My First Experience

When I was young, like 15, I used to fantasized about having sex with an old woman, like my own granny. Cause I saw her naked one time when I was 13. A fat saggy tits, a juicy hairy cunt, and a pair of fat butts, wrinkly fat skin and gray hair. But when I turned 22, I just had sex with a woman at exactly my age. I was virgin and this was my first experience. She was one of my most close friend back in senior years. We havent had any relationship in the past except that were special friends and we were both treating each other as we really were. Everytime we would meet like small gatherings, we would hold hands and would hug each other tight enought so I could feel her breast against my chest and would have intimate gestures, but not sex, though we know that were both committed to someone else. One day, I decided to end the sweet messages we were exchaning since senior years and end the intimate gestures, by asking her to make love with me. It was her birthday, shes been telling me that she doesnt have any plans of going out. And so I asked her that if she might celebrate her birthday later with some friends, then Im just a message away. And then the night of her birthday, I am feeling that I was gonna receive a message from her, and I was right, I did receive a message from her asking me to join her on her small dinner celebration. We ate in a restaurant bar which is just near from our house. The place was great and the ambience was exceptional. We were sitting in the outside part of the restaurant bar by the corner whicjh makes us very private and can barely seen by other people. We were two guys and there were three girls including her. In a rectangular table, she sits beside me on my left while others were sitting in front of us. She ordered a drinks for us which was a cocktail and started to drink while others are still eating. I was the one who made the choice of the food and drinks cause Im the one whos always being followed by them that night making others think that I was her boyfriend though were not. The time I finished drinking a glass of cocktail, my body started the feel the heat and started to think of nasty things. Luckily, one of her girl friends just left and say goodbye making us to have each other as a partner and so did the two of her friends, the guy and the other girl. I said to myself, I wont let this night pass without having sex with this girl. When we finished drinking a pitcher of cocktail, I immediately requested for us to drink a dry beer. While we were drinking and chatting at the same time, I touched her left leg with my right hand and stroke my hand up to her tighs. I can feel that she must have liked it and would support my hand to touch a the upper part of her tighs. I can feel that we were slightly d***k. Once I found out that touching isnt a big deal for her, I then tried to touch the side of her breast, and I feel great, cause thats perfectly fine with her, I touched the cheek of her ass and slowly moving my fingers on her private part. I then hold her hand and guider it to touch my legs, up to my tighs, so her arms would feel my hard private part. I know, this night will be mine. Then we all decided to go home. We took one cab for four of us and dropped our friends on their houses. I decided to take her into a motel. At first, she dont know that we were going to a motel and thought Ill take her home. Which I knew shes just making some assumptions to say something to me. We got into the motel room and I took a shower as soon as I came in. I asked her to take a shower too after me but doesnt want to, bit later on I made her agree. I know that she was d***k and so did I. When she came out of the shower room, she laid beside me on the bed. I hugged her tight focusing on her breast. I could feel her liking it and so I removed her bra. I went on top of her and kissed her lips. She let me kissed her but I want to go down. I kissed her neck down to her firm breast. I like what I am doing and I can see her liking my tounge as I play her nipples with it. I can see her from the mirror, her eyes is closed and feeling me caressing her breasts. As I lick her breast with my tounge, my hand would play her nipples on her other one. Ah, ah. I can feel her really loving it. I spent about ten minutes on her breasts and I feel that shes not even touching any part of me. I became bored and so I just gave her a back massage. As I go down to her ass, I would love squeezing it and down to the back of her tighs which she feels tickled. We hugged I hugged her tight letting her rest for a while for some good action later. While we hugged each other, lying in bed, though I just closed my eyes for five minutes, I noticed that her firm breast is squeezed against my chest. And so my penis grows and as it grows, since I am already touching her back, I slided it down to her ass. I touched every part of her ass and squeeze it. I began to kiss her again and play her breast with my tounge for the second time. I like this more than before. I can feel the tension and heat from all over my body and so I kissed her down from her breast to her belly and I took of her pants together with her underwear. I kissed her cunt and I has a little cum in it. It smells like She has a bit hairy vagina and I can see that it is very tight. I licked her pussy and watch her reactions again from the mirror beside our bed. Shes liking it very much and her body would respond like a wave up and down. Ah, hmm, ahh, as she say while I lick the inner part of her vagina and I see that she responds more to that and so I did it for about three minutes. and then I went up to her breast again and while playing with it, I started to insert my middle finger inside her vagina. Her cunt is juicy with cum. I inserted it in and out and added my ring finger inside of it which she really likes. I would slightly rotate my fingers as it goes in her vagina and would swallow her breast more tight so she could feel the intense. I really like what I am doing. Our body waves up and down together as I fingered her faster and faster. I can hear her calling my name follewed by "hmm, uhm, hmm," My finger goes in and out of her even faster and our body almost rotated the whole part of the bed. I held her one leg up so that she can feel more aroused and rest my leg against her other leg. My finger moves even faster and I can feel her hand touching my hand saying like im cumming. I wouldnt let my fingers out of her until she please me and so I continued until she really on her her peak. Shes now holding my hand and wanting it to sto from fingering her. I still continue to do it until she really really grabbed my hand hardly. My finger was out bu still caressing her pussy with my palms. Now we move slowly. I kissed her and touched her breast and neck as a sign that first cum was done. And I let her rest for a while. And then she asked me for her clothes and put it on. And then she asked me why I did it for her. Asking me why do I love her and that she thought that we were just going to sl**p. I keep on making answers cause I know she really wanted what happened and just making some stories. Since this was her day, I asked her to do the same with me the next time we will met again. I will let you know.

PS. My boner was not in the mood so I just focused on making her happy that night. Next time, its gonna be mine. Hehe.
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I cant forget the smell of her cunt!
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