My New Relationship - A Love Letter

You are a woman of rare desire. Your need to be taken and used is found in so few females my love you know what a woman is capable of. You know what limits she can be brought to. You understand what women were were born to do with the men that love them. You crave the intense burning that comes to your insides when you are taken by your man and brought to the place where he will make you become as female as you were meant to be. I know that your nipples respond first as they swell with the bl**d your pounding heart brings to them. As they swell they become so sensitive and they tingle with this need to be touched and taken. If your man is a smart but loving man he will know that your tits are triggers that will fire and ignite explosions deep inside your soul which bring you to the top of the mountain my Woman.

As the other parts of your body slowly become engorged with more and more of your hot flowing bl**d, they will signal you that you are becoming that woman who drives men wild. More and more of you awakens to your precious hot bl**d flowing so hard through your female body making it so ready to be used, and even abused by the man who loves you so.

Your gut becomes so light and fluttery with the feelings and sensations of the woman who is in love with the joy that only her man who loves her can give her. You will ache for his touch. Its f***efulness may bring you so much faster to the top of the mountain. You know who he is and that knowledge brings these feelings to your female body so much faster then they might come to you with other men. Men who are selfish and interested only in what you can give them. He is the one who brings you to top of the mountain, and does not take you completely before you have arrived at the pinnacle of your own desires. He is smart enough to know that loving you so physically, and making you the center of his desires will not only bring you higher then ever before, but it will also make his pleasure so much more then most men even know is possible.

As he advances toward you and caresses your body your first thoughts are to be taken and taken hard. Yet he knows your chemistry and realizes from his knowledge of women and the nature of their needs that time is on his side. As he slowly builds the energy of his caress, your body becomes so much more capable of receiving this physical affection. As your body swells in the right places, you are slowly being prepared to be used as his sexual slave girl, a title you love to conceive when this precious time with him becomes yours to enjoy. Slowly, always slowly, every cell in your body is awakened to your femininity. Each skin cell is now so much more aware of its presence on the surface of your body. As more and more of you is slowly undressed by him, there is such a dynamic increase in the intensity of your skin to become an organ of love, passion, and desire.

Your breathing slows but deepens. Your chest begins to heave and your tits rise and fall with a heaviness. As the original triggers of your body's response you must understand his need to use these female organs of love and desire as the beginning of his quest to arouse you to the highest you have ever been taken. Other men may have used you again and again, but have you not felt taken and used to soon with these men because it is their pleasure that they have sought in the folds of your femininity. Hasn't your soul felt empty as you feel these other men use and take you so fast only to end in their successful release while you have assumed that this is what your experience was supposed to be.

Have I proven to you that waiting and prolonging your need only heightens the whole nature of the experience that is available to you as the woman who he choses to take and bring to her highest potential? Do you sometimes wish that he would not dally with your femininity and just drive to the point where you will both cum, maybe even together? Have you hoped that this time he will not delay the fulfillment of his own needs and desires, but will bring this to the down and dirty conclusion you have always experienced in the past? Yet now that he has taken you and made your pleasure his goal too that you have learned to enjoy the incredible things he can do to you that no other man has ever achieved with you.

As he waits for the walls of your pussy to expand with the hot bl**d that flows into those tissues you were born with that were designed to fill so taut, and then seep that rich slippery preparation into your sensual passage so that you can tolerate and accommodate his dry manhood so swollen with his own bl**d making it a formidable tool to be used to bring your femininity to its pinnacle as he finally takes you hard and so deep to touch the very core of your womanhood.

His mouth is your next source of his well thought out need to ravish your body and bring it to its peak. He kisses you so well. His lips so hot and wet, they bring you to the realization that his mind is totally thinking about you as he prepares you to be the chalice that receives his white hot sperm. You become the keeper of his very essence harbored inside your most sacred cavity. His head slowly travels with his lips which have just taken your lips and made your mouth so ready to be used by him in so many ways. If he is not yet hard he may propose, even "f***e" you to take his manhood into your mouth and allow you show him the depth of your commitment to him, and his love for you. This would be come after his lips touched your lips, and then your face and finally the sensitive skin of your neck which seems so eager to be ravished so quickly in the plan to slowly trigger one area at a time as he builds your body and soul to be taken and become the object of his desire to own and possess you.

As this man becomes so engrossed in your submission, and the pleasure that it brings him so naturally as more and more of you becomes subdued by this permitted mastery over you. There is a need so deep inside of you that becomes open and available to be enjoyed as it develops between you and your man. I would love to imagine that you would be prone to use your mouth to bring your man higher and higher. I have always enjoyed the spectacular scenario that a woman would enjoy her man so much that she would show this using her kiss, and lick, to caress his cock with her mouth and tongue. There is little more a woman can do that shows her adoration of her Master then to bring his cock into her mouth to bring it to life, as well worship its potential to bring her to her most female. This would be a glorious delight from any woman. To feel you begin to move toward my groin as I rested and put myself into your personal effort to bring my cock to life with your special attention to it. The feeling that has comes from appreciating the warmth and delight of your mouth reaching my

As his mouth kisses your face, and maybe even your eyes shut. It can only be speculated as to what he does to you and your need to be used by him. Do you begin to be drawn into your own desires and feel them being brought to life in your own body? Is it his kisses that make you lower your guard, and allow him the gentle access he needs to carry out his desires for you. Can a man's mouth do that to you or is it primarily only this man who ignites your inner female and makes you want to know him in such a biblical way. You know you are female. You know that his desire is to fill you with his hot wet sperm. Would you allow just any body to be here with you at this moment and take you so completely? Or is there something that this man gives you that the others do not. Would your body ignite like it is now if another man's lips caressed your face in the early stages of an impending ravishment? Are you even capable of expressing this? Could you stop another who had gotten this far with you? Of course these things are hard to say, and really there is no need to say them. I know in my heart I am not alone in your life, but I would hope that I am one of the ones who would be totally sought after and pursued in your quest to feel what the total experience of love and loving can attain in your own experiences as a woman.

I feel your surrender at the first kiss. I know this is not just permission for now, but a life long commitment to have this happen again and again, even if there are other men in your life. I want to be the one remembered, the one desired, the one hoped for, the one who is there in your mind when the others are given the access they have as these others float in and out of your life. I know this is only fantasy, but we both know fantasy can be so real at times especially if we need it to be. As my mouth takes yours I would hope you can imagine this as strongly as the physicality of the other parts of the love act we have experienced so often previously.

There is something so special about a woman who gives you access to her mouth. It cannot be as easily fantasized or even imagined unless it has truly occurred with that person. That is part of the magic two people feel when they get to the point of truly kissing in the beginning of a relationship. So many women will use the kiss as the pervue of things to come. Is there a magic there? Can he really kiss? Are his kisses the invitation he needs to hope that more will come of this? However, when the kiss has achieved the status of an acceptable love act, then there is so much more potential for it to succeed. Very little happens if the kiss does not succeed. There may be other compromises that will allow a man who does not kiss well to be accepted by a woman for adventures much more intimate then kissing, but I fear there will always be something missing if he does not impress her with his kissing. I must admit that kissing is not a science. It must be meaningful, and the man should take the initiative. A first kiss that falls short will never leave her mind. If it does bring her to her toes it will never be forgotten either. It should be gentle, yet firm. It can get even more intense as the kissing continues, but the first kiss must be measured. The way to a woman's heart is through her mouth.

My own kissing has been praised and dejected by different women. These women had much different ideas of what a good kiss should be so there could never be a proper preparation for kissing a woman. She either loves it or doesn't. It is her choice alone. Can you imagine a kiss that makes your toes curl. A soft kiss at first just the lips touching warm and moist. Then the hug that says, "I love you," and your tits crushed into my chest, softly at first, but then stronger as the kiss becomes more potent.

Then the gentle pressure on your lips by my tongue softly tapping for you to let me in. My tongue now enters and slips over your teeth first, comes into your mouth only to subdue your own tongue, and make you feel entered, and even a bit violated. Isn't that what makes a kiss as dynamic as it can be? When it is now more then a gentle touching of lips, yet becomes a powerful entry into one of your guarded portals. Isn't this where so much is decided and so much is allowed by the woman who succumbs and finally admits without saying a word that she submits and surrenders to her man of the moment. My tongue is now driven by the f***e of your surrender. You know I am pressing your lips as your head is held taut in my hands. My eyes look into yours just before you close them. I see the spirit that begs to be ravaged, even now, even in your hot wet mouth, which will bring to you the sensations the ravagement of your deepest female fountain will finally experience when the **** of your tied body will let the soul of your womanhood free to fly and experience the pleasure your submission has always promised.

Oh you excite me so. You bring me to the pinnacle by just being the woman you are. You have expressed and shown me on more then one occasion that your very core, your spirit, enjoys being the woman of my lust and desire. My passion is easily awakened by you with a single touch. Yet now you have secured yourself in my presence and have taken my advances like it was your special invitation to be used so exquisitely. My mind is reeling with the passion and desire that you express just with your eyes as I continue to use you. In my pants my cock is throbbing with the anticipation of using you like I want to, yet I am also so hungry to pleasure you with my loving you, and yes my using and even abusing you.

I love the look of fear in your face when I begin to leave your mouth and slowly prepare you to be mine so totally. I look at your heaving body and I am almost not able to continue because the anticipation is intense. I try to gather what would be the things that would drive you the wildest. I take great pride in making you more and more in need of me as you feel more and more passion and desire as what I do to you fires that little flame so deep inside you into a raging inferno wanting only to be used even more.

I begin to take you to the mountain top, knowing if you are mine, that I have total control, because you want me too. That is as exciting to me as the the throbbing in my pants has become.. Every touch of my hands to your body is a ripple of intense pleasure combined with the increasing excitement of hearing and watching you enjoying your female fate. The tension builds so sweetly. My hand slides over your face. The power is incredible. I savor its pleasure. I look at you as my woman, but my mind now says I own you, and I can do anything with you that brings me pleasure. You however, know full well in your heart that what I do to you will make you achieve your most intense sexual experience you have ever had my little slave girl.

My face plunges into your neck as I watch you writhe on the bed. I love preparing you like a special woman to be used in my ritual. There is a primitive desire to make you female by stripping the "skin" of clothing that allows you to walk the streets of this world without you being taken by so many authorities, some legal some not so legal. I slowly open buttons and unzip your the parts of your clothing that hold these garments to your female body. Your clothing is slowly stripped away as I make you move and roll to complete my task. I watch you slowly become more open to my eyes to enjoy you. each piece of clothing is another victory for me to enjoy. more and more of you becomes available to my gaze. Your soft song of submission has scintillated my ears knowing that as your groans become louder the more you are made ready to use and abuse my pet.

You have now been made naked, but your skin glows like a the hue of a marble statue as the dim light is reflected off of your glistening body. You are so ready to be used. Secured to the bed not because of any expected escape, but because it heightens your fear which actually intensifies your female need to be taken and used so completely. My insides ignite with the passion you have allowed, because of your need to be a woman chosen and then a woman elected to be mine. Your excitement at this juncture is very infectious.

My breathing becomes so much more deep as yours does too. My heart is pounding in my chest and it is easy to see that you are also flushed red with the strength of your coursing bl**d flow. The heat from this intense flow of bl**d is evident no matter where I touch you. I see your chest heave as your slow deep breathing brings your copious tits to their proper place in your impending ravagement. My mouth has brought the skin of your neck into its hot wetness and tasted your fear, wet on the surface of your skin. Looking over the landscape of your upper body, naked, and prepared to be taken so hard. Your copious tits are the first goal of my plan to ravage you, and bring you to the pinnacle of desire to be taken and used so completely. I only need to secure your wrists to the bed posts as I want to make you feel so captive and used. I know you love this too and I am so excited to do this to my woman. My whole body trembles with the possibility of a complete sexual experience with you my little slave girl. As I reach for your arms to set them in the soft silken ropes I feel the playful tug of your resistance. This excites us both.

My mouth boldly sucks and drags the tender skin of your neck into my mouth. I can feel you pull against the ropes that hold you so completely in place. Why is a woman's neck so sensitive to the soft kisses and caresses of my face and mouth into that sensitive treasure. Your head turns, wantonly exposing your neck to more and more of my ravishment. Your back arches a bit, raising your tits even more then your breathing does. Your hips seem to take on a renewed role as a woman so submissive, that she is suddenly finding herself involved in the conflagration of her insides as they also ignite and become so easily teased and controlled by this man. He has become unbridled in his lust for the position you have fostered in him in the past. Your body opens so easily to him, and his access will be challenged by you from time to time, but the research he has done has brought you here to be tied and then used so profoundly by this man of your choice. That knowledge has made you so human recently, and has had you so enthralled, You found it easy, and yet they did require your "expertise".

As I begin to kiss, lick and suck my way down from your chest I ask you frequently if you were born to be taken like this? You groan and answer so quickly as expected. "Yes..." Then I remind you in a seductive growl that you were born a woman, and that you were created in the womb to respond this way, to this kind of abuse. Your head turns away almost unable to look me in the eye, but your arms tied at the wrists to the bed posts at the head of the bed make you so unique. You have imagined this before, but never to experience it until now. Your chest is heaving. My face drives onto your chest, and my mouth seeks out your throbbing nipples. They are ripe and so ready for the ravagement I have in mind for them.

My mouth latches on to the right one which is closest. As I feel your soft flesh touch my lips I know I have invaded a very sensitive area. The taste has my lips tingling, but your areola must also be tingling from the fullness of the bl**d you have brought to it. Now as I draw in the entirety of your reddish brown nipple and areola into my hot wet mouth I know you feel the genuine energy it gives you to have me latched onto your sensitive flesh like this, using it for my pleasure, and bringing you to the Nirvana you have sought all your adult life. You feel so female as my mouth caresses your needful tit as I am doing. Then my right hand slides up to your other tit only to manhandle it as my pleasure toy. My fingers grab the whole body of it. The nipple drops between my fingers as I squeeze you feel the first of many ripples of deep pleasure that these glorious female orbs were meant to feel when they were being used by your man to bring you higher and higher up the mountain top.

I love to hear you gasp. I enjoy watching your head launch back as your mouth opens in response to you feeling the first waves of pleasure rushing through your mind as you think of the intense way you are being used and abused. It triggers those long sought after desires to be a woman so beautifully taken, and used so well, by a man who loves you and makes you know why every sinew in your bubbling groin were placed there to bring your legs open or closed as you might need them to be used in the near future for now my mouth is bringing new and more intense feelings rippling through your chest and into your already bubbling groin. My mouth opens and closes on your right tit

As I leave them, your tits looking like two swollen hands with one finger each pointing so dramatically as I look to your body to remind me what I am here to do to it. They seem to condemn me when my only desire is to bring you to the pinnacle of your sexual potential. Then your body appears to talk to me, asking me to do what I came here to do. "Take me," your body begs. "Take me. Take me and do with me as you want to do. Bring me to the pinnacle. Make me feel those feelings buried so deep in my psyche. Take those feelings out in the open so I can be who I really am."

Can I not do as I am asked? Can I not bring you to your sensual peak? Your tits heaving on your chest as my auditor commanding me not condemning me. I am at my peak bring you to your peak. My body is so fully alive. I am awakened to anything you might ask for and desire. From between your legs you call to me asking me to be the man you have always wanted. My mouth comes to your mons and I softly bite your tender flesh. As I had hoped your reflexes were at their finest. Your body shuddered. My face feels the tension in your loins. My tongue slides out and carefully feels the hood that covers your now throbbing clitoris. My face mashes into your bl**d swollen vulva and the faint smell of your rich slowly moving pussy waifs into my nostrils which bolsters my whole manhood into an attentive state which permits me to sense and feel so much more intensely then I have ever thought possible. With my hands on your naked hips and my face plugged into your sensual portal my Woman.

The wetness and the smell of your personal place makes me know where I am on your body. The knowledge becomes a strange mix of delight and raw passion. My face presses deeper into your groin and the pleasure quickens. My tongue slips out again, and this time it tastes the richness of your wetness. The sweet tangy flavor of your female portal sends wild imaginings to my mind and manhood. I continue to press my eager face into you and I feel your response as your hips push back and bask my face in you flow. I begin to eat your dripping wet female fruit ravenously. My eyes pop over your mons and I see where your head is reared back, your mouth open in a silent scream, and your hands into the covers gripping them tight as another delightful spasm ripples through your whole body. I love making you feel my tongue playing your clit like a sexual violin. Stroking your clit with long slow strokes of my tongue. I feel your whole body shudder and tremble so hard as my hands grip your hips and pull me deeper into your needful, dripping, wet pussy. Smashing my lips hard against your own bl**d filled outer love lips, my tongue splits your inner lips, and that sweet tangy flavor washes through my own lips and over my tongue, Onto the whole of my mouth, filling me with your taste. I love the way your body twists and turns trying to put more of my tongue on more of your cunt. The thrill of your body as you arch your back lifting your hips up into my face grinding,and twisting your Pleasure Pit so that my tongue and lips will mistreat them delightfully.

My mouth loves to see you struggle like this, knowing it makes you wild and so needful of the pleasure it dispenses. I hear your breathing and it excites me. I feel your body tremble and it excites me also to hear you breathing so hard. I love your submission and this makes me feel the full intensity of its giving as you respond so dynamically to my ministrations of your female sensualities. Can anything be expected to be better. Your submission is a beautiful gift given so delightfully. My tongue stiffens and explores your hot wet hole. My hands grab your hips and grip them harder then before. My face collides with your pussy lips and gouges your hot wet hole with my tongue. Your body arches as I **** your cunt with a hot wet tongue determined to touch you so deeply inside. Sweet and Tangy was the flavor that filled my mouth as your glorious goo came gushing onto the top of my tongue as it flowed so easily from your female fountain. Your bucking hips distract me slightly as my tongue wiggles inside your pulsating pussy. You are a superlative female my bucking little gusher. The flavor is so much more rich now as my twisting stiffened tongue curls through your flesh scooping up thick pockets of your sweet tangy slush. I hear myself gulping it as it gurgles down my throat. Your tropical fruit seems so ripe to my tongue. You could be so ready to be used so deliciously my Pet I think as My face is awash in your copious flow. Your need may not be able to withstand any further delay. You are truly ripe you sensual fruit i think again. Now to just take you as you would want to be taken and used so sordidly.

I slowly draw away and I feel the disappointment in your body as it straddles my face and cheeks. Your legs almost give up feeling I have left your whore hole forlorn and lonely. But we both know this is the calm before the storm. My manhood will soon bring you the tiny tornado that will make you so much more female. We are both thinking the pulsating wet walls of your cunt will soon be milking the manly "tit" that extends from under my belly and it will penetrate your depths, and ride your female groin like a ravishing dog, rushing into you so deep and tearing your sensitive flesh so hard as to allow it to feel the true nature of your femininity which is to take this ravenous a****l and steal his rabid saliva, drawing it in to make your female spirit rise and sing its true love song. In turn you will also take your man and bring him to his peak and so that his little honey hound can plunge through your female cavern and ram his head against your eager cervix, hungry for the milky saliva only this dog can muster.

I come to your legs and easily swing them up and into position. Your hands take them from me and hold them under the knees. This turns your whore hole up like a flower to the sun. So red and juicy. Ripe and ready to be used and abused. Does your heart quicken so you can feel it in this position. Your submission seems to be exhibited with you in this pose. I feel its rich sense of giving and its need to taken and used. You display it like a woman just asking to be taken. Yes, taken and made so much more female by the abuse your gift will permit of my need to take you and use you so boldly. As I position myself to be your man, your lover, I cannot help but look into your eyes and see so much more of you then ever your naked display tells me of you. I see your need, your desire, your love for me as your owner and tormentor. This intensity of your trust and your desire, your passion and your pain, makes me feel so much more like making you feel every thrust and every parry, every waxing and every waining of my penetration deep into your aching swollen female chasm. Your pussy bleeds it delicious treasure even as we both pause before this ritual sacrifice will begin. Time seams to have stopped as we both pause before taking on this arduous task of sharing our love so physically. Your eyes smile, and for an instant I smile kneeling between your wide open legs read to commit my manhood to its task of making you so much female then if we did not do this together.

I reached for this manhood and lift it up into your female passion cove. The moisture easily makes the swollen head gleam in the light from the night stand. I hold it tighter and guide it more totally this time. It plugs into your moist indentation. The head is a perfect fit. It quickly fills your tight unstretched hole. But so much more needs to be taken in, I am swollen by the thundering heart in my chest. Initially you had pushed a little, but you are not easily able to reach your "fish lips" up to this waiting worm. Instead it must be entered into your waiting portal, so eager to take him and squeeze him for all it is worth. I grunt, and you feel the head press harder. Your head drops backward to the bed and your mouth opens just as your eyes close. I grunt again. and there is another response from you. You growl low and gasp a bit as well just at the end of that thrust. "I love fucking this woman," I think as I feel your warmth slowly swallow my throbbing man hood deeper and deeper into your roiling gut. I watch as my cock drives in. The first time is always the best. The extra energy it takes to make it go in has a great personal stimulation to it for both of us. Pushing it in has such strength to it. To know and understand what a woman is feeling as the fullness that this invasion of her hot pink flesh has begun to stimulate in her. It is a promise fulfilled.

Then as I look into your into your eyes I see that early stimulation. The pupils are dilated. Regardless of the color of your eyes they are dilated so full and open that your eyes are like deep dark pools I could jump into and swim in with the warm sweet honey that is now overflowing these pools of your eyes and and pouring out of your hot wet whore hole. It is a glorious gift you give me my slut. Have I pushed my pole in your soft "earth?" Can I claim you as my very own? Do I flap around like a flag from my pole proclaiming with each salient grunt that you are my woman. Should I awaken your deepest mammalian sexual needs and fuck you like an a****l of can I whisper my human desire and passion for you as I violate your most sacred portal. This door to your sensual cathedral. As I bottom out can you feel my ball sack tough your ass cheeks so profanely Do they say whore or slave girl slut or Bitch. Are you made anything less then the woman I love and enjoy because my cock is buried so deep into your gut? Can you enjoy this profanity that makes you lay here so used and abused or are you feeling your spirit rise to leave your body as your submission is so well served by my throbbing cock.

Faster and faster deeper and deeper I am fucking you like a madman.

The deeper it goes the more intense is the experience. Further and further it slides into your rich moisture.

Almost your whole body rises and falls as this "dog" rams his head and body into your most intense need.

My own joy is wildly running through my body seeing you and feeling you respond as we both pleasure the other. I feel the energy coursing through my body and I am so eager to place that energy so deep inside your body my Woman. I continue to push and whip my tongue so hard into your spasming split, licking and sweeping through your hot wet bl**d swollen love lips. The sweet tangy taste of your rich wetness brings such pleasure, but fucking you is truly the most intense experience. We are both slamming each others body into each others groin. The sounds that clamor as our bodies slam together are enriched by the sweet noise of my piston pumping in and out of your hot, wet, hole.

This goes on for a long time if measured by my pleasure fucking you, but I could sense that you were ready to be cuming any minute now. I began to feel my own need to explode my load of hot white love deep into your pink pulsating chalice of love. I can feel my balls tighten in my groin. I begin to realize the sensation that we all wait for while doing this with our lover. My insides began to feel the whole rise of my manhood anticipating my sudden explosion which will come so intensely any minute. I see your face and feel your body tense. Then I feel mine going beyond any effort to control it. The rush of my spunk shooting up and out of my balls, then down the center of my cock. I scream just as you scream, then it shoots out in a delightful sense and rush of feelings and desire to fill you up with its hot wet spunk. I feel it shot out and I watch you take it. Your body trembles and shudders as we both feel the sweet pleasure of fucking each other. As it slows down I continue to pump you and you continue to meet my thrust. Your face is so relaxed and soon I am also so relaxed. I slowly settle onto your body. My cock is so sensitive. Your clutching pussy flesh still grabs me and milks my slowly dripping cock still deep in your cunt.

We begin to kiss and thank each other. My hands slip up to your face and hair brushing it away from your face and softly caressing your skin. Then I feel the need to thank you for the pleasure you have just given me so beautifully. My body slides off to your right and my mouth goes to your ear. I tell you how wonderful you are and how much I enjoyed the submission you have just given me. We enjoy each other as lovers and friends. Then enclosed in each others bodies we fall asl**p delighted in the relationship we have established My Love.
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1 year ago
Very good
2 years ago
A bit long and wordy. I had an English Lit. professor who used to say, sarcasticly: Those who can, do. Those who can't, write about it. Professor Brewer may have been on to something.
4 years ago
4 years ago
I was going to reply saying how imaginative and incredibly perceptive your description is of how a woman feels as she is being 'prepared' but perhaps I should write that later after I've read it again and again and again!!
I feel like you have made a passionate play for me and written about it in this story, it's me isn't it?