but I knew she didn't want to have sex so I had an idea.

" baby get on ur hands and knees so i can kiss your nice arse" I asked, she obligied willinglly.

I kissed her soft arse and slolwy pulled the tight of her arse, now i kissed her supergirl panties and she moaned loudly. I pulled them down too. I licked her brown pussy sticking my tongue in deep as she grinded her hips onto my face.

I fingere fucked her pussy from behind and she was moaning, so I got my dick and with one thrust shoved it in her wet pussy.

"FUCK!!! Peter what are you doing?????" she screamed, but I held her in place.

"you fucking want me baby" Isaid to her and to my surprise she didnt replay instead pushed on my dick taking me deeper.

I fucked her pussy, was like ecstacy and was ready to blow.

"Fuck my pussy baby" she moaned

"don't cum in me" she said "i have a better idea" she smirked

"cum on my little toes" and I pulled my dick out and cummed all over her feet.

The end.

I saw her for a few months more and we had sex regularly after that. She broke up with me after saying f****y matters and religion got in the way.

63% (9/5)
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7 months ago
BULLSHIT . NOT TRUE. if she is a virgin how was it so easy for u to just ram ur cock in there without struggle. keep dreaming
2 years ago
great story :) paki ex wouldnt let me fuck her either
2 years ago
Good story. Don't mess with Middle Eastern women always a headache.