My Aunt Sarah came to stay with us during the summer of 72 while some major renovations were being done on her house. She was a very attractive woman in her early 30's, tall and slim with curly red hair and a great body. School was out for the summer and I spent most of my free time just lounging around our pool and swimming when I wasn't out chasing after girls. One afternoon Sarah joined me at the pool while my parents were at work. She laid by the pool getting some sun while I swam. She looked so good in her bikini with her full round breasts and long beautiful legs. I swam for a while then got out to go inside for a cold drink. Before I went inside Sarah asked me to rub some lotion on her back and legs. I was happy to do it for her and enjoyed rubbing her body with my hands. Her skin was smooth and soft with a nice tan already. As I applied the lotion to her back she asked me to unhook her top so she could get some sun there and she would have tan lines. I was a bit nervous and fumbled with the hook eventually getting it undone and rubbed the lotion on her. I finished the job and went inside as she lay on her stomach. Good thing she didn't see me too, my cock had started to get hard and was so obvious in my shorts.

I fixed a couple glasses of iced tea for us and after spending a few minutes in the bathroom jerking off my boner had subsided and I went back outside carrying the cold drinks. Just as I got beside her to give her the drink I stumbled and splashed some of the cold tea on her bare back. She let out a yell and without thinking raised up, her top fell off exposing her gorgeous firm tits as she sat up. She grabbed a towel to cover herself as quickly as she could. I appologized to her as I stood there staring at her tits and holding the glasses. She looked up at me and smiled and said it was OK, not to worry about it. At the sight of her beautiful tits my boner had quickly returned. She got up to go inside and put her top back on and I saw her look down at the bulge in my shorts and I noticed a little grin on her face as she walked inside.

I put the drinks down and jumped in the pool. A few minutes later Sarah came back out and dove into the water. I was at the far end in about 4 to 5 feet of water, she swam over to me and stood up facing me. She smiled and said "Did you do that on purpose so you could see my tits?" I said "No, honest Aunt Sarah it was an accident I swear." She looked at me and said "But you did enjoy it didn't you, I could tell." I said "What do you mean you could tell?" She reached out with one hand and grabbed the bulge in my shorts, "This is how I could tell. I saw how fast your cock got hard when you saw me topless. You must be very horny. All 17 year old boys are." After getting over the shock of her grabbing my throbbing cock I began to relax, we smiled at each other and I put my arms around her and pulled her body against mine. "Well you're right on both counts Sarah, I did like it and yes, I'm extremely horny as you can see." I unhooked her top and pulled it off of her. As she stood before me now topless her tits floated at the top of the water. I gently squeezed them both with my hands feeling her nipples stiffening at my touch, pointing out like missles ready for launch. I tipped my head down to suck on them teasing the with my tongue as they grew harder.

My cock throbbed and pulsed as she massaged it under my shorts. She reached inside my shorts and was now stroking my young hard cock. "MMM I like the feel of this, it's so big and hard for such a young boy. Are you getting any pussy or are you still a virgin?" I grinned and said "I'm not a virgin. But I'm haven't had a lot of pussy lately. In fact it's been about 3 months since I got laid and I'm horny as hell." Sarah took my hand in hers and guided it down between her legs rubbing it across her mound. "Would you like to have some of this pussy right now?" My pulse quickened and my cock throbbed even harder as she rubbed my hand around a bit then slid it inside her bikini bottoms. I felt a soft furry patch of hair covering her pussy as I ran my hand down and slid a finger between the lips of her pussy. She untied the strings holding her bottoms on and it floated away, then with a few tugs she pulled off my shorts setting my cock free. We were now totally naked in the pool as we kissed and ground our bodies against each other. I lifted her up by her ass and spread her legs, she wrapped them around me as I worked my cock up between her legs against her pussy. She reached down between us taking my cock in her hand and guided it into her open cunt and with one gentle thrust my 8" cock was burried in her.

I turned around so her back was against the wall of the pool and started pounding my cock into her tight pussy. Her gorgeous tits bounced around poking up out of the water as I drove my dick in and out of her in a nice smooth rythm. It's a good thing I had jerked off when I was inside earlier or else I would have probably blown my load after just a few strokes. I knew it would be a little while before I was ready to cum again and I could take my time and really enjoy fucking her. And enjoy I did, Aunt Sarah was the best pussy I had ever had. We fucked for nearly 20 minutes like that before she was ready to cum, she squeezed her long legs around me as I pumped faster, feeling my load of cum beginning to squirt deep in her hot pussy she locked her legs and held my cock in her as deep as it would go. I felt the cum shoot again and again from my cock. I thought it would never stop.

We finally relaxed and held each other in our arms and kissed. Sarah said "I am so glad I came to stay here. We're going to have some good times together for the next month while I'm here." I said "I'm glad you're here too Aunt Sarah, I'm sure going to enjoy your visit." We gathered our clothes and got out of the pool and went inside where we both got in the shower and had a little more fun. After drying off we went to my room, still naked, and laid on the bed. She got on top of me in a 69 position and sucked my cock while I ate her pussy for a while before she turned around, got between my legs and titties fucked me. I couldn't believe how great it felt and in a few minutes she had me cumming all over her sweet tits. She licked and sucked my cum off my cock, then kissed me goodbye as she went off to her room, saying "I'll see you later tonight stud."

As the hours passed till my parents got home, it was all I could think about wondering what would happen later. My folks decided to go out for dinner inviting Sarah to join them. She thanked them but said she was feeling a bit tired and would rather stay home for tonight, she would go another time. I heard the door close and soon the car drove down the street, leaving Sarah and I home alone. My cock began to stir as I lay on my bed thinking about Sarah. In a few minutes there was a knock on my bedroom door, I said come in and the door opened. Sarah stood in the doorway completely naked, Damn she did have a gorgeous body. As she slowly walked towards my bed my cock sprang to attention. She said "I see you're happy to see me." I said "I sure am, you are such a beautiful woman Aunt Sarah." I slid off my shorts as she climbed onto the bed stradling me and guided my cock into her hot wet pussy and sat down. She ground her hips back n forth as she rode my hard shaft while I fondled her firm round tits........

On and on we fucked every chance we had during her stay, which was quite often with Mom and Dad both working. I surely must have died and gone to heaven that month.

Thank You Aunt Sarah
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Great story hope u keep them coming
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Very nice story. Thanks for sharing
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lucky guy wish it was me
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nice story
good climax