d***k revenge

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Im not a great writer of messages but i will give it a shot.

I have always loved the idea of another man fucking my wife, and I found this place after discovering a friend had posted pics of his wife all over the net and followed them here.

My wife poses for pictures and we have posted them on the net and will be here soon. and we have had many steamy chatroom webcam fucks on a few sites.

The story starts on our 11th anniversary and I went out and left her at home (Ladies i know this is bad) but it got interesting at about 12:00 at night when she told me she was pissed and going down town to fuck someone. my cock jumped to attention and I had to go to the loos to re-read it to make sure that is what she posted, and in crappy txt speak her intentions where clear.

I messaged back that I would meet her in the club (well pub thats open late), and got the message back to fuck of she wont need me there.

Knowing how of the chart this is for her behavior I was concerned, not that she would get fucked but the situation she might put herself in. so i went anyway.

I walked in, now to paint a picture of us two, She is a short and meaty woman, but looks good with it - well I think so. and Im 6" tall shaved head and bit podgy but imposing figure, I tell you this because when I arrived she was sat with a couple, who either wanted to fuck her or protect her.

I have never seen her so pissed god knows how she made it to town on her own, but as I arrived she just murmerd "Hes found me" to them, I smiled at her and went to the bar without talking or saying hi. after getting served I turned back round and she was on hr own - she later told me they got up and left as soon as I got to the bar, dont know what they thought was going to happen next.

I concerned for how pissed she was joined her as although I want to see her fucked etc, she needs to make that choice in the right way.

that brings me to the question, how do I encourage her to try it again more sober, and i cant wait until the next annaversary and I dont want her to do it because she is mad at me.

so any hints from anyone will be welcomed, I understand the risks of fantasys becoming reality but I know I can handle it, little unsure of her though, but I wont be forcing this on her ever.

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3 years ago
Meet a couple of people from xhamster or something like that in a bar when you are all very sober. Just have a nice time. See what happens. If there's a spark of attraction then something will happen - but sorely the long term fun of this is not the drunken shag but the enjoyment of exploring other people with both of you aware and having fun. Drunkenness leads to regret and regret leads to Yr 12 problems. (PS we've been together 11 years and are just very gently exploring ideas...very gently !!)
3 years ago
bring her here we will get both wives pissed and do a swap
3 years ago
I not sure,but some where you screwed up and she wanted to have a good time,,bring home a mare and see where she goes after some good ice wine,,,goes down like water and verrrrry good,,,thanks