My horny mom

I've never really understood why people don't find there moms attractive, unless they are actually ugly. My mom was hot. She has long blond hair and a gorgeous smile. She is quite short but made up for that with great curves and tight ass and boobs that kept together nicely seeing as she is mid thirties. She always wears hot clothes that are suitable for girls my age. Very short skirts and tight shirts. Sometimes I think it's for me. I'm an only c***d but don't get all the attention because she has had a large number of boyfriends since dad left. It's hardly surprising but they all turn out to be jerks. I envy them all. We have a one storey house and our rooms are on different sides of the house so she thinks i can't hear them when they fuck, but i can. And it drives me crazy. I always end up jacking off to the sound of them.

At the moment, mom doesn't have a boyfriend. The last one left a 2 weeks ago. I didn't ask why. Every thursday night, mom works late and I'm home alone for a few hours. I normally take this time to go into her room and jack off into her panties. They are all super hot and I love the smell of the ones she's worn for a day. And that's all I ever really did about my wild feelings about my mom, until one Saturday when i returned from a lunch with my friends (These always involved lots of alcohol being d***k) and I was feeling extra horny and confident. I came home to find my mom was having a swim in our pool. I waved at her and she beckoned for me to join her. As it was the start of summer, i hadn't gone in for 6 months and new my swimmers wouldn't fit me. I told her this and she shrugged and said to just wear my boxers as they were basically the same. Being a bit d***k I didn't realise that it would be a bad idea to wear boxers in a pool with my smoking hot mom wearing almost nothing.

It was alright at first when we were just chatting but soon she decided to get out to reveil that her bikini bottoms had slid up into her bum crack, showing me most of her bare ass. This was the most i had seen of my mother since a few years ago when she forgot i was home and walked around the house naked. My dick became hard in an instant and it was impossible for me to get out without her noticing the bulge. I thought I'd be able to wait in the pool but she lay down on a pool chair to begin sunbathing. as i stood ther awkwardly in the pool, she undid her bikini and lay down to give me a plain view of her side boob. By now my boner was completely hard and my 11 inch dick would be very easy to spot. I decided to get out quickly and see if she would notice.

Of course she did and said "What's that in your pant's?" Before I could say anything she realised and went red. I walked into the house, my face burning with embarrassment. I went into my room and jacked off to get rid of my boner and prayed that she would not bring it up. This was not how i wanted my mother to find out i thought she was sexy. She didn't bring it up at dinner but wore one of her most revealing tops and i'm sure she saw me looking at her tits at least twice. Then over the next few weeks she started leaving the door open when she got changed and had showers and wore her most revealing clothes around the house. She also walked in on me in the shower a few times and said she wasn't looking but i saw her take a peak a few times.

The other night, I heard her sex sounds coming from her room but i knew she was alone. My dick stood on end as i listened to her masturbating. It was louder then normal which meant that she'd left her door open and wanted me to hear her. I went into the corridor and looked into her room. I just saw her feet before i blew my load on the floor. I swore quietly and went back to my room hoping she wouldn't notice it. When I woke the next day, my mom was in the pool again. She told me to come in again and i still hadn't bought more swimmers so again i went in with my boxers. I knew she was looking right at my dick, which made my dick become a little hard. I got in quickly and she swam over to me.

She looked at me with a cheeky face and asked if there were any girls at school i liked. I told her that none of them were my type. I felt more confident because i knew she was hitting on me so when she asked me what my type was, i spoke honestly and said i liked MILFS. She seemed very pleased with my answer and sat on the pool edge with her legs crossed right in front of me. i asked her if there were any guys she wanted to date but she said none were her type either. My heart was racing as i asked her what her type was. She leaned in close to me and said "Young guys". My dick was super hard by now and she would notice when she looked down but i didn't care.

She uncrossed her legs to reveal a small camel toe. I forgot that she was my mom and started to rub her legs with my hand. She purred to tell me she liked it so I went up and down her legs with my hands, getting closer and closer to her bikini bottoms each time and when I reached them, i slowly rubbed my hand along the wet fabric. She made a sarcastic gasping noise like i was a naughty k** but she smiled after that and put her hand on top of mine encouragingly. I slid my hand underneath her bikini bottoms to feel a hairless pussy, wet from the pool and her own excitement. I fingered her tight pussy for a few minutes before taking off the bottoms completely and burying my face into her now soaking pink pussy. She moaned and moaned just like the night before. I licked all around her pussy and penetrated it as deep as i could with my tongue which made her feet jolt in the water. I felt her orgasm around my mouth after a few minutes with my tongue slurping up my moms pussy.

I got out of the pool to show her my dick and she eagerly took my boxers off, licking her lips. Her eyes lit up as she saw my fully erect penis already wet from the water and my own pre-cum. She extended her tongue out and licked from my balls up to the tip of my dick before sucking my dick. She started slowly and then got faster and faster. Every while, she would come up for air and jack me off, her mouth dripping with saliva and my pre-cum. It didn't take me long to jizz into her mouth. I wasn't sure if she would be happy with me but when she came off my dick, she opened her mouth to show that she had swallowed all my cum.

After seeing this I became hard again but before i could do anything, my mom grabbed my hand and led me into her room. "Come on son, fuck your mummy in her room" she said. She threw me onto the bed and pounced on top of me, making my dick hard again quickly by sucking my dick. Then she led my dick inside of her and thrust her hips on my dick as she kissed my neck and mouth. As i kissed her lips i tasted my own cum on her mouth which turned me on a lot. I started thrusting against my mum and she began to moan. I started saying "mom" as i thrust and I fired my sperm inside my moms pussy when she screamed "OH YES, FUCK ME SON".

We lay there for a minute but before long, my horny mom wanted to fuck her son again and i was ready for her too. This time i took control and fucked her pussy in doggy style but while she seemed to be enjoying it, i wasn't event close to cumming. So i pulled my cock out of her pussy and put it straight into her asshole. She moaned "Yes" loudly and I fucked her tight ass as hard as i could. I told her when I was about to cum and she said, "Let me taste my ass while you do". So I pulled out of her ass and she sucked me off again letting me cum into her mouth. "Mmmmmmm" she said, "You taste delicious sweetey"

We fucked in every room in the house that day and got up to some weird shit. My mom is wild and asked my to tie her up and make her gag on my dick, which i thought was hot. I guess it runs in the f****y. We've been fucking everyday since then and she hasn't even hinted at wanting another boyfriend. Every morning my mom joins me in the shower to wake me up and when i come home from school, she greets me at the door in her hottest lingerie. I only go into my room when i need clothes or when i want to make my mom cum on my bed. It's the perfect arrangement. And why shouldn't we do it? I love my mom and my mom loves me.
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wow awesome.
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Only sons always get mom !
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Wicked sexy story I loved it thanks for posting it for us
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I wish my mom would join me in the shower :)

Great story, keep it up.
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whata loving mom
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great story!!!