Part 3

How I came to meet my GF, and eventually her Daughter and Stepson......who now live with me

The next morning I awoke early, my GF still asl**p in the bed from a long night at work. I went to the kitchen to make coffee and standing at the sink looking out the window the memories of seeing Lisa sunbathing the day before were in my mind. As I waited for the coffee to brew I started to get aroused as I envisioned Lisa's gorgeous body and rubbed my stiffening cock. Just then Lisa walked in and said good morning. She walked up behind me reaching to get a glass from the cabinet. Her breasts touched my arm as she took the glass placing it on the counter and poured herself some juice. I moved aside giving her some room and tried to hide my boner from her view as I poured myself a cup of coffee and sat down at the table. She stood at the counter drinking her juice as I gazed at her sweet young body clad in her nighty. I wanted to reach out and touch her beautiful tits as she stood there just a few feet away from me.

She turned her head towards me and caught me staring at her, she smiled and said "Do you like my new nighty? I just bought it a few days ago. Mom says it's too small for me. What do you think?" I nearly choked on my coffee as she turned around to show it off. I looked up and down her sweet body as she modeled for me, "I think it looks very nice on you Lisa, and it fits you very well. I really like the color too and the material looks so soft. I bet it feels good too." She stepped closer and said "Yes it does feel good, here see for yourself." and she reached out taking my hand pulling it up to feel the material. I gently rubbed my hand along her side as she smiled and looked down at me. "Oh, that is soft isn't it." I said as my cock throbbed in my shorts uncontrollably. I saw her eyes move down further to the bulge in my shorts and she said "OOH, I see your shorts don't look so soft." and made a little giggle. "No they aren't. Would you like to feel it for yourself? I asked, as I put my other hand out to her other side and started working my way slowly upward.

"Lisa you certainly are a beautiful young woman, your body is absolutely perfect." She leaned down placing her hand on the leg of my shorts brushing back and forth avoiding my stiff cock. My hands slid from her side to her breasts cupping them each. They were firm and round and I felt her nipples get hard in the palm of my hands as I gave them a little squeeze. My cock was hard as a rock as she continued to move her hand up and down my leg causing my shorts to ride higher until my cock sprang out from underneath. Her eyes widened as she saw it. "OOPS, look what I did. Is it OK if I touch it too?" she said. I replied "Yes you can touch it if you want to. I'd like that very much." My heart was pounding so hard as I felt her warm soft hand wrap around my shaft sliding slowly down the full length of it then back up to the head teasing me with her fingers. She said "I've wanted to feel your cock ever since I saw you yesterday as I walked down the hallway. Later when I came out to say goodnight I was even hoping I might catch you playing with it. I even had dreams about it too." I looked at her and said "I had dreams about you too. I got so horny watching you lying in the sun. I couldn't help it, I just had to go masturbate and I forgot to close the door. I'm sorry." She said "There's nothing to be sorry about, I enjoyed it. It turned me on. I prefer older men anyway."

By this time she was stroking me pretty good and I felt like I could explode any minute, my hands were now under her nighty. One hand on her tits and the other between her legs rubbing her warm pussy. With a few tugs she had pulled my shorts down to my ankles and knelt on the floor in front of me. I lifted her nighty up and over her shoulders exposing her fantastic breasts. I pulled her closer and asked her to rub her tits on my cock. She eagerly pressed them against me wrapping them around the head of my cock and began sliding up and down. As the tip of my cock pushed up between her tits she licked at it with her tongue, sucking on the head. Precum was begining to ooze out as she titty fucked me for a couple more minutes. She grabbed my cock with her hands and began stroking and sucking it. Her mouth was so hot and wet, I couldn't take much more of this. I pulled her to her feet and quickly pulled down her panties. I stood up turning her around and lifted her up onto the table. She leaned back as I licked and kissed her gorgeous tits, sucking each of her hard nipples as I diddled her pussy with my fingers. Spreading her legs apart I buried my face between them my tongue lapping at her wet pink pussy covered by soft curly black hair. Her juices tasted sweet like honey and she smelled like flowers.

Reaching down she raised my head and said "I want your cock inside me now. Please fuck me, I'm so horny." I stood up between her open legs as she reached down guiding my cock into her pussy with her hand, rubbing it across her clit several times before pushing it inside. As I gently push against her it was as if everything went into slow motion, looking down to watch as my cock sank deeper with each thrust until my balls were against her ass. Her pussy was so warm and tight as I drove my shaft in and out repeatedly going faster and faster, I was ready to burst. A few more quick thrusts and I felt my balls tighten, I pulled my cock out of her and shot a massive load of hot cum onto her belly and tits. She sat up and gave my cock a few strokes with her hand and said "I should have told you I was on the pill, then you could have cum inside me. Remember that next time."

She got off the table grabbing some paper towels wiping up my cum then put her panties and nighty on then gave me a little kiss and went to shower. I pulled up my shorts strugling to get them over my still hard cock and headed to my bedroom where I found my girlfriend had gotten up and just got in the shower. I stepped into the bathroom, dropped my shorts and joined her there. As I gave her a hug and a kiss she said, as my boner pressed against her "You're awfully frisky this morning, what's got you all excited?" I held her tightly and said "I'm just happy to see you Honey, I missed you can't you tell." After we finished showering we made passionate love on the bed, all the while my mind flashed back to fucking Lisa just minutes ago. Twenty minutes later I blew my second load of the day and I was feeling great.
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2 years ago
Lucky man.
2 years ago
very very hot great story i just cant get enough of them
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2 years ago
yep this one did it hehe thnx
2 years ago
very good & naughty
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Very hot please more
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