My Dream Granny

My granny left to work overseas when I was still a c***d, she lives and works there as a dressmaker. I can still remember when I was young, one day in my life, its just she and I at home alone, she finished making a dress and said "Grandson, look, I just made one beautiful dress for me!" She stood infront of the mirror, and without thinking twice, she took off her clothes to fit it, I was surprised, thats the first time I saw a real woman's breast! she wears no bra, I can see her saggy tits on the reflection of the mirror, my dick gets big and hard as rock in seconds, I never close my eyes and watch every detail of her nipples and big breasts, she turned around to get the dress, and I noticed that my penis is ejaculating itself slowly. I went to the bathroom when she put her clothes on and started to jerk, I was really satisfied with what I saw and explode my load in no time.. I cant forget the color, the size of her saggy tits and nipples and keep on imagining it all the time that day.. That night, when they were all sl**ping, I entered to her room, she's lying in bed, getting asl**p, I asked her "I can't sl**p in my bed, its kinda hot, can I sl**p beside you Granny?" and then she said "Sure!" with no hesitation. I laid down and pretend I started making a sl**p, when I noticed that shes not moving, I hugged her lightly so she will never get awake, I placed my hand on her breast and slightly moved my torso so I can feel her body, I placed my hard dick on her ass and push it so she can feel it, I placed my lips on the skin of her back almost kissing it, I stayed there for a long time. I squeezed her breast slightly and enjoyed it, I think I almost cum, I get off the bed and started jerking off again on the floor, I wanted her to caught me, but never did, I went to sl**p and keep on thinking of it, I always do it whenever I sl**p beside her, I hope one day she would catch me and please me to make her happy, I will definitely do her.
43% (8/10)
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3 years ago
good but short
4 years ago
Really want this!